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  • Stop with the boxes

    By benbrez116
    Stop with the boxes that force you to stop and watch a stupid animation and try to get you to watch an ad every 5 seconds it’s so stupid and irritating
  • Fun idle game but

    By Tremebundo111
    Y’all need a second opinion from an artist real bad, like 50% of the themes are so hard to look at. Every time I spend by points on a theme (btw points take a LONG time to accrue), it’s a gamble whether the theme will look half decent or just the ugliest combo of colors and values you’ve seen put together on the screen. It feels like the biggest waste of time when you go to the shop to spend your money on the “winter theme” only to have the most poo-colored greens, dustiest purples, blinding red/oranges put on a bright blue background. I wish I could include pictures because some of them are unbelievable just how ugly the colors look. It’s like they picked colors at random sometimes
  • Stop with the new features!

    By Nat23ty
    I have been addicted to this game for a few years now but they keep putting new annoying features to redeem useless points that interrupt the game play! It was better when it was simple and clutter free!!!
  • Used to be really cool.

    By nfisientosls
    I’ve had the game installed on my phone for years. But I’ve recently uninstalled after all these add ons. I’ve already bought the ad removal years ago, now it’s like I can’t use the new features without having to watch an ad. It would’ve been pretty nice if they added more variety to the customizing backgrounds/blocks. I’ve unlocked all the ones in shop and it gets kinda stale after switching between the same ones after a while.
  • Undo button?

    By Rachelle_xo
    I’ll give 5 stars when I have an undo button! It’s so frustrating playing and not having an undo button.
  • Frustrated

    By MACOLLINS6572
    I loved playing this game until the last couple of months when Zynga started including ads that broke into the middle of the game, cancelling one of my moves or showing a black screen forcing me to close it and reopen it. This is now happening constantly. I even shut the game down and rebooted it losing my 30,000 points! That was useless as all that did was start the game from the beginning with the loss of my top score and the same blank screen problems and ads showing up in the middle of a move. I’ll find something else as there are thousands of games similar. The frustration isn’t worth it. Too bad they messed with something that didn’t need fixing.
  • Addicting but can be unfair

    By Mwddox
    Fun but it’s dumb that you don’t get only pieces that will work. Lost a couple good runs to finishing a set and losing because none of the new set will fit. this makes the game feel more like getting lucky instead of strategy. I think if you only received pieces that work or can be made to work it makes those times where you get stumped feel more like a puzzle instead of just getting screwed by rng and given a impossible hand
  • Hi😀

    By Chungus_09
    I like stacking blox
  • El Ten Eleven

    By sourgrapes____
    Low key wish they kept the old school version with no cheats
  • Use to be good

    By krispyhates1010
    I’ve played this game since being a freshman in highschool, now I’m 24. The game use to be simple and good, now you’ve added so much stuff just trying to encourage micro transactions it is ridiculous. I use to play this game when I was anxious and now I just can’t use it that way anymore. 🫠 hopefully there’s something better out there.