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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Utilities

Price: Free

Rating: 2.62069 stars based on 58 reviews

AdShield Blocker

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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2022-06-16
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 8.67 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 15.2 or later.
  • Developer: Evgenii Fomin

How To Download AdShield Blocker On Chromebook

If you're looking to Download AdShield Blocker on your Chromebook laptop Then read the following guideline.

AdShield Blocker is an ad blocker for Safari, with a constantly updated database. The app is free, but for advanced users we offer additional features with a premium subscription. MAIN FEATURES: Protection from advertising, there are more than 2,500,000 sites with advertising sources in our database. We are constantly updating it with new sources. Phishing filters warn the user about phishing sites or sites that pose a threat to the security of your data. Spam blocking, if you have registered with at least one Internet service, there is a high probability that your data has entered the database for advertising and other ads. AdShield allows you to reduce the leakage of this information in the future. Protection of personal data, mobile devices have long been more than stationary. And our personal data on them is also much more than on stationary ones, so solving this problem is a priority for us. AdShield Blocker PREMIUM: Updating the database is a priority. Advanced mechanisms for detecting phishing sites. Dedicated technical support specialist to solve problems, questions, suggestions. * Privacy policy: * Terms of Use:



  • F this app

    By dino fan 2,982
    I was searching things then this popped up and scared the crap out of me I’d rather rate this a 1/2 a star

    By Aubrey Armstrong
    I was searching up something and it it said I had 19 viruses and I only had 1min to download this or something bad could happen. Literally nothing happened. So I had no viruses and I downloaded this app for absolutely no reason whatsoever..
  • Same as lying.

    By Go it.
    I receive this notice everything is fractured. The ad pops up on stopping unwanted ads. Let’s get honest with me not selling me something I do not need. I subscribed to the $8.98 and supposed to have a trial time. I received a notice the free trial was about to expire and signed up today. I gave notice to cancel and this is in writing.
  • Fake

    By dayana torres
    So i was just making a tiktok edit so I wen to snaptik to remove water marks and then something pop up that I had 13 viruses and when I got it it said I had 16 witch I didn’t so I basically don’t have any virus
  • Lying!

    By Kelav S. Lompol
    When I was trying to search something on google, a random notification popped up saying I had 19 viruses even though there was none so they made me download this stupid app that barely worked and required a SUBSCRIPTION, something that wasn’t common in ad blocker just so they could get some more stupid Zimbabwean dollars. Also there’s no VPN so that’s dumb
  • 😐

    By swuvu
    I've been trying to get a singular specific photo just for the sake of wanting it and this goofy ahh app keeps popping up as an ad and taking me to the App Store, I downloaded the app thinking it would stop but of course, it didn't, this ad is more annoying than any other because it's stopping me from getting something I want, something I need. Whoever wasted their time making and advertising this app and the ads should actually be skinned alive and then thrown into a giant pot of battery acid, this app should be illegal, whoever made this only did it because they're just sitting in their parent's (if they even have any) basement wallowing away in a chair full of crap and urine eating 10 bags of Cheeto puffs every 2 minutes with 12 empty cola cans next to their "gaming pc" which actually turns out to be a school chrome book which they were given as a birthday present from their little brother who just graduated with a scholarship to Harvard whilst the creator of this app managed to fail 2nd grade so bad that they were permanently expelled from school and their parents didn't want to move to a new town so they never had to go to school leading them to have a small vocabulary which wouldn't get most people anywhere in life. Their vocabulary was probably a bit upgraded when they discovered discord but knowing that it's discord it was probably a downgrade. The lowlife who made this is probably over the age of 30 and hoped to make some sort of income from this so called "app" so they could buy more anime "waifu" body pillows and the characters turn out to actually be men but the creator of this app has so much forehead fat that it's beginning to sag down over their eyes leading them to have bad eyesight which also explains the name of who made the app, they probably tried to spell something like "I_loveWaifus11" but since they're going blind they couldn't spell it right. The creator of this app is over 450 pounds and can barely move, they live most of their life in their worn out "gaming" chair which is actually a foldable chair and they haven't showered in over 4 years leading their hair to be clumpy and dry not including the times when their head sweat is so bad it's like taking a shower in boiling hot water, they probably run their Cheeto dust hands in their hair leading the unfortunate people who happen to run into the creator of this app on Omegle to assume he has orange hair streaks. I'm done, for now.
  • X

    By getakxhkanalcc
    Porque putas me salta esta app cuando estoy en safari