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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Productivity

Price: Free

Rating: 4.65007 stars based on 2952 reviews

Adobe Aero

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  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2019-11-05
  • Current Version: 2.23.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 379.85 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
  • Developer: Adobe Inc.

How To Download Adobe Aero On Chromebook

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Discover the fastest, most intuitive, and most robust way to author and experience interactive augmented reality (AR) content on the iPhone — no coding or 3D design skills needed. See your content in AR by easily bringing in 3D models, photos, layered files, and other 2D content from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, or images from your phone, desktop, or Adobe Creative Cloud files. You can also bring in assets from applications like Adobe Substance 3D, Maya, C4D and place them in the real-world environment around you, already optimized to look great in your AR experience. Placing assets is fast and easy with familiar gestures to rotate, scale, and move. With Aero, you can create interactive experiences without needing to rely on a developer. Apply behaviors to your content to build combinations of triggers and actions that draw viewers of your experience to drive the narrative and engage with the story. Add motion to your objects by using your mobile device to draw the path of motion you want the object to take. Switch to Preview mode for fast feedback on how the edits you make will look and feel for viewers of your experience. Easily test how interactions and placement of your assets will enhance your scene and record quick videos or take snapshots of your work in progress so you share and get input for rapid iteration. Whether you’ve completed your design or still want feedback from other collaborators, Aero gives you the power to share your creations for easy viewing. Now that Adobe Aero supports App Clips, people can view your Aero experiences on iOS without needing to install the Aero app. Plus, Aero experiences load much faster than before, enabling viewers to dive right in and start interacting with your content. Send a link so people can interact with your creation in Aero on their own device in Viewer mode. When you make changes to the creation, you can publish your changes to the original shared link — no need to update the link or QR code. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:



  • Love this app

    By yanjireniris
    It’s fun to make small Augment reality video with this app , and when I show my kids, they are like wow this is super cool . This app helps me to explore AR just from my cell phone . Love it .
  • Needs to be a lot less buggy

    Pros: + You can get into a playful mindset very quickly to the point where you really feel like anything is possible and it’s easier than VR. + With enough perseverance you can actually have something made in SketchUp become animated, link to websites and be made public with a QR code. + A manageable amount of animations/behaviors/reflective surfaces to choose from, not too many features, I was able to figure out most things I needed except for what can make images into “slideshows” or how to figure out how to scale elements when there are invisible boundaries I can’t detect or select that changes how something scales up or down. Cons: - Not consistent or reliable, I often have to re-make QR codes and abandon projects I’ve worked on for hours because they no longer update. I didn’t even realize until recently I have 3 accounts with Adobe just trying to figure out how to get access to use this program. - No way to troubleshoot or see if there are any errors that may be causing saving issues - No way to group or ungroup items from a program like SketchUp so I find myself having to manually import 200+ individual boxes into Adobe Dimension, export each for Aero, then individually work with each box to give it the attributes it needs. Having certain things occur such as shrink in place is impossible due to needing to fix everything in alignment with each other first in another program entirely. - Version for Mac and version for iPad are both necessary, but don’t always work great together examples: 1. I can use Adobe Dimension to import SketchUp files that have colors but I can only get images to load if it’s uploaded from my iPad. 2. The iPad didn’t give me errors when some kind of file was too big, but the one on the computer would just refuse to export, however the computer makes duplicating elements that may share similar actions/behaviors much easier. 3. I have more than 100 moving elements that can be triggered, but simply locking each element is actually easier on the iPad because it doesn’t jump back up to the top of the list once I click the lock, but on the computer it’s easier to see and get to the element I’m selecting and to select multiple layers if I want to re-order them. The reverse is true for adding behaviors, you can’t expand the menu much to show all of the behaviors inputted, so I’ve quickly reached an unmanageable level of things to look for where something isn’t linked correctly.
  • review

    By canvashater101
    deleted my stuff will not load starter assets
  • The Unmatched Brilliance of Adobe: A Photographer’s Dream Come True

