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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Games

Price: Free

Rating: 4.14045 stars based on 178 reviews

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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2023-12-04
  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.53 GB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 15.0 or later.
  • Developer: Netflix, Inc.

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Available exclusively for Netflix members. Become a crow who reaps souls. It's a dead-end job, but when a thief steals your work, you set off on a sword-slashing quest to unearth death's secrets. When your day (and night) job is reaping the souls of the dying, the office can start to feel a little dead — except in the very rare case where a soul is stolen. That's when things get interesting. Play as a cute, soul-reaping crow in this fantasy RPG that brings talon-sharp combat to an epic quest for the titan-sized soul that got away. Hack and slash through mysterious magic doors, cutting down wild beasts and tyrannical bosses on the way through dungeons where death isn't working as it should. Which, by the way, is also a problem. Your problem. Features: • Discover an arsenal of magic weapons including swords, hammers, bows and spells and use them to help the crow take down a series of whimsically dangerous dungeon bosses. • Customize your crow with upgrades that increase strength, dexterity, haste and magic to shape the most efficient lil' soul reaper around. • Battle through colorful and quirky realms like the well-appointed Estate of the Urn Witch and the Frog King's swampy dungeon. • Track down whoever stole the giant soul and uncover larger mysteries that shape the crows' world, their jobs and the nature of death itself. • Meet a cast of weird and wonderful characters who might have intel on the soul thief. Or they have their own problems to worry about. Problems that only a tiny, soul-reaping crow can solve. - Created by Acid Nerve and 22nd Century Toys.




    By WhatsUp15
    I am in love with this game! Everything about it is great except the bug when connected with a controller. I am using the Backbone One controller and every time there is a tutorial it says press “None” to complete the action and does not specify which control it is referring to. I have to play around and guess the controls myself. Please fix this!
  • Dark Souls + Legend of Zelda! Perfect Mobile Game

    By iBarrio
    I just 100% this game, it took me 19 hours. This is a perfect mobile game. It’s just challenging enough, the story and theme is great. The action and puzzles are amazing. I especially love the boss fights. My favorite part was having the expectation that this is a simple mobile game, and just discovering new secrets, magic, items, and even a post game that made this game way better than I could have hoped. I recommend playing with a Bluetooth controller (my Switch Pro Controller worked great), but the touch controls are good enough if you don’t have one.
  • There are basic expectations for games like this.

    By Yeetums McSqueetums
    The very first boss tells me this game isn’t worth continuing to play. First of all, HEALTH BAR. Let people see their progress. Two, the fight is way too long and it’s a gimmick. It has a simple pattern that creates no real challenge, it just takes way to long to beat. As a result, this game is clearly not fun. Not worth it at all.

    By biomii
    i was a little doubtful when i saw netflix was first making games, but after playing OXENFREE (which i suggest you check out as well) i became more believing. this game looked like fun, and im always for playing a little guy. it definitely held up to expectations. the controls took a little time to master, and story was not immediately clear, but as i continued playing it i came to really appreciate it. at first glance it just seemed like a simple, ‘do this, collect that, fight that,’ linear story-line, but it soon unfolded to be much more complex. i love that each level follows a similar guideline, but are quite diverse in their own way. the boss fights are delightfully challenging, as are the puzzles along the way. guys, THE PUZZLES. LOVE THEM. i did need a little help from game guides twice or so, but the solutions were so amazingly simple in hindsight i could only be laugh at myself for not seeing them. PLAY THIS GAME IT’S SO GOOD. even after you beat the final boss, there is still SO MUCH TO DO. love it! thank you so much!
  • subscription only no way to buy

    By Subidarb
    there is no way to buy this game
  • Crashes

    By begrudging ios user
    Great port, runs a little slow on iPad, but was working well until now, 40% into game it keeps crashing after loading 😔
  • Controls are horrible

    By Kid Heretic
    I’m going to chalk this up to being on an iPhone SE, but this has some of the worst touch controls ever. It constantly goes in the wrong direction causing me to die or completely miss. Using a backbone controller has been the only way to enjoy the game, but it limits when I can play it. At least give us the option to increase the control sizes in accessibility.
  • Great game! 4 stars for one reason…

    By Zaek_
    I think this game is fabulous, a perfect candidate for mobile, that plays fluidly and is a lot of fun for a mobile game, with no pay 2 play nonsense or an in game store, it truly feels like a AAA experience on mobile. However, my one problem that hopefully Netflix or the Devs can fix, is that while my Razor Kishi V2 controller works great, the game doesn’t seem to recognize the buttons and so every control prompt just says “none to do this” or “press none, then press none to roll attack” which gets confusing. Certainly not a dealbreaker but shouldn’t be too hard to fix.
  • This would be the best game if…

    By Davanji
    There was a map so you can navigate and you don’t default back to a door that’s miles away when you die. There should be checkpoints in between. It’s too frustrating otherwise.
  • Bugs galore

    By theselfproclaimednerd
    Looks like a beautiful game, from the little I played. Had trouble getting it to open. After uninstalling and reinstalling, it opened, but the button prompts are broken if you’re playing with a controller. It just lists “none” for every button prompt. I’ll try playing it again after the bugs are fixed.