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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2015-11-23
  • Current Version: 1.12.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 50.66 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.1 or later.
Score: 1.34896
From 576 Ratings

How To Download Norton Family Companion App On Chromebook

If you're looking to Download Norton Family Companion App on your Chromebook laptop Then read the following guideline.

This app should be installed on the child’s iOS device(s). Keeping your kids safer online requires more than managing screen time. Norton Family helps you supervise and manage your kids’ online activities. • Helps you manage your child’s remote learning environment, so you can keep your child focused on schoolwork during the school day. • It helps block unsuitable sites while your kids are surfing the Internet • Let’s you see what websites they’re visiting • Let’s you see what they’re searching for, and so much more… And while Norton Family lets you set online time limits, it also helps you start open and ongoing conversations about how to build safe and smart online habits. As a parent, it’s important to have insight into what your kids are doing. Our helpful tools allow you to monitor kids’ online activities at a glance or be notified by email alerts, so you know when it’s time to talk. IMPORTANT NOTICE: To use the features of Norton Family on your family’s iOS devices, this Norton Family app should first be installed on your child’s iOS device. Parents can configure household policies, manage alerts and reports from To do this on iOS devices, please download the Norton Family for Parents app. Help your kids explore, learn, and enjoy their connected world more safely with the following features: School Time: Remote learning requires the internet, so pausing the internet on your child’s device is not an option. Norton Family School Time is a feature to help parents manage their child’s remote learning environment, so you can keep your child focused on schoolwork and avoid other internet distractions during the school day. Web Supervision: Let your kids explore the Web freely, with tools that help you block unsuitable websites while keeping you in the know about which sites they’re visiting. Time Supervision: Stay on top of how much time your kids spend on their devices. Search Supervision: See words, terms, and phrases your kids are searching for to gain insights into their interests and help protect them from inappropriate content. Video Supervision*: See a list of the YouTube videos your kids watch on their PCs or iOS devices and even view a snippet of each video, so you know when you need to talk. Instant Lock: Parents can help kids take a break by locking the device so they can re-focus, or join the family at dinner. Individual devices can be unlocked with a PIN. Parents and children can still contact each other while the device is in lock mode. Email Alerts: Receive an email when your kids attempt to visit a blocked site so that you can start a conversation about appropriate content. Access Request: Open the lines of communication by enabling your kids to send you a note from within Norton Family if they disagree with a blocked site or a house rule. Monthly/Weekly Reports: Opt to receive detailed reports of what your kids are doing online, right in your email in-box. Any questions? Send us an email *Video Supervision monitors videos that your kids view on It does not monitor or track YouTube videos that have been embedded in other websites or blogs. Mobile app must be downloaded separately. An account is required to use the Norton Family app. To set up, review, manage and customize your House Rules and Settings for each child you’ve added, sign in to your account at using the credentials you created.



  • This is not fun

    By hungry for more hungry games
    I speak from my own experience that this app will do more bad than good yeah it provides parents with trust but the day I got it it started to delete all the apps on my kids phone starting at 2 am and ending at 11am witch makes no sense cause he’s sleeping at that time and wakes up at around 9 am I do not recommend this app because it had deleted my kids apps for three days and we couldn’t do anything cause it basically removes them from you AppStore so you can’t access them at all. Devs this is a nightmare, I deleted this app and it still will do this so warning all parents TRY A DIFFERENT PARENTAL CONTROL SITE FOR YOUR KIDS
  • An Opinion From A Kid

    By Unicorngirl57🦄🦄🦄🦄
    Ok, all these reviews are bad, but Norton does what it says to do. All these reviews are from kids, (which I am). Here is my opinion: For The Parents: -Norton does what it says it does -Blocks websites -Restricts bad content -Views your kids history My opinion as a kid: -Makes me feel as if I’m not trustworthy -Blocks websites that are fine like a book website?- -Is a bit extreme -Kinda annoying Is this app a win for parents? Yes! For kids? Eh. I don’t mind Norton to much because I have nothing to hide, and I am very grateful for the privileges I get on the internet. I don’t hate Norton, because I understand why I have it, but I don’t LOVE it. I kinda wish I didn’t have it, but I’m not hating. -Somebody Trying To Be Fair

    By A humble Skeletal Woomy
    Hello there. As you have guess by the title there are many reasons you shouldn’t download this app. It is essentially a virus for your devices. It deletes apps and stores every single bit of personal info. Once the apps are deleted you cannot access them or get them back. You can’t even turn it off. Heed the warnings of the reviews, DO NOT USE THIS!