    By Lilq22
    In the ever-evolving world of professional photography, one name stands tall, unrivaled in its brilliance - Adobe. As the proud owner of Quinton Stocton Photography, I can confidently say that this revolutionary editing tool has not only transformed my business but also profoundly impacted my life. When it comes to creating awe-inspiring, captivating, and positively unique imagery, adobe reigns supreme. Its extensive array of features and unmatched precision allows photographers to breathe life into their visions. From subtle enhancements to radical transformations, the possibilities seem boundless. My journey with Adobe began as an enthusiastic amateur, but its transformative power quickly propelled me into the realm of professional photography. With each passing project, I found myself more in awe of the application's capabilities, unlocking creative dimensions I never thought possible. One cannot stress enough the significance of investing in the premium service. The range of tools available in the premium package elevates one's artistic potential beyond measure. The seamless integration with all of the Adobe Creative Suite applications only further amplifies the already staggering array of possibilities. For any discerning photographer, videographer, or content creator, the Adobe Creative Suite is a godsend. With a comprehensive suite of tools, ranging from video editing to graphic design, it caters to every aspect of the creative process. Its versatility and unmatched performance make it an invaluable asset for anyone seeking to curate breathtaking content for social media, websites, or personal archives. In an era plagued with knock-off apps claiming to offer similar results, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing Adobe over the rest. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, it is no substitute for the original. Adobe has a time-tested legacy of innovation and has consistently maintained its position as the industry leader. Affordability is a crucial consideration for any professional, and Adobe hits the sweet spot in this regard.The value they provide is unparalleled, especially when one considers the vast array of features and regular updates they offer. Moreover, their free trials allow users to experience the magic firsthand before committing to the premium experience. As someone eternally grateful for the transformative impact of Adobe, I implore all aspiring creators not to settle for anything less. Google me, follow me on every social media platform, visit my Buy Me a Coffee page (here we can support each other if you're new to editing, I offer a service to teach people wanting to get into the space anything they would like to know), or explore my Linktree- you'll see the magnificent results achieved with Adobe's tools (You can find me under every platform by Quinton Stocton Photography). I don't intend this as a self-promotion, but rather an earnest endeavor to share the brilliance of Adobe with the world. It has truly revolutionized my approach to photography and has enriched my creative journey immeasurably. To those who wish to learn the art of harnessing Adobe's potential, feel free to reach out on any of my platforms. I would be more than delighted to offer guidance and share my experiences.Remember, investing in Adobe is an investment in your craft and, ultimately, in a future where your creative visions are brought to life like never before.
  • Stuck on “loading your documents”

    By Wish_this_worked
    I’d used this app before and had no issues, but just downloaded it this week and it is stuck on the “loading your documents” page. I’ve tried uninstalling it, closing and restarting, but no luck. Rating it this low simply because the functionality is broken since so it is temporarily useless. I’m going to delete it if it can’t be used.
  • Needs work

    By DameLiberty
    Went outside and selected my driveway as a surface. Dropped in a action asset. Chose the move to and dropped a pin in front of me, a good distance from me. Previewed animation, asset walked off to another direction. Not even close to where pin was. Tried on a smaller surface, a table and repeated the steps. Again asset walked the wrong direction from the pin.
  • Can’t download to my daughters phone

    By Mrs. T2012
    I’m trying to install the app on my daughters phone but every time it’s sent to me to ask permission, it only allows me to download the app and not her. It’s not asking me permission for her to download the app please help!
  • This is so cool

    By polimistus
    I love adobe ario because I can turn you he’d in to what you see it can make almost anything happen I just really like to bring my imagination into reality and this basically dose that
  • Static

    By Jannette Caroline Strawberry
    A man creeps into his living room trying not to wake his partner He grabs a knife and sharpens it Then he stabs… a cake He eats the entire thing and turns on the tv But all he hears is static
  • slow

    By guoxiaoshihougonggonglv
    too slow to load!