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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Games

Price: Free

Rating: 4.22854 stars based on 6069 reviews


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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2023-05-08
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 175.33 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
  • Developer: Niantic, Inc.

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Peridot fulfills your fantasy of bonding with a magical, brag-worthy creature that can fly through the air, always wants to be by your side, and might have a secret love for turkey sandwiches. With the power of AR, this pet simulation game places whimsical beings known as Peridots (“Dots'' for short) in the real world with you. And with Peridot, playing with friends is better, simple as that. Meet up with your besties IRL to Hatch new Dots that will inherit the Traits of their parents, then snap a pic and share it with your friends! _______________ ADOPT your very own Peridot, creatures that feel and look totally real. Each Dot has unique DNA which makes them a truly special companion made just for you. NURTURE your creatures and help them live their best lives. Play fetch, teach them how to shake their butt, give them belly rubs, and dress them up in hats, mustaches, bowties, and more! EXPLORE the world, get outside, and see the world in a new way through your Dot’s eyes. Your Dot is curious about the environment and might uncover hidden items depending on where you adventure with them. When your Dot is looking particularly adorable, snap photos and videos to share with your friends on social. COLLABORATE with your friends and other players to breed your Dots together and Hatch entirely new Dots that are genetically unique. Discover together what’s possible and encounter endless possibilities of Peridot Archetypes that resemble some of your favorite animals, including cheetahs, unicorns, peacocks, and more. You can even combine and pass down these rare Traits to the future generations of Dots. EXPAND your beloved family of Dots by unlocking badass Peridot Archetypes and Traits as you climb the ranks within the Peridot Keeper Society. EXPERIENCE a rich narrative as you learn about the mysterious ancient past of these creatures and work to preserve the species for future generations. Join this heartwarming journey today and rediscover just how beautiful the world around you truly is. _______________ With the player’s permission, Adventure Sync uses the Health app to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed. Notes: • Peridot is optimized for high-end smartphones, tablets are not supported. Device compatibility is not guaranteed and may be changed at any time. Supported device information can be found at: • Peridot is an AR-first experience and requires access to your smartphone’s camera while playing the game to interact with your creature in the real-world. • Continued use of GPS running in the background or camera access can dramatically reduce battery life. • It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information. • Please visit for additional information.



  • The BEST virtual pet game EVER

    By Dotkeeper135689
    I have 6 Peridots and i adore them all. If you’re a kid looking to show your parents are responsible for having a a real pet than this is the game for you.
  • Almost good

    By Geraldo Riebell
    I very much recommend this game. The Dots are sooooo cute, and you have fun aging them up. But the pay-to-play mechanic is killing the fun. If you hatch-a-dot every 3 days(which is generally how much time it takes to fully age your Dot), you’ll pay 5 dollars every 3 days. So, your first month in, you pay around 45 dollars at that average, because of the free nest. But otherwise, that’s FIFTY DOLLARS PER MONTH, at a minimum standard. There should be a way to get free nests.
  • Nests and account deletion

    This game is awesome but I wish nests costed like 500 gems or something instead of 5 dollars. You should also make it so the account deletion is easier and you could still use the name and email address. I understand that you guys need money but I’m not willing to pay 5 dollars for a nest in an iPhone game. I would rather have pop up ads every 10 minutes than have to spend money. Please consider these additions and make the game way more fun for way more people
  • Paywall hits hard