    By 🦊🦁🐯🐨🐼
    This app was put on my phone by my mom because her and my dad thought it was a good idea so they can see my search history and stuff like that. You can block apps from being used which would/could be used for if your grounding your child or they are not allowed to use their phone. But once this is on your phone everything will get messed up. You won’t be able to delete apps or anything your Wi-Fi gets messed up And When you search up for pictures you won’t see anything because It would be blocked and you would have to get them off of websites but only few because a lot of them would be blocked. Me my mom and my dad found this super annoying. Now I can’t get this off my phone and It is stuck on here. My mom and dad can’t delete it either. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!
  • Useless to configure, impossible to uninstall

    By misterpeet1965
    Every action to create a profile, reinstall or delete starts with an error message “There was a problem contacting our servers. Please try after some time.” Well that “some time” has been going on for over a couple months. Fix your app!
  • Absolute worst most stressful app I ever used.

    By Sochigg
    I never set time limits but they came up anyway with only 60 seconds to enter email and complex password and make and save all setting changes, but wait, this app just locks for my kids and doesn’t allow going back or giving access to parental controls.
  • why

    By In Oblivion
    This is from a preteen who has this on their iPad, so I recommend you read an adult’s review. They can tell you from experience what the app is like. This app does not do it’s job well. It blocks EVERY (yes, every) website with a video on it. This is quite a struggle to work around and discouraged me from using Safari for quite a while. Second, if you set a time limit on your device using this app (which you can already do without this app) it removes almost all app icons and kicks you out if you’re in one of those apps. This becomes an issue because sometimes you’ll be being something that you enjoy, and then that time limit just makes your device as barren as a dessert. Lastly, it doesn’t track your apps at all! I’ve accidentally been sent to horror games on Roblox, and have those games show up on my Continue menu. However, the app didn’t do anything about it, which is unbelievable. It should at least store this information on the app! This app can easily be summarized in two words: DON’T BOTHER. Instead of genuinely protecting your device, it traps you in a cage of limited content, doesn’t allow to access more even when you need it, and calls it protection. Parents, if you’re considering downloading this app, do yourself a favor and trust the 1.5 rating - this app is not worth your time.
  • BAd

    By tearsandbeer
    Never install smh
  • This is Terrible!!

    I would give this app 0 stars if I could!! It’s an absolute privacy violator, like I know ya parents wanna monitor what your child is doing on the internet and checking what apps they have, but people need to have privacy on their devices. Even if they have no bad apps on it people still need to have phone privacy. This is an absolute trust breaker. And also the screen time is disaster. It is is so ridicoulous, their excuse is oh I want to limit my child’s screen time and blah blah blah blah, even tho the parent is on it just as much or more. This app is ridiculous, it is a complete trust breaker and won’t even let you access apps that aren’t even bad. I don’t reccomend this app at all!! One more thing that is terrible when there is a time set that you should be off of it at night, when you can go on it again all the apps are reorganized. Especially when you organized your phones apps the way you want them. This is app is terrible and do not reccomend!!
  • This app needs help

    By W!!nter
    Norton Family I have 3 complaints 1. I can not edit videos or talk to anyone because it’s glitching my internet, I am connected to my internet and I have a data plan and it’s glitching/lagging. 2. Could you add a setting where you can select a app (for example: YouTube) but not have other apps like: TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook etc. because I have to use YouTube through the website and it’s hard to do stuff on the website and not the app, especially since it gave me a new browser. 3. When I enter a video editor (example: CapCut ) it constantly shows a notification saying I’m on a app I’m not supposed to but my parents have allowed it and I had to turn off notifications for Norton Family. Please do something about this!!