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  • Not with this app

    By BlueBoyBlox
    I can’t get to get the App Store! I tried everything
  • Garbage

    By TzwickA
    Why can’t I rate your App Store and why can’t I rate apps that I do own. You’re pathetic. Not the best tech, just the best propaganda and monopolistic principles.
  • Impossible to purchase

    By Sylviehowell
    Hey Apple, consider making a purchase process possible as a gift without having to spend hours with your support. WHY NOT ALLOW A BYPASS FOR THE FACE SCAN??? “See your saves” doesn’t work. Customer support can’t help because they can’t bypass the face scan. Thwarted by your own tech 🙄
  • Not letting me

    By Bsarysz
    It says that I have to update iOS 16.0 what does that mean I am confused with that.
  • lol

    By SuperNutBag
    I didn’t buy anything
  • Amal

    By mrsaftab
    Nayel Butt Nayel Butt
  • Iphone adding pictures to contacts…

    By shurfire032000
    It’s ridiculous that adding a mere photo for a contact is impossible. I can’t click on the ‘DONE’ button at the top right because of some other text or something in the way. It’s like it doesn’t recognize i’m trying to move on with the process to complete adding the photo. FIX THIS!
  • Not about this app, but the App Store itself

    By the roblox account defender
    Why does it close out when people get off of the app for even the slightest amount of time (2-3 seconds when I closed out of a review I wrote TWO times) and a weird glitch when selecting (double tapping) where instead of selecting the entire word, it doesn't select the first letter and highlights the space at the end; it shifts one character to the right regardless of where you select. Probably related to typing so much that it causes the scroll wheel to appear, first appeared the second time when selecting a word with a capital letter or that starts with a capital letter. Either of the two reasons seems to be the cause. Howveer the case, it causes the app store to refresh when you exit out of the app for any amount of time Not sure who to complain about this to, but this is the closest thing as it's the literal app store, hopefully the computer website provides an option
  • Payment Required for Free Items

    By holde112
    It is absolutely ridiculous that you require a valid payment method to download a calendar app. I am in the process of replacing my debit card, which is why I don’t have one connected at the moment, and I refuse to have my credit card connected to you guys with how badly your subscriptions trick customers. And now I can’t even get a calendar until my new card comes in. I have a MacBook Air, and iPad, and a iPhone, and, due to a crack screen and starting grad school in the fall, I was planning on replacing two of three. This experience is so frustrating that I am looking at a Samsung and a Dell.
  • Good and you

    By McKenna_Heather267