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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-10-25
  • Current Version: 1.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 212.98 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.68564
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► RELEASE THE MAD SCIENTIST WITHIN… Freak out in the lab, let your imagination run riot, merge the DNA of different animals and create the ultimate mutant runner, then test your experiments by letting them loose on a varied range of obstacle courses to race against other multi-limbed freaks of nature in the ultimate competition in evolution where only the fittest will survive. A fun running game with a freaky difference, Merge Animals 3D combines strategy, lateral thinking and crazy science to fire your imagination and get your adrenalin pumping. Demonstrate your evil gene-ius, perfect every pixel of your runner, and put them on the track to evolutionary success. ► WIN THE MUTANT RACE • Survival of the fittest – over 20 different levels with hugely varied obstacle courses, different aspects of which favor different advantages in evolution. Mod your mutant runner carefully in the lab, and if you don’t win first time, try merging other genetic variations to produce the right combination for the course. Keep on experimenting! • Lucky rabbit’s feet – inject your runner with the DNA of over 10 different animals to create hundreds of genetic variations, each with their own unique genetic advantages that will help overcome a specific element of the obstacle course. Give your athlete the wings of an eagle to soar above the competition, the arms of a spider to scramble over rough surfaces, a giraffe’s neck to stretch across the finish line, and a pair of rabbit’s feet just for luck. • Designer DNA – colorful graphics and cool character design merge with imaginative obstacles and eye-catching animation to make the world of Merge Animals 3D a beautiful game right down to the last pixel, as well as fun and vibrant place to spend your time as you play at mad scientist in style. ► MIX THE ULTIMATE GENETIC COCKTAIL What do advances in gene science mean for the future of the human race? In this crazy casual game, the chance to make some freaking awesome changes to the human body with just a few jabs of a needle. Take advantage of these amazing advances in bio-engineering, download the game now, and merge animal genes to create the ultimate mutant athlete in this highly original running game that combines fast-paced races with strategic puzzle play as you combine the features of different animals in the lab to produce the best runner for each individual obstacle course. Live out your mad scientist dreams and create the wildest genetic experiments in this fun, fast and freaky running game. The evolutionary race is on!



  • Enjoy the game but the ads have gotten out of hand

    By SRexine
    Way too many ads. We enjoy this game but wish there was more options to play forward with characters and the ads have gotten obnoxious. There is ad pop ups every 30seconds .
  • This is whybi hete this gqme

    By pugtaskingmaster1212340
    its so annoying whgv yhis game need wifi its trasg and waste ofe time
  • Way too many adds

    By hbhbuxdtfshumsmiooimiom
    Ahhhhh adddds everywhere
  • I love it too. But I don’t want to go back and play with you and no one else is doing it

    By F1shpon
    Hi I’m doing good 👍
  • I’m

    By urfuhefhfrhuihfe
    I’m distractor go get my hair done before I get off work so I’m not going to be able I just don’t know where I’m at work lol lol it’s a good time to get a hold with him and he can play stop to play music and then stop it and stop it lol I love him so so sorry I didn’t get it but he was literally sleeping with him lol and he was sleeping lol lol I’m so sorry I didn’t see you in a while lol lol sorry I’m sleeping in my room so I don’t want him sleeping in bed and he is asleep and I don’t think he is sleeping lol lol I love it lol I’m not sure how much I think I was sleeping lol I’m not gonna do it right now but I’m not sleeping in bed sleeping lol
  • Too many ads

    By Chach20
    There are so much ads so please take some of them away but overall fun and cool game.
  • 17 minutes of ads.

    By Cthulhu wings for the win
    I love this game. It’s easy to get powerful, but they make it difficult so you aren’t effortlessly winning all the time. The concept is fantastic, but there’s an issue. At the end of every level, you must watch an unskippable 30 second ad to unlock an animal, or you’ll lose that animal FOREVER. If you want to unlock all 33 animals, you gotta watch roughly 17 minutes of ads. Please, I love this game, but that feature is absolutely horrible. Make it better, I’m begging you. At the very least give those who have gone through and unlocked everything, maybe no ads, to make up for their 17 minutes of their life thrown in the trash.
  • someone sat down and thought this was a good idea and someone else coded it

    By lolureadthese
    this game is beyond messed up, i love it
  • Too many ads

    By G. Wilkinson
    Might be a good game but having to watch an ad at the end of a race to unlock the next animal part and immediately again to start a race is ridiculous. One min of ad per 20 seconds of gameplay is not a game it’s an advertisement simulator with intermittent gaming breaks.
  • Too many ads

    By owkgrona
    So many ads the game is literally unplayable