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Spark Mail + AI: Email Inbox

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Spark +AI mail provides the ultimate email experience for individuals and teams. Manage and organize your personal and business emails more effectively! Ignite your productivity with fewer distractions, focus on what’s important and get better control of your emails. Connect multiple accounts into one inbox and write emails faster and better using AI email assistant. Spark +AI is the future of email communication! ONE INBOX FOR ALL EMAILS Our mail app provides an intuitive interface for accessing and managing emails from one inbox. Get all your emails: Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, IMAP, GMX, iCloud in one place without switching between multiple accounts. Prioritize important emails and improve your working efficiency. Stay in control of your mailbox and do more in less time. WRITE EMAILS FASTER, BETTER! Give the context you need and generate responses in seconds with a quick AI email reply option. Let Spark +AI writing assistant improve the quality of your email content by proofreading, fixing grammar and rephrasing them. Compose the perfect email in an instant! SMART. FOCUSED. EMAIL Focus on what’s important, boost your productivity and organize your email workflow. Get personal and high-priority business emails to the top of your inbox, while newsletters and notifications will be grouped below. Streamline your inbox priorities! EMAIL FOR MODERN TEAMS We built Spark +AI email with teamwork in mind. Invite teammates to handle an inbox together, discuss emails privately or use the Spark AI assistant to compose professional email responses. Work and be more productive! ▶ MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS IN ONE PLACE - Get multiple accounts in one inbox - Connect Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, iMAP, GMX and iCloud ▶ AI EMAIL ASSISTANT - Let Spark +AI write emails for you - Generate response in seconds with quick AI reply options - Proofread, adjust the tone, rephrase, expand or shorten the text ▶ FOCUS ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT - Get personal and high-priority emails to the top of your inbox - Newsletters and notifications are grouped below ▶ STAY IN CONTROL WITH GATEKEEPER - Pre-screen new senders and decide who is allowed to email you - Easily block unwanted senders ▶ PRIORITIZE EMAILS AND SENDERS - Mark senders or emails as important. They will be featured at the top of your inbox - Group emails together in a single row ▶ MASTER YOUR INBOX - Clean emails and mark tasks as DONE - Mute threads you're not interested in - Schedule emails to be sent later - Send files larger than 25 MB through Spark Cloud - Find messages easily using Spark’s natural language search - Quick replies with just a tap - Love, like or acknowledge mails ▶ SECURE AND PRIVATE EMAIL - Send encrypted emails - Encrypt data with secure Google cloud infrastructure - Spark + AI is fully GDPR compliant ▶ COLLABORATE WITH SPARK TEAMS - CREATE A TEAM to unlock advanced team functionality - SHARED INBOXES - assign emails, track progress and set deadlines - CREATE EMAILS together in a real-time editor - DISCUSS EMAILS privately in chat - CREATE SECURE LINKS to specific emails or conversations - EMAIL TEMPLATES you can use Get Spark + AI PREMIUM for the full experience! • Individual subscription for $59.99/year or $7.99 a month. ▶THE FUTURE OF EMAIL Download Spark +AI and manage your email communication more efficiently! Terms of Service: Privacy Policy Help at [email protected]



  • Love the ease and simplicity

    By Divergentdaydreams
    This app works seamlessly across devices and if you have questions or run into any issues the support team is quick and courteous.
  • Ai feature not helpful

    By Ottoman42
    The app is good but recently they made a few missteps. Inbox 2.0 feature was a big misstep that made me miss important emails. I turned that feature off. The AI draft generator is not helpful. Any specific prompt results in a try later error. A vague prompt results in an email that’s unrelated to the topics at hand and reads like a kind of generic response that could fit the most basic of replies of a most basic email.
  • great email app trying to be something it's not

    By jetsetbaxter
    Why ruin a great email app by sticking an intrusive "+ai" button on top of the compose window?
  • Good but too expensive for an e-mail app

    By The9dad
    The function is good in general. But $8/month is too expensive for an e-mail app.
  • Great, but…

    By jererermy
    I have been using the Spark mail app for a while now, and I absolutely love it. But, they are starting to put some of the most basic email features behind a paid subscription, which is infuriating. For example, you CANNOT remove the “Sent from Spark” tagline without paying for premium, which is so extremely petty. I totally understand enticing customers with new and innovative features (like AI), but I lose respect with companies that choose to annoy their customers into subscribing. Because of this, I will probably move on to another email platform soon, which is sad because this is my only complaint with Spark. So annoying.
  • Nagware

    By pgebhard
    With all of the nagging and up selling for the paid premium service, it’s probably best to just go with another email app. This one used to be good.
  • Not a Spark

    By PhiloticParallax
    Missing emails, inability to open the app, inability to update the app. Find something else.
  • Dont want AI garbage

    By EdBCollie
    been using spark for years, uninstalled after AI was added
  • Too Expensive!

    By tsix14
    I’ve been using this app for years as an alternative to the Gmail app. It was a great free app! Now they want $60 a year to use! No thanks. Guess I’ll be going back to Gmail.
  • I don’t know how things went so wrong, so fast… 😔

    By williamwesleymonroe
    I’ve never been so confident in an app as I had been with Spark. Been rocking with it for nearly 6 years now. It’s helped me manage all of my day-to-day tasks, wether they were at the office or otherwise. Personally, I considered it to have set the bar high above the others for its versatility, reliability, intuitiveness and efficiency. It sounds crazy but, almost willingly, I accepted the addition of a monthly subscription to have full access to the premium features of the app. I was a ride or die. But, today that ends. I haven’t the time to spend making this review any longer than I have already, nitpicking each and every little annoyance, inconvenience, ignored bug in the code, etc. but, today around 10am central time I was auto logged from the app. It prompted me to log in and touted their new update w/ the ai assistance or whatever. Every time I log back in with my app specific password it instantly logs me back out. I’ve revoked and generated a new one multiple times, updated the app, and tried all sorts of remedies. I’ve not been able to use the app at all today. That being said, I’m taking a break. Going to try something new. Hopefully I come back to the app I once loved.