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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Games

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Golf Strike

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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-04-21
  • Current Version: 1.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 166.77 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
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It's time to tee off! Get your golf equipment ready, get to the course and challenge real players from around the world! Get in the hole with the least number of shots and win your match, have fun with your friends with Golf Strike's fun & intuitive golf gameplay. MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO GOLF • Play Golf: join 6 players matches against other players from around the world • Duel: take part in 1v1 head to head single-hole matches • Tournament: play during the weekend 9 or 18-holes rounds, reach the top of the leaderboard and win exclusive prizes • Lucky shot: test your accuracy with this single golf shot, great rewards are waiting for you. Hole in one! FUN GOLF SIMULATION • Equip your golf bag with the right clubs and balls for every course • Choose the best shot to approach the green. Select the distance, adjust the power, add some curve, take the wind into account and add some spin to place the golf ball exactly where you want • Read the green slopes and send your putt in the hole! CREATE YOUR GOLF CAREER • Gain access to advanced golf tours and unlock the advanced courses • Win games and receive rewards that help you improve your golf clubs and balls • Improve your skills and put them to the test on the different stages GOLF IS A SOCIABLE SPORT • Play with up to 5 of your Facebook friends in the same match • Compete in the weekly friends leaderboard and see who's best • Send your friends gifts or request their help when you need it TAKE A WALK ON THE GOLF COURSE • Enjoy the variety of Golf courses from all around the world, rendered in high quality graphics • Play on various environments, from the woods of France to the coast of California, passing through the Lake Garda in Italy or the desert of Arizona Come and join the Golf Strike tournament! Download this pvp golf game on mobile – get Golf Strike NOW! This game needs an internet connection to play.



  • This is a new theft……

    By LeChicoFantome
    Have played the game over 2 years, and despite the same connection issues experienced by everyone else, I’ve just continued to play for free. I had amassed a large bank of coins and gems. Twice recently, I’ve had over 4 million in coins just disappear from the account. WTH is that about! LOL! What if I’d paid for those coins!?! Today was a first for the gems. 10,000 gems….. poof! Vanished from the bank. I hope anyone playing this game doesn’t actually purchase anything from them with REAL money. It’s a fun game to play, just don’t purchase stuff. It’s easy to earn all you’d need by just playing and winning, which isn’t hard to do. The game developers have clearly designed the program to shut down and rob players, and in my case, if the shutdown theft isn’t enough, just deplete your account. Don’t know how they haven’t been sued out of existence. Add to all that, the program design particularly in the “Duel” game is hysterically cheating. The more you play, the more the program dials up shots by your fake opponent that get increasingly ridiculous. I’ve gotten good enough to Eagle most holes, so guess what? Fake opponent just shot an albatross the last 3 out of 5 games played. LOL!! The game is about you ultimately losing no matter how pathetic and obvious the cheating gets. Have fun, but you’ve been warned. Update: 6 straight albatross shots by opponent! LOL! Why doesn’t the program just come up with a notice, “you don’t get to play anymore”. LOLOLOL!! What a joke.
  • Connectivity issues

    By Oceanicairlines
    Kicks you out of match (usually when you are doing well), lose your buy in money. No way to recover. Guess I am not the only one and their support suggestions for resolving issue are garbage and so is the game. Dont waste your time. How can this game possibly have 4.5 star??????
  • On the Fence

    By nosaj128
    I really wanna like this game because it's kinda fun and not as advanced as Golf Clash. But it has flaws. Occasionally either a game freezes or just ends suddenly taking your entry fee with it. The accuracy of the wind against the ball is definitely off. And here's my favorite, in my bank I had 1,100 coin. I went to join a game costing a 1,000 coin entry fee. But it kept saying insufficient funds. Come again? Seriously. That's so lame of a bug I forgot to laugh. This game needs some touch ups and improvements to get me hooked. As for how it stands now, I'm not feeling it. Could be a really good game if they only fine comb it.
  • Couldn’t rate lower.

    By cpnhowdy
    This game is garbage. It crashes every time I play and doesn’t give coins back. Piece of crap
  • Deleted and redownloaded three times. Still shuts down

    By rls8582
    It’s a shame that the golf game I like best has a fatal flaw that they can’t seem to fix. Look back and you’ll see people complaining about starting a game and getting kicked off. It WILL happen to anybody who plays this game. You have limited game “money,” and the system will keep it every time you get kicked out. I played, getting kicked out about every third time, until I had made 70,000. Then the system bug went into high gear and kicked me out repeatedly until I got to 20,000. I dumped the game and reloaded. Nothing changed.
  • Disgraceful

    By bhj32536
    Game Constantly Crashes Robbing Your Coins And Your Coins You Should Have Won. Really Pathetic.
  • Poor customer service

    By ghtibjk
    Been attempting to play this game for a couple of years, keep giving up because of connectivity issues that they obviously refuse to address. I played several different games online, including other golf games and this is the only game I have this issue with. I can’t believe with all the complaints listed here for the same problem that the developer has not fixed it.
  • Game is horrible

    By Chad10byron7
    Terrible game, don’t waste your time. I’ve made it clear to level 9, which is the highest you can go, so I have a good idea what this game is like. 2/5 matches in level 9 you will encounter cheaters. The other 3/5 you will probably get disconnected. And don’t even dare to send a complaint. Standard response, blah blah. Game is fun when it works right and you don’t encounter the cheaters, which is never.
  • About game

    By Rosebud1530
    I’ve wrote about this before and haven’t seen a response! The game cuts me off and I have reinstalled the game several times and still giving me problems, I was right in the middle of winning several times and kicks me off every single time.
  • Won’t stay loaded

    By fdsvhhy
    Pity I liked this game but I played for awhile I decided to go through Facebook. When I went back to the game I had to start the game over,so I started play again but the game kept dropping the connection I had to delete maybe later?