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  • Great game dawg!

    By Collin Ware
    I’m sorry about my other review I was wrong don’t read that one please.
  • Good game, frustrating Netflix Games integration

    By Aquaknight619
    Into the Breach is a great game, and this is a decent port. However Netflix Games causes unnecessary problems. I would gladly pay 5-10 dollars for this game just to own the game and play it offline.
  • Unable to log into Netflix account

    By Daymonki
    Haven’t had this issue with other Netflix games. I get error 7006 and it won’t let me even start
  • Meh

    By JuniorW90
    Not for people who actually like to win. Feels unbalanced with amount of enemies and their health while you do 1-2 points of damage and they end up destroying everything in 2-3 turns. Kept restarting and even playing on Easy doesn’t fix. Not for me.
  • Great game ruined by its difficulty

    By Eisenbad
    I have played this game now for about a year. It is a fantastic game! Beautifully playable on a mobile phone. Totally engrossing. A strategy gamers delight. But…. Having played between 500 and 800 games I have won 60% at the easy level, 2% at the normal level, and 0% at the hard level. The easy level is about right in terms of difficulty. A hard introduction, but manageable with perseverance. The normal is too big a jump in difficulty. I have only won once (4 islands) in some 200 games. I have never even beaten a single island at the hard level! My two cents. Still love it.
  • Netflix forces re-login every 90 seconds

    By pscreed
    This just started happening a while ago. Absolutely terrible experience. Don’t buy this game until they fix this - it is unplayable on iOS right now. Really a shame, this was a great game.
  • Requires Netflix account

    By Albert Kleiner
    Requires Netflix account. Get a GOG copy instead.
  • Please fix the bugs!

    By ScribdSucks
    Incredible game brought down by the frequent bugs where you randomly can’t do anything. You can’t select a mech to make them move or attack. Quitting the app and restarting it usually fixes the issue for a little while but then it starts again. Please fix it!
  • Thanks netflix

    By Fortniefan4435
    If it wasn’t for Netflix would never have considered playing this. It honestly took me a while to learn how to play. But now I am really enjoying every moment of it. This the only strategy game that I’ve actually liked. The only problem just for me personally I really have to put my 100% brain power and focus. I enjoy that but I notice I can’t really play it daily because I get annoyed and play to fast and aggressive.
  • Netflix why?

    By ReavesInc
    This is an amazing rts from pc which is handcuffed by a horrible Netflix partnership. As stated in other reviews you can’t play offline and you have to log into a Netflix account every time you play. This makes a great game horrible and not worth the time to play. Stick to FTL.