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Price: Free

Rating: 4.64229 stars based on 175853 reviews

War Machines:Battle Tank Games

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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-16
  • Current Version: 8.40.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 401.58 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Developer: Wildlife Studios

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  • Worse with every update!

    By Bobbyobannon
    Why is inflation in a game? Everything costs more. You earn or buy diamonds to upgrade your tank. What used to cost 60 is now 75. Special which gives you more coins for upgrades went from 240 to 300. Flamethrowers make the game unfair and unbearable. You have different tiers of tanks. You would think tier 5 tanks wouldn’t battle anything higher than tier 5. That’s not the case. You have to battle much higher tiers with much higher weapons. So it becomes more of a bully vs nerd type game. The biggest bullies are Americans verses Americans. It’s not very American for an American to kill the only other American. It used to be a lot of fun. It’s only fun now if you spend lots of money.
  • Muy excelente

    By Milo124$
  • unreal imbalance

    By Mac Daddy OOG
    Matches are HORRIBLY imbalanced. Even with paint and decal you are usually way outranked by competitors, but there are always 2-3 players killing everyone, and if you’re # 3 in a match and think you’re going to finally win one… you’re overtaken in last 3 seconds. About to never spend again… ??? !!!
  • Asking for help

    By JamesStriker1961
    When you have an issue and ask for help they generally reply to you in 2-3 days. Their normal response is that it’s you that did it and not the game. Recently my diamonds disappeared and they said I purchased emotes. Being a senior citizen I had to look up what an emote is and I would never waste my money or diamonds on something as useless as an emote. It’s a great game but beware of ever asking for help
  • Worthless game that support terrorists around the world

    By JR1785
    Developers do not care what you say or suggest because their only goal is to make money. ONE THING IS GUARANTEED, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE OUT GUNNED AND OUT RANKED FOR EVERY SINGLE MATCHUP NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SPEND. You have a better chance of winning in Vegas than you do playing this crooked game. Developers bow down to promote HACKERS AND CHEATERS every time there is a supposed update. Developers are individuals who are WASTING MY OXYGEN and collaborating with the Chinese or Russian governments to ensure you lose money and your private information. Unfortunately you can not rate this money grabbing game ZERO STARS but it does not matter because this game has always been rated 4.6 stars (thank you BOTS). Karma will get the developers with vengeance now and here after.
  • Poor Customer service.

    By Papa Homer David
    This 1 star is well earned by Wildlife games. Yes, driving a tank can be fun. What is not fun is when there is a problem with the game, or you lose Resources in the game….. example. I purchase an Attack boost….. game goes down, glitchy, or game matches players that are 3 to 6 levels or tiers apart. When you log the concern through tech support. They say, ooooh, send me a video of the match, or screen shot or the resources you “had” before the game lapsed and you lost them. I don’t know about the group, I don’t record every battle, hoping the game does not fail. I also do not take screen shots of every page of the game every hour…. “In case”. Yet when you talk to C.S. Their response is: I can’t help you if you can’t prove you had the resources. Yet they have my game code ID and could look back in the game history to see the resources…. But they don’t. DO NOT WASTE your money on this free game. It’s not free if you want to be competitive . And when there is a problem with the game…. No support.
  • Very cool no ads

    By Co-op Director
    This game is very fun. I like it and I wish there were more tanks. I advise this game because there is so many people on here to shoot at that means I can get higher ranks. This game is very fun.

    By Noah Monson
    Let me get started,I love this game soooo much. ITS THE BEST
  • Don’t waste your time

    By Tootall 2
    Game is totally frustrating. No matter how much time and money you spend on this game your tanks will be like paper. You can add all the badges and camo you want. Your still just a one shot kill. You can buy all the armor upgrades you want. Doesn’t matter. It’s all about the money here
  • Ammo cost increase unfair.

    By Thucidides1
    They just increased ammo cost 50%. Unacceptable. I’d be willing to pay once for access to a good game, but I’m not going to be slowly bled dry. Please undo this.