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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Games

Price: Free

Rating: 3.6693 stars based on 1899 reviews


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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-14
  • Current Version: 5.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 191.41 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Developer: Zynga Inc.

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Looking for a way to enter the world of magic? Well then look no further than Bounzy! - the newest title by Gram Games. You’re a mage, facing an onslaught of fantastic beasts. Using your mystic powers, fight them back, and protect your town. As your spells strike the beasts, they will lose health - just make sure they’re fully vanquished before they reach you. Each attack you stave off will reward you with a chest. Destroy all enemies to find its key and unlock valuable diamonds and gold, which you can use to improve your strength and skill. The more powerful your spells, and the stronger your defenses, the more likely you are to succeed. Visit the laboratory to build the strength of your spells. Venture into the academy to learn special spells that will help you to defeat the enemies. And make sure to maintain the strength of your wall - these beasts have a knack for breaking through faulty barriers. Think you can protect your town? Try Bounzy! today. Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at



  • 1/5 stars

    By steeve the bee
    Game gets progressively harder until completely unbeatable. >:(
  • Buggy after being out for soooo long

    By Matthew_K.
    Same game for years, but still buggy. Where are my power ups going?
  • One of the greats.

    By Perkoteacher
    This is one of those great old apps that just brings back memories. PLEASE I beg of you, add something new. I’m not sure if the App Store is the place to put a challenge out, but for those that see this, let’s make this game explode. I’m talking millions. Share it to everyone you know, and say if we get this game more populated, add a warring feature where you can attack others players, maybe new bad guys, and new spells. It would be amazing!!! Keep the original format though, and make it one of those true No Ad games. I’m counting on you! Thanks for creating this game. Let’s make it blow up.
  • Can you support bigger screens already

    By JaiZo24
    We’re almost in 2023 and this game hasn’t been updated to look good on bigger devices like my 12/13 pro max or bigger iPads. ….
  • It cant give you a virus

    By FlameEpidemic
    Apple is strict on their rules and its also extremely hard to get a virus on an apple phone. Also this has been my favorite game to pass time for about 5 years. I do wonder if they stopped updating and thats whats causing the bugs. It freezes sometimes when you go off the screen or click on an ad and occasionally your front and back spells disappear. It never used to be glitchy. I also wish theyd update it so i can get more content lol. This game is super underrated. Just checked they still update it so im not sure ehy its still buggy lol
  • Nice game but for iphone it doesnt show all the features

    By Caed949494
    Nice game but add more stuff. After level 350 more or less, It gets repetitive, all the shot designs and animations get to cycle the same they just keep changing to ones you had.. and not all of those monsters appear, the furry monster, the red dragon, doesnt appear yet, Im on level 567, and still get the same monsters, no red dragon not the furry orange monster. Is kind of frustrating..
  • Addicting but monotonous

    By Chucho320
    Are you guys ever going to make any improvements to this game? I love it, but I’ve played it for years and it’s the same monotonous thing over and over again. This game has real potential to be a helluva lot more fun.
  • please keep updating

    By Cullen woodruff
    I feel like this game could become so big if they made new content and pushed out adds.
  • Some Ideas (whole family loves the game)

    By vividbeatz
    Been playing this game for quite a while and so has my family, we all love it and like to play it alot but some of it feels kinda stale so im going to purpose some new ideas/future updates. -Select Academy Abilitys — I feel that you should be able to select the 2 you want, this would make it alot better as you can focus one of them and not all of them, and jf you lose you can adjust to the ones that suit that level. (Maybe add more ablities to!) -better chest rewards — For thr chests after a while you need more coins so i believe you should be getting more for every lets say 10 levels you go up. Like itd around 900-1500 id say maybe at lvls 20 it should be 1200-2000 and so on -Combos — After you hit a certain amount of monsters i bieve those balls should duplicate or drop something like a bomb because you hit it so many times, this could be addes as another ability, maybe combo counter and as you get a higher level in the academy the higher damage it does and the more combos you need (could also implement a combo counter) -obviously more upgrades to stuff — like able to put out more balls and have them go to higher levels, ya know stuff for the max players mostly but along with what i was saying for the chests this would be great for them ——— I know the devs are probally retired because tgis games so old but theyve made updates before so i hope they will now!
  • Well....?

    By Dogger244
    No support site apparently. Seemed to have maxed out. I have 76,000+ to soend, it takes nowhere near that to upgrade when game allows me too. Wasted extra cound sitting around. Also have 1409 "flags" Dont have a clue what they do. Clicking them does nothing, no instructions anywhere, and no support button..... WTH????