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Application Category: Travel

Price: Free

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SOAR Conquers Fear of Flying

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  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2013-08-20
  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 8.57 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Developer: SOAR, Inc.

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SOAR – established in 1982 - has opened up the world to 10,000 fearful fliers. This program is now available as an app created by the leading authority on flight phobia: author, airline captain and licensed therapist Tom Bunn, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Other approaches offer partial answers. SOAR provides a complete answer - even for extreme cases - by controlling panic, claustrophobia, and anxiety automatically. App Features • The G-Force meter proves - in turbulence - that there is no threat to the plane. • Get immediate access to weather information and turbulence forecasts. • Become an expert in how flying works and how safety is maintained. • Know how back-up systems - and back-ups to the back-up - are activated if needed. • Learn about safety systems that prevent pilot error. • Download "Take Me Along" and let Capt. Bunn coach you step-by-step through the flight. Main Menu • Basics • Course • G-Force • Turbulence Forecast Why no panic button? The panic button on other apps is nothing more than a recorded message. With SOAR, no panic button is needed. SOAR is uniquely effective. It allows anxious fliers to fly as others do by controlling panic, as well as claustrophobia and anxiety, automatically. Why no hypnosis? Hypnosis is an inadequate answer. Like relaxation exercises, hypnosis can help you achieve a relaxed state in a quiet, secure, and comfortable environment. It cannot produce or maintain that state in flight, which is a completely different environment. What Others Say About This Program I've been home for a week; I still feel a profound sense of personal power---a feeling of competence. I feel more centered. I keep waiting for this feeling to disappear but thank God, it hasn't. I don't really understand the internal psychological process that your SOAR course affected within me; however, I know it happened. I feel almost as good and comfortable about flying as I did prior to my fear of flying days. And if this could happen to me, I know the SOAR course can work for anyone. == Until I had taken SOAR I absolutely did not travel by airplane or step into an elevator because of being confined to small areas and the feeling of being trapped as well as the fear of not being safe. Now I don't even think twice about it! The course absolutely works. . . . Thanks for the enlightenment. Boldly going where I've never gone before! === Your course has been wonderful so far! It is so easy to follow and understand. I actually am looking forward to flying in two days! Thank you so much for SOAR - I'm glad I've discovered it! === There are no words to describe the impact. I cried, laughed, and sometimes my mouth just gaped open at hearing such new, concrete information about fear and fear management. Some of this information has affected all aspects of my life. Sound dramatic? It has been. Unbelievable. Unforgettable. And impossible had it not been for SOAR. I only wish I had found you sooner. I was given your name by a client who took your course to help his occupation as a rock-n-roll tour manager. I said if it can help him, why not give it a shot? Many thanks for my new life. === Two years of psychotherapy couldn't get me into the air, but SOAR did. Your course has helped me acquire renewed personal confidence and pride.



  • Good Basic Info- Don’t buy Course. No sound.

    By VanessaS0910
    I really needed the course I purchased but it has no sound. I uninstalled and reinstalled as per the app notes on the App Store. Didn’t fix the issue. Sadly I lost $20. I left a message on the number provided on the app. If I hear back and am able to use the course I’ll update here and let you all know if it helped!
  • In App Issues

    By mattbosox
    When selecting a specific topic, only the first page is visible. It will not allow me to scroll down the page to read past what is initially visible. This basically makes the app unusable for me.
  • The audiobook was more helpful

    By Ujh163
    I would recommend the audiobook/book over this app/videos. Not sure the videos would have made sense to me if I hadn’t listened to half of the audiobook beforehand.
  • Can’t read articles past first page

    By ajeclizm
    Articles will not scroll beyond first page on iPhone 12, iOS 15.
  • Definitely recommend

    By pastyFaceSharkBait
    Lots of cool walk through information. Very very helpful. -And interactive. This is good for me. I would recommend anyone looking for plane info, flying fears or gforce meter to try this app. I’m not a ‘recommendation’ person usually.
  • Helped me finally get on my flight!

    By Mandamandayeah
    I missed two flights because I couldn’t board due to my anxiety and fear of panicking during the flight. As a last ditch effort I started looking for anything that could help me. When I found this app I was cautiously optimistic but it really did help me. I was still nervous and I won’t say I completely relaxed at any point during my flight but I was able to keep myself calm and use the tools provided to make the flight as stress free as possible. I DID IT!!! Highly recommended!
  • No sound

    By PB-7379-7001
    Whilst the app itself is free, the video content all costs money. The video content is broken up into courses totalling 8 courses for 19.95 each, one for 59.99 and one for 29.99. Whilst this is VERY expensive (the courses for 19.95 are broken up into a series of videos totalling around 30 min with each having the same 30 sec intro) I thought - if this cures my anxiety it is worth the money. I purchased 5 courses for a total of 99.95 dollars only to download them all and find NONE of them had sound - rendering the videos useless meaning I might as well have thrown 100 dollars out the window instead.
  • Purchased videos not downloading

    By Kamil5000
    Paid 19.99 and the video won’t download!
  • Wonderful

    By Amanda Prina
    I am a therapist and also experience a lot of anxiety when traveling. This app is so wonderful. Thank you for creating it! It is very comforting!
  • The best

    Combined with music therapy, this app and Capt Bunn has helped me tremendously.