    By J_J331745
    So I was excited to play this game, as I’ve been a Pokémon Go player since 2016. My kids and I play all the time still, we were excited about how cute these creatures are and the interactive AR… We were 150% disappointed and mistaken. The first few days are great in this game, it’s a ton of fun, the interactions with the environment are pretty good, and it was exciting to breed my first Dot but then it’s expected you pay $5 for EVERY DOT YOU HATCH. After they become adults literally the only thing you can really do with them is breed them and start the process over. They are going to have to change something drastic to have people continue to play. Since the launch so many people I’ve played with have just stopped, because there’s not much to do, and the expense is just too high... I can’t pay that much for every dot for the 3 of us (myself and both my kids) that play the game. If that $5 made the game more entertaining/fun unlocked more features, I’d say ok. But it is quite literally- hatch a dot... (And even then, if you’re not at a high enough level, you do not get any of the cool skins. You either need to purchase gems $$$$$ or grind and unlock that way. I didn’t realize this was the case initially, or I would have saved my free nest until I was a higher level instead of wasting it.) After this week, we will probably just go back to only Pokémon Go. I’m sad to do that, because this game has SO MUCH potential. 1. Allow us to earn nests if that’s going to remain the main feature in the game. Be it logging in for 10 days straight or idk reaching level 20 just SOMETHING. 2. Add gameplay. It’s kinda boring once you’ve taught your dot all the tricks and they’re an adult. Like… I can only watch it float for so long before I’m just k. Move on. 3. Stop required use of campfire. It’s a crapshoot if having both peridot and campfire open will crash the game. Both are heavy on your phone separately, add them together and ugh. Besides there’s no way to sort hatch a dot requests to you vs ones I’ve sent out. This is another reason I’ll stop playing. Freaking campfire. At least if you’re going to make us use it, strip it down a lot for the peridot interface. Tldr; This game has potential. But if you’re not able to drop $5+ per dot hatch, don’t waste your time. Enjoy the cute pics from the sidelines, that’s pretty much all you’re able to do in game too.
  • Cute, fun, interactive…and expensive

    By Huntaj82
    My husband and I met playing PoGo so when we received the notification that this was available we were already excited for a new game by Niantic. We quickly fell in love with our first Dots, and we were really enjoying the effects using AR gave us. Outside of draining the battery just a tad, it wasn’t a huge concern. We were so invested with our Dots, that we even started seeing character personalities with them. I have one that won’t eat a sandwich (not sure if that’s supposed to happen that way but it refuses sandwiches every time). We both grew up in the Tamagotchi era so this was like a fancy upgrade! We were excited to breed, and enjoyed it so much before we knew it we were spending a combined $40 in the first week just enjoying ourselves. However, the Community Day was basically blocked by a paywall. The XP experience this weekend has been a plus. However, looking at our experience, most people who do not have the resources to invest $40 in two weeks, let alone a month, will turn away quickly because after that there isn’t much room for growth outside of logging in everyday to collect the daily item given. We receive Egg Rays but no Nests, so there isn’t really a point to have a free Egg Ray if we don’t have a nest. I am more likely to pay for an Egg Ray than a nest, quite honestly. We spent that much just to figure out the game as well. This is also coming from someone who played PoGo religiously since 2016, who was willing to spend $20 every few weeks on the game to hatch eggs. I feel like I definitely get my money’s worth with PoGo with all the packages they put out on that game, but this one the packages are expensive, breeding alone is expensive….The “stray dots” you have to pay for as well. I’d love if they would introduce stray dot days, because I’d pay $5 for a ticket for a few hours just to walk around our park going to spots to collect a few stray dots or so. There’s definitely some great ground work here, especially with all the variants of traits, the colors, the searching, the tasks, and the fact that it does make us get out of the house if we want basically anything more than just sandwiches to feed out Dots. One free nest to start the game isn’t enough to keep someone’s interest before it’s completely blocked by a paywall. A free nest every week or two, I could possibly get behind. Or even $1 for a nest. But not the way the price sits now. I am still going to enjoy the game, for now, and hope that with the promised improvements it includes the possibility of a free nest after the first 30 days.
  • Hate this app

    By Doggymama237
    First off, it told me I have to have an account, second it asked me for my credit and debit card info. I’m not giving my personal information to a useless app that doesn’t do anything. I see things like this online where adults or teens or even kids get robbed, kidnapped and it’s all because of apps that ask personal information, I would not recommend this app at all.
  • You cannot play this game without spending a lot of money

    By Pokmaner
    The main objective of the game is 100 percent locked behind a paywall.
  • Cute but kills phone battery

    By lcd26
    This is a cute little app with a lot of potential but it absolutely kills my (newly replaced) iPhone battery. It also causes my phone to overheat after just a few minutes. They recommend lowering graphics and turning off vibrations to help with these issues, but even after doing so, they still remain.
  • good game but

    By Jc Canady
    extremely fun concept i love the game only issues are the game occasionally lagging out and the fact that you have to pay for dots after you 2nd. I think local dots should be free or something the nest price is nuts
  • Please fix

    By 🐍izzy🐢🦕
    Its just a little laggy, thats all