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  • Great start for Beginners

    By AlicenDave
    Here you can change pictures looks and turn them into videos. Learn how to create chains from video and make movies. I have a few from 10-12minutes long. Only on Facebook because of no limit on length as long as the music is yours. Use an AI Music generator. You will not have copyright issues.
  • Question regarding packages to purchase

    By Pac Creations
    With Video AI Premium L6, once O purchase, will I have to buy any other pack & have to pay extra. Looking forward to hearing from You
  • I was charged $4.99 for the “Free trial”

    By Tattoopheen
    I always like to give an app a test run to see if it’s worth purchasing…. And this ai video is complete garbage!!! It said free trial But I was instantly charged $4.99…. How on earth is that free. Shady shady app!! I would give it zero stars if I could.
  • Pay to play, not cool

    By Jordan2046
    In general the app does what is advertised. The issue that I have is that not only to you have to pay monthly it also cost tokens to run the animations even if you don’t like what it churns out you still have to pay. Super lame. You shouldn’t have to use the token system if your paying the monthly subscription fees.
  • Immediately asked for $$$!!! NOPE!!!

    I’m never gonna pay for something without being able to try it first! Example: I was able to use the demo version of Cherry Audio’s CA2600 FOR FREE FOR 30 days! FULLY FUNCTIONAL! Didn’t need to give them ANY INFORMATION about myself! No credit card, no nothing!!! I loved it, so I bought it! I was looking to get some software like this, but I’m not giving a credit card to anyone without trying the product first, & also checking the company to make sure they’re not a scam outfit! I immediately deleted this software!
  • Feedback

    By Fateme daskar
    All its features are paid and cannot be used
  • Best I’ve used so far

    By neurowaxx
    Best AI video generator I’ve used so far. I use the prompt mode and get very good/stable results. Wishlist: More 3D rotation options. Currently all videos rotate counterclockwise on the Y axis. Also wish for longer than 6 second clips. Fix those two and you got me for life!
  • Cool and easy to use

    By Maroctuneandi
    I like it and it works great. I’d like to see more choices.
  • Cartoon characters

    By grrat job
    Don’t none of these transformations look anything like me it is using the advertised female version that’s already advertised in the app.
  • Awesome AI Generator for movies, videos, and pics!

    Generates really good and fun work. -AJ