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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Utilities

Price: Free

Rating: 4.18835 stars based on 396807 reviews


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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2019-02-12
  • Current Version: 265.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 280.82 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 15.0 or later.
  • Developer: Google LLC

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    By GiggityGoo102
    I scroll through & see multiple articles that I’d like to read in the “home” tab, and plan on reading them of course. So tell me why after I’m done reading and go back to the home tab, ALL MY ARTICLES HAVE RELOADED. This is faulty coding, you shouldn’t get to arbitrarily decide when my articles reload unless I haven’t been using the app for hours. I shouldn’t have to screenshot every interesting article just to make sure the app doesn’t take them from me.
  • So good

    By Rating Roblox!!
    This google is so good it tells you everything i had to get this because its so good
  • Just show me the search results :(

    By hannahbananastar7
    I’m an avid user of the Google app, but recent updates have made it nearly useless. Now, instead of showing me a list of results for what I’ve searched, it shows 2-3 ads, 1-2 results, a ton of videos, and then a bunch of annoying thumbnails. It’s driving me crazy and I wish they would just go back to the original formatting, where results show up the same way they appear on the web browser instead of as weird thumbnails.
  • Dead Beat Parents

    By Simpleman...
    It took me a while to find these copies of a letter I received in the mail. I chose not to give the letter to Krystal until the upcoming Monday the day after Mother's Day. I did this because I felt the boys would probably have a better weekend with their mom and the mom with them instead of sitting on bad news that couldn't be resolved anyway. Monday morning Krystal and I had this letter issue resolved in a few minutes and everybody's happy but one overbearing cold hearted person that decided I was a liar, there were no papers and I found some troubling pleasure seeing Cayden get hurt. This same young man I tried to help protect and provide for, for four years while his biological father did nothing. I was never met with any type of resistance then nor called a liar. I had to spend the majority of any extra free time with Cayden because he was old enough to remember his daddy but his daddy wasn’t mature enough to remember him, not even a phone call. Eric the only thing I know you were successful at involving that family lately were the horrible things you were so eager to brag about and what you did with their mom, just what these already troubled boys needed in their lives is to hear trash about their mom, the only constant provider in their lives. For the longest my extra time was used holding Cayden at night trying to convince him he did nothing wrong and fathering him to the best of my ability. I taught life lessons but never any about discarding family or to turn against a man that tried and labeled him a liar. The missed letter hopefully sends places blame back to where it belongs. 4 years not a phone call is a long time. For the adults weak failures to shift the blame is actually sickening how can you justify someone treating you child like this. I pray those boy’s see through this and structure their lives accordingly and they recognize the liar’s that attempted to fill the void left by their parents that failed them miserably by shifting the blame, labeling others and weak attempts at justification for guilty conscience’s. Eric here’s my cell number just in case nyou feel I missed something or you would like to add to something to correct me: 318-502-2950
  • Bill

    By 1241473618167272
    I is bad for you and to much
  • The Best of the Best

    By Nana Judimar
    Mahwah Sunoco (197 Franklin Trnpke, Mahwah, NJ) & Bill, the owner did an amazing job for me this morning. On Memorial Day weekend, my tire light lit before I headed to Manhattan to see my hospitalized husband. Never having met me before, they lifted my car, checked my tires & sent me on the way without even a charge. I am so indebted to Bill & his crew. Pls use them for gas, repairs & friendly service. They are superb!
  • Google ad’s $500 ad credit is deceptive.

    By Momentumcon
    I signed up because I saw a promotion that Google ads will credit your account $500 once you spend $500. Hopefully this helps someone else from spending their hard earned money but the promotion is not actually offered. There is fine print that says it’s for new customers only but they don’t mean it as new “advertisers” only. It’s for new google accounts only. So let’s say you started a Gmail account five years ago but just started advertising last week. Because your email is five years old, they consider that as an old account even though you just started advertising. It is incredibly deceptive to show this promotion to customers in bold headlines when you sign up, when it is not actually available to you.
  • I don’t know if we can

    By bacdepea
    We are doing a few
  • Sell your data

    By w5xvrichie
    Use duck duck go! if you want to know what google collects, Everything, just do a search and find out
  • All Adout Google

    By All Adout Gogle