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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2011-09-10
  • Current Version: 4.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 7.48 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.2 or later.
Score: 4.66572
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God loves it when we talk to Him. Use this daily prayer journal to help keep track your requests, record updates, and watch with a thankful heart as God answers. This app is built to be as simple as straightforward as possible so you can focus on your prayers. Ask, Seek, Knock. He will answer. Details: Prayer Notes is an application to help you keep track of your prayers requests and answers. It is designed with simplicity in mind, to allow you to quickly write, review, and share your requests with others. God listens and moves in your life each and everyday. Start journaling your prayer journey today! Prayer Notes is now available for the Mac desktop computers! Highlights • Simple and intuitive user interface. • Category groupings for prayers. • Organize prayers into days of the week. • Today widget. • Password/Touch ID privacy protection. • Share requests via AirDrop, E-mail and SMS*. • Archive prayers in the answers section. • Horizontal and vertical rotation supported. • Daily prayer time reminder. • Weekly prayer calendar. • Available for both iPhone and iPad. • Apple Watch support • Compatible with the Desktop version of Prayer Notes. * Standard text and data rates apply. John 3:16



  • Kind of Good

    By mikelaurence
    I like the structure of the app for prayer. However, syncing across devices doesn’t work. I have two devices under the same iCloud account (iPad and iPhone). I have tried their recommended process of uploading the database from one and downloading it to another (a clunky process) but it never works. It’d give it 5 stars if it would sync. Syncing across devices should be a solution.
  • Thanks

    By ferfer1971
    Looking for a prayer request app Perfect
  • I love this!

    By Kiki Vogel
    It’s almost perfect. I can schedule my prayer times. You choose how you want to keep track of your prayers, date, category, book. You can back up your information. It works and is pretty straight forward. I’d love to see audio recordings added and images. I like to attach an image of the person I am praying for, and sometimes I screen shot the prayer request. If I could upload the image directly to this - that would make this complete!
  • Wonderful and Inspiring App

    By Dunky50
    I have used Prayer Pro for a number of years. I love it. I can pull it out wherever I am - in a meeting, on a plane, waiting to board a plane, in the grocery line, anywhere. It’s so versatile and I can pray to God for me and others anytime. This morning I got a message that there needs to be an upgrade to the app. Please, please don’t let this app fall by the wayside like so many other apps when Apple upgrades it iOS. I’m praying that you will have the money you need to upgrade the app. I know God will hear. I’m trusting Him to work on your behalf.
  • Categories

    By bethcathey
    Would really to assign a whole category to a specific day of the week to pray. Not just individual prayer requests!!!!!!
  • Syncs issues

    By iMhak
    It will be better if the database will be syncing across all devices, uploading and downloading is NOT right, cause of you edit prayers in one device and forgot which copy of database is the most recent you are going to get lost your track. Please make it just like what Apple is doing in their iCloud. Since the developer of this app is inefficient, DO NOT BUY this app. ITS A WASTE !!!
  • Great app!!! FACIAL ID coming soon? 😃

    By Apple Devotee!
    3rd REVIEW (Jan. 19, 2018): The latest iteration of this app has been simply great!!!! Previous bugs seemed to have been all fixed—thank you so much!!! Only problem is (and its a big one!), I just got a new iPhone Xs; and now the app crashes instantly every time I open it. If only FACIAL ID worked with this app, I sure would enjoy that! Cannot open the app, and apprehensive about deleting & reinstalling it! Thanks! ————————————— 2ND REVIEW (Feb.5, 2018): Dear Prayer PRO: Although I genuinely enjoy the Prayer Pro app, and use it daily; and although it has consolidated my prayer lists into one source, (which has been terrific)—However, for a long time now, whenever I click on each item in my daily list, my whole overall daily list jumps up and down erratically! The app didn’t do this at first: it used to just unfold each item underneath itself in a stable and tidy manner, directly below where my finger tapped on each item. However, for 5 months now (or longer), the list will jump way up or down each time my finger taps an item in my list to unfold it. Then, I have to scroll either up or down to find both that item and my place again, as I work my way down my daily list. This happens for each and every item in my daily list—every day!—as I tap to unfold each and every item’s sub-details. This flaw/bug is downright dizzying and disorienting; and breaks up my train of thought, which is not a good thing for prayer time. Sadly, the app’s lack of navigational fluidity has become a distraction to the app itself, and now hinders what it is designed to help one achieve. This is my second time to reach out and address this problem; thus, I sincerely hope something can be done to fix this wayward behavior of the app very soon! I truly enjoy and value the app; but would be very grateful if this bug could be fixed! I’ve never felt the need to dock a star in a review before; but feel I must do so here, at least until this painful bug is addressed—or else it might continue to be seemingly ignored. Otherwise, this would be a 4-5 star app, to me (still wish it had auto cloud syncing, w/o having to manually upload & download, while worrying about using only the latest time stamps when moving between devices—but that’s another story). Anyway, thanks very much for your consideration of these things! ————————————— 1ST REVIEW (Sep.13, 2017): I already liked this app a lot, because it has helped me to organize my prayer journal on my phone, meaning that I only have to carry my phone around to have my prayer list with me all the time regardless of where I am. Now, personally, I have elected to use the password feature from the beginning. However, when they added the touch ID update, I was thrilled! It is now effortless to open and access the app! Only problem is, ever since that last update, while I'm going through my prayer lists now, the lists jump all around erratically whenever I tap on the little pull-down carats for each item—so much so that I constantly lose my place in my lists, as I pray through them. It is not a deal breaker, but it is highly distracting when one wishes to focus on the items for which one is praying, instead of having to focus on the app functionality itself. I hope this can be fixed soon! This is a great app! I just hope I won't have to keep wrestling the app en route through my prayer times for much longer. ;-) Thanks!
  • Can’t sync to other devices😫

    By BamaBelle2
    Every other app (free or not) automatically syncs iPhone/iPad/MacBook. Why oh why not this important & otherwise great app??? Help!!! #frustration #cantbethathard #otherappssync #Ihavepaidapp
  • Please sync!

    By mooseamerica
    I purchased this upgraded app for my iPhone, iPad and my MacBook, and I am regretting it. It makes no sense to have to re-enter the same information in every device, when almost every other app syncs. If there was syncing, it would be 5 stars, but as it is, it’s pretty useless to me.
  • Lost all my information

    By Planter77
    I had two years of notes and prayers put into this app, then I got a new iPhone and every time I opened the app it would crash, I had the "save to iCloud" turned on in my settings so I figured it would be fine to delete and reinstall the app, turns out you have to go into the app and manually save all your stuff. That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in a world that saves everything to iCloud automatically. At least give a bunch of pop-ups telling us that our stuff is not saved. But at last my notes are gone so I'll be finding a new app to use from here on out.