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  • ScAm sCaM

    By bob625193
  • Bonus

    By Cindy Miles- Puff
    I’ve played this game for over 10 years and every time 9 out of 10 times when I spin the wheel I get the lowest amount on the wheel. I don’t even care if I play it anymore and at one time it was my favorite.
  • Minimum bet…..seriously?

    By noahsteward
    Impossible to win, all about the $$$$$ greatly disappointed!
  • Changes

    By maddgirl1999
    This game is highly addictive and I’ve spent a lot of time and cash playing. In the last few months it has become unplayable. The bet requirements are astronomical and even if I made the highest package purchase I would only be able to spin 1 and 1/2 times to participate in any daily featured games. 75 billion to play? 9 billion minimum per game and much more to win bonuses? When you buy anything the wins stop immediately. I can only play three games which I dislike at 50. With these three games you receive no letters, no cards and no tiles at all and never level up. The wheel is less than the 3 hour bonus. What happened????
  • You get punished for winning!

    By Dogs 958456
    I won their “Collection” bonus a few months back and now every time I pay for more coins, the coins drain away within a few minutes. Even when I have spent $100’s in one month. It is like they turned off a jackpot switch off on my game that will not allow jackpots or wins after winning their collection! All of my purchases are paid off on time! Except once…Playtika held on to a purchase for almost two weeks and then it was sent to my credit card company…which was paid immediately. Not explanation at all. I am suspicious that the holding on to a purchase was triggered right after I won their “Collection “ bonus. As if it is their way of not allowing anymore jackpots…by putting the blame on the player. On top of that, they have raised the price of the coin packages I normally pay for to almost $100 a piece. It is like they punish long time faithful paying players. Play this game with caution. Not even real casino’s are this tight for such long periods of time.
  • I’m done

    By mlayette
    Played for a long time and it’s been fun. Recently, it’s sole purpose is to eat your coins. It’s not a game that can be beat or there’s no strategy. They just make sure you lose a ton of coins at once. I’m deleting the game soon and moving on.
  • Disappointed slots

    By DollEann
    I have been with you for years! I’ve seen some great games disappear and haven’t come back! Recently you have changed some of the best games like the wolf game, the leprechaun game, the egyptian game and a few others. To spin on them you have to chose to bet either 2.5 million, or 9000B. I don’t even have enough to bet even 1 spin. You have 3 of each game spread out. You need new games!! I am seriously considering getting rid of this game! It use to be fun playing and sometimes you could win. It seems hard to win no matter when I play. It’s no fun anymore. You’ve made the best games unattainable to play. You use to be the very best. It wasn’t broke and the fixes you’ve done are not working. I’ve had your game for over 6 years. I don’t know how much longer I will be playing!
  • Ms

    By Danusia1
    Never get a big spin…why? Is it rigged??
  • Poor support

    By C A Mallow
    The game is good but support is awful. Haven’t been able to link with Facebook in weeks and get no reply from support. As soon as I’m done with current round I will delete the game. It’s too bad the creators won’t support players.
  • Not receiving rewards!

    By Marcenzo1227
    One of the games I’ve been playing says you will receive gold when you get bonanza wins. I have hit at least 15 bonuses with no tiles awarded!