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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-03-11
  • Current Version: 19.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 500.08 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.28669
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Collect & trade your favorite Star Wars™ characters, weapons, spacecraft, moments, and more with fans across the galaxy in the Star Wars™: Card Trader by Topps digital collectibles app! Collectible content spanning the original Star Wars™ Saga movies to new releases on Disney+! Discover a new world of collecting! • NEW digital collectibles available every day! • Claim FREE daily rewards to boost your collection! • Track and complete sets to earn collectible awards! • Trade with fans around the world – anytime, anywhere! Bring your collection to life! • Salvage cards to receive limited, special cards! • Complete Missions to earn rewards! • "Lock On" to put new collectibles in your sights! • Create trade and wish lists to help spur trading! Customize your Profile! • Showcase your favorite collectibles! • Unlock & choose Star Wars character avatars! *For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 12 or later.* ----- MORE INFO Stay in the know about the latest SWCT card releases: - Twitter: @ToppsSWCT - Facebook: @ToppsSWCT - Instagram: @toppsswct - - Visit:



  • Took my money and didn’t receive packs

    By EddieSconzo
    I love this app I’m on it all the time, but today I decided to finally purchase a pack in hopes of getting cards I really wanted and after the payment went through it said purchase failed and I received nothing yet on my card the money was taken out, extremely frustrating and I don’t think I’ll be spending money again on this app after this issue
  • Addictive and cash grab, but better now

    By Spencebasset7
    The game was fun for the month or 2 I played it. But after a while it started to get hard to get new cards without spending money. I would get on every 5 mins to see if my trades were accepted. It was really addictive, to the point where i spent money behind my parents backs. Do not recommend. Stop the download now. This was my review from about a year. And while it still renames mainly true, they’ve balanced the money better and while all the rich kids with mommy’s credit card seem to get all the good cards, if you can use many accounts, it makes it MUCH better. I’d recommend to Topps to allow in game account switching. That’s it.
  • Worst customer support ever

    By Saito487
    The app itself is slow and buggy…but it was a decent way to waste time, but when I wanted to move my account to a new phone, I got DAYS of run around trying to prove who I was…there needs to be a better way to do this.
  • Why

    By zetheus
    It said i have “purchased” it but when i check my home screen and i search for it on my phone it’s nowhere this is the like the 5th time “purchasing” it pls help
  • Topps is greedy

    By YoyoMoesHere
    Topps can you please stop being greedy and remove diamonds altogether please? Thanks! Literally can’t trade with anyone unless they want my best cards for their worst. Pathetic.
  • Another update introduces another break

    By BlueMan-Bill
    Once again another update broke something that was working before. Latest update not only introduces more wasted space on the trade screen, it also removes the “card count” tag for each card making it impossible to see how many cards you or the other person has without going to that individual card.
  • Overly crowded layout.

    The layout and the whole dynamic of things is too overly crowded. More is not always a good thing. The 2015-2018 layout was very nice and simple.
  • Horrible

    By thedevsofthisgamesuck
    This is one of the worst ran apps. No wonder the other Topps apps go out off business. What a joke.
  • The worst support

    By Totoro4444
    So many glitches. Contacted support after missing rewards and not even a reply after 7 days. The worst!
  • Too much to list

    By 33tucker33
    *4/2/2022- you going to fix week 10 gilded or at least announce you are aware of the issue and working on it? Been a full week- crickets* Been on this app for a few years now. Not a whale but I spend when I see cards and designs I like. Force score and cards owned showed 0. Deleted app reinstalled numbers showed properly. Now back to 0. Workbench is awesome idea but is set up in most inconvenient way possible. Scroll down to base cards I want to salvage hit salvage app recycles to top. But I have other base cards I want to do. Very difficult to hit the tiny buttons on a card I want to salvage more than one of accidentally click on card it shows card details go back guess what app recycles to top have to start all over. Salvage a Donnybrook card can’t claim cuz app recycles so go to claim all extra unnecessary step. No notifications if trade is accepted or not. Tapjoy rewards not paying properly on their end and SWCT end. The only thing remotely fun was being able to open multiple packs at once. When you have finished a mission unlike Marvel you have to cycle thru missions rather than the mission claim is at the top. Trading is a chore. Buttons are too small. Link from article to store wasn’t working deleted reinstalled now that’s working but like I said 0 force score and cards is back. 2.5 x’s Tapjoy rewards useless since there is obviously a problem between Tapjoy and the app- I’ve seen many others post same thing on line. Also typing Padme in 2019 and 2020 cards doesn’t work you need to type Padm no “e”. Can’t type BB8 for 2020 cards but BB 8 works. On Marvel app I will no longer be spending any money chase sets or bother trading it isn’t remotely fun just going to pull cards here and there with credits. I’d like to do relic away marathon on Skate been spending money there but for regular drops community is too small to justify further monetary investment beyond that one marathon. Also when receiving a trade if I want to make sure they are asking for a dupe of mine I have to click on the card to see how many I have no number indicator otherwise. Very seriously have any of the owners or investors at Topps actually used their own app?