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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-05
  • Current Version: 1.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 250.83 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.56023
From 98,566 Ratings

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► Can you see what’s missing? What a pretty picture, but don’t you get the nagging feeling that something’s not quite right? What’s the final touch that will make the image complete? Engage your brain, your imagination and your artistic talents to identify the missing element and add it to the drawing in this delightful puzzle game that will get you thinking and make you smile time and time again. ► Exercise every part of your brain • Ingenious puzzles that require logical, lateral and creative thinking to solve. Engage every part of your brain to work out what’s missing from the picture, then use your artistic skills to draw that one part in. • Clear, colorful graphics and calm, happy music make Draw One Part a pleasure to play, creating a tranquil and fun environment where puzzle solving is as relaxing as its entertaining. • Intelligent game mechanics and carefully conceived puzzles ensure a smooth and satisfying playing experience. If you’ve got the right idea, Draw One Part will recognize your intentions even when your artistic skills aren’t quite up to the task. •Satisfaction guaranteed – the answer might not be obvious, but when you finally find it you’ll understand the logic behind it. And your discovery could change the original image in any number of amusing and unexpected ways. • Dozens of different situations and over 200 missing parts make for almost endless puzzle variation, with solutions that are satisfying, intriguing and humorous in equal measure. • Try, try and try again. There’s no penalty for failure in Draw One Part. If you can’t find the right answer first time, keep on thinking and keep on experimenting until you hit on the solution. • If you’re really stuck, you can always ask for a hint. The imaginative solutions in Draw One Part are guaranteed to satisfy even when you can’t see them for yourself. ► Who knew gap filling could be so much fun? Looking for an original and entertaining puzzle solving game that’s genuinely challenging and rewards lateral thinking but won’t have you throwing your phone across the room in frustration? Draw One Part will bend your brain, test your drawing skills, and give your logic a real workout without ever driving you absolutely crazy. ► Download Draw One Part now and get both sides of your brain working in perfect harmony to solve endless beautiful, satisfying puzzles with real creative flair. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:



  • So relaxing

    By scoobeedooo
    So nice I love it easy too also it’s free
  • Loving it

    By Krejci Perani rolls
    I just downloaded this app and it’s fun I only it when I had so far which is I just downloaded this app and it’s fun I only got one add so far which isPretty impressive I can’t believe that this game is a game and it’s really lake lake like I mean like oh my God like oh my god so I love this um um um um umI love this game so much for loving
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By audrey barno
    Love this app! It really gets you thinking
  • 🚨 Before getting this game 🚨

    By ,jyfuyfcjytfiytfiytf
    This game has has way too many adds. And they just keep doing the same add. Every time a do a level, there is an ads right after. It’s very annoying. And just a warning before getting this game, it’s not that fun either ( 😑 ) so just don’t get it if you don’t like adds ( which no one likes )
  • I like your game

    By bdydhdmir
  • Ads the game

    By hbzvibes
    I wish I could write a review for this game but I can’t even play 10 seconds worth of game without having 30 second unskippable ads between every game. You app developers are money hungry pigs.
  • Very bad

    By wolf lover 1234
    My sis downloaded and my dad found out about the bad stuff in both games. Never get it has a lot of bad stuff in it

    By unicornlover 223
    I don’t see why this game is rated 17+ because there are no inappropriate scenes or levels so there’s basically NOTHING WRONG!!! And this game shouldn’t be rated 17+ it should be 9+ because I get it, little kids shouldn’t play this game but kids 9 and up should play!!!! I’m 9 and I’m going to be ten soon and I have seen no inappropriate things AT ALL so I don’t know what all the fuss is about! “Inappropriate this” and “inappropriate that” it’s fine!!!! Pls read this, pls get this game, and have a great day! Whoever made this game, thank you thank you thank you! Make more games like this and again have a great day bye! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Why do these drawings work?

    By shmoo guy
    the word sus, and a skull always work for some reason I’m gave it 3 stars because it’s funny
  • It’s ok

    By catblevs
    It’s fun but every time I get to another level it plays a ad. It is very hard even though they give you hints it is still hard. I recommend this game for you if you are good at hard games and love hard games. Three stars is that enough for you 🎖🎖🎖