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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Utilities

Price: Free

Rating: 3.03894 stars based on 1541 reviews

Chrome Remote Desktop

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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-01-14
  • Current Version: 101.0.4951.27
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 55.69 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
  • Developer: Google LLC

How To Download Chrome Remote Desktop On Chromebook

If you're looking to Download Chrome Remote Desktop on your Chromebook laptop Then read the following guideline.

Securely access your computer from your iOS device. It's fast and simple. • On the computer you want to access remotely, open Chrome and visit the Chrome Remote Desktop website • Follow the instructions to set up your computer for remote access • On your iOS device, open the app, sign in with a Google account, and tap on any of your online computers to connect



  • Needs expanded keyboard

    By Danberg2
    This app works ok. On the plus side I can remote into my computer even through a VPN. The enhancement that is like to see is an expanded keyboard. One that includes an esc key, function keys, alt key, ctrl key, arrow keys, page up, page down, you get the picture. When I'm connecting to a windows PC, I need keyboard functionality that simulates sitting in front of a PC. Look at a typical PC keyboard and give us that kind of functionality. Only then will this app will begin to be useful.
  • Great idea, poor execution.

    By whosbluee
    The execution of this Remote Desktop makes the whole app essentially pointless due to two things. One being that you can’t send continuous keystrokes, meaning that you can’t play a game remotely. Second being that the displays scale very poorly and you’ll be hard pressed to see anything without having to constantly zoom in and out. I would much rather have a stretched image than not being to see anything at all.
  • Remote Desktop you can trust

    By Evilpenguin81
    I don’t trust so many of the Remote Desktop apps out there. Having a Google one that is secure enough for their employees to use for work, protected by your google account with mfa, and basically zero configuration is fantastic. I installed it on my Mom’s PC and it connects instantly whenever she has an internet connection, even before login.
  • Can’t get sound

    By rxon3
    Very frustrating
  • Barely works

    By Hdheyggt
    Recently, it fails to connect. Just a blank screen. App worked flawlessly for a long time, not sure why it’s failing now.
  • Can’t skip PIN though

    By Praidough
    if I select remember PIN, then it refuses to connect after the first time other than that, good screenshare app
  • It definitely at least connects

    By josue00727
    Like I said in the title, it definitely “connects” but as soon as I try making any sort of minor adjustment or even just try to work normally, it can’t handle it and just dies. I have tried to do this for about 10 attempts straight and it still just does not work. I really hope Parsec is able to work something out in order to get themselves working on IPad.
  • What happened ?

    By NamrehDyolf
    I’ve had this app installed for almost 2 years now and out of nowhere my audio doesn’t work on my iPhone anymore to hear what my Computer is playing. Wait, I lied, the audio only works if it’s connected to a Bluetooth speaker or earbuds. What happened ?!?!
  • Beyond Terrible

    By Desyksksnd
    No sound from the host computer and the pop up stays in the middle of the screen until you move it into a corner twice where it’ll still be a green corner bothering you. The brain dead wastes of life that developed this garbage should be ashamed of themselves.
  • 5 years later still no esc button…

    By Smythius
    I can’t believe after soo long this app STILL lacks the basic functionality to escape. No control button or way to tab. Very disappointed google!