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  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2011-06-21
  • Current Version: 5.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 2.22 GB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.5.1 or later.

How To Download Motion On Chromebook

If you're looking to Download Motion on your Chromebook laptop Then read the following guideline.

Designed for video editors, Motion is a powerful motion graphics tool that makes it easy to create cinematic 2D and 3D titles, fluid transitions, and realistic effects in real time. 2D and 3D Titles • Import 360° media and design 360° titles, generators, and effects • Build 3D titles from scratch, design them with easy-to-use templates, or instantly convert any existing 2D title to 3D • Easily create beautiful titles that you can animate using more than 100 drag-and-drop behaviors and intuitive text animation tools • Customize 3D titles to create endless looks with over 90 Apple-designed 3D materials including metal, wood, and stone surfaces Motion Graphics for Final Cut Pro • Save any title, effect, transition or generator and access it directly in Final Cut Pro • Customize Final Cut Pro titles, effects, and transitions by opening them in Motion • Create Motion Templates with any combination of single parameters and rigs, that let you control a group of parameters with a slider, pop-up menu, or checkbox in Final Cut Pro • Use Display Aspect Ratio snapshots to create templates that support multiple aspect ratios Stunning Effects • Choose from more than 230 behaviors for natural animation without keyframes • Create an accurate chroma key in a single step with the Keying filter • Change focus points or the depth effect for video shot in Cinematic mode on iPhone 13 (requires macOS Monterey) • Design your own particle emitters or choose from 200 presets for real-world effects like smoke and sparkles • Use professional masking tools to quickly draw and adjust control points for rotoscoping • Automatically detect, track, and match the movement of faces or objects using machine learning • Choose between different tracking analysis types • Add the Neon filter to easily add a neon glow to text, shapes, video, stills, and more • Harness an ecosystem of third-party FxPlug plug-ins for tasks like advanced tracking, advanced motion graphics, and more Effortless 3D • Transition from 2D to 3D space by adding cameras • Create 3D scenes within a 360° project for ultra-realistic 360° environments • Set up realistic shadows that animate dynamically with the movement of cameras and lights • Turn any shape, video plane, or paint stroke into a reflective surface in 3D space • Import third party USDZ objects or use one of 60 premade objects in the Motion Library Breakthrough Speed, Quality, and Output • Import wide color HDR images, view them on supported Mac computers, and export in standard Rec. 709 or wide Rec. 2020 color space • Improved performance and efficiency on Mac computers with Apple silicon • Workstation-class performance with optimizations for the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips on the new MacBook Pro System Requirements: macOS 11.5.1 or later, 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360° video editing), Metal-capable graphics card, 1GB of VRAM recommended for 4K editing, 3D titles, and 360° video editing, 4.7GB of available disk space (3.5GB app, 1.2GB supplemental content). Some features require Internet access; fees may apply.



  • i cannot even open it!

    By AndrewFuture
    restarted several times, everything is licensed, i cant open the app
  • It's OK

    By Penelope Fleury
    This is an OK app. I got this when I was 10 years old because I was beginning to get into visual effects I'm 12 now and I'm mutch better at visual effects. I don't use this app anymore, it's only still on my mac because I like watching some old projects when I'm bored. I would say if your just starting out, don't buy, if your a professional, consider buying. This is really hard to pick up and there isn't really a lot of options in the end. Things like FINAL CUT PRO X or IMOVIE or even ADOBE would probably be in front of Motion. But, it is an app, and so, I give it 2 stars.

    By DrumMovieProuctions
    This has crashed 5 times tonight. all this software does is crash. it has been like ten years and it still can NOT reliably export. what a sad piece of trash software. Maybe it's time to throw in the towel Apple. You will NEVER make good software that... you know... WORKS?!!
  • It Wont Open

    By DayeLa
    It won't open. It wont update because I don't want to upgade to the latest os and THE WORST PART is, I don't see an option to upgrade to a version that is compatible with my os, so it's currently useless!
  • Doesn't boot on my M1 Max

    By kumoito
    Just hangs on my M1 Max and M1 Macbook Air
  • This is the video editor for most people

    By Passepartout
    tl;dr if you're a high-end sophisticated user who doesn't care about long-form content, you probably want Motion over FCPX. BUT, if you're an entry-level user who feels imprisoned by iMovie's (excessive) simplicity, but don't plan to make long-form content, also consider upgrading to Motion over FCPX, since (aside from handling long, complex projects) Motion is actually more capable than FCPX and 1/6 the price. (And if you do want to work in long form content, but don't want to be restricted to Macs or buy into Adobe's subscription model, consider HitFilm, which can be had for free, and scales up as far as you'd like.) If you're not making long-form content with lots of footage to pick from, chances are you don't need Final Cut Pro X (or whatever). If you're an Adobe user, then Motion is After Effects to FCPX's Premiere. Motion runs on top of FCPX's engine, which means that it fits perfectly into FCPX workflows and benefits from all the hardware acceleration that benefits FCPX. When Apple switched from selling FCP as a standalone product in a box (bundled with Motion) to the current (much, much cheaper) model (i.e. FXPX), I already used Motion much more than FCP. So I skipped FCPX, got Motion, and have received free updates and new features for ten years. (Make no mistake, if I needed FCPX again, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.) I use Motion primarily for short videos, title stings, and compositing 3d rendered animations with live footage (mostly for fun). The first is something Motion does just as well as FCPX, while the others are things FCPX would send you to Motion to do. Since iMovie was streamlined (some would say dumbed-down) to being a single-track sequencer with transitions, Motion also makes a fantastic replacement/upgrade (if you're not daunted by the added complexity).
  • Motion promotion

    By Kickboatsilly
    As a hobbiest, this is a great addition to the toolbox. There is a learning curve but there are also tons of how tos on Youtube. I have used it for about 2 weeks and believe that this will bring my video game to the next level.
  • BETTER than AE in many respects

    By Dani Chai
    I was a AE user for years. Loved it, but AE really tanked when it comes to speed and workflow. Just got Apple Motion for the first time last night. While I suspect there are some things AE can do that are more "fancy" than Motion...Motion so far has proven to me to be AWESOME. The interface and workflow seems efficient and clean, and it is much faster than AE, as it renders effects at 24 fps on the fly! (For church use) As worship leaders, one can easily create a Youtube lyrics video with a cool animated background within a few dozens of clicks...where as in AE it'll take almost forever!
  • one step above useless

    By unadulteratedtruth
    nothing works intuitively and this app crashes regularly on apple m1 macs and loses the entire project you were working on. as a professional your time would be better spent learning the dreadful adobes version of this program. The more I use motion the more I hate it. final cut is great but this program is an awful companion.
  • It takes 7 minutes to start

    By Jimbo724
    Incredibly powerful program, but I am one of a few users for whom Motion takes about 7 minutes to start up (ie show the Project Browser) after clicking on the Motion icon in the Dock or double-clicking on the icon in the Finder. This problem has been discussed in the Apple Communities, and a few people have found solutions that work for them, but none of the suggestions solve the problem for me. I've made extensive, detailed reports in Feedback Assistant but have had no progress. (Yes, I know FA is not a support channel.) Extremely frustrating.