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Here, players can: Communicate, discuss, explore the community, and meet new friends. Browse a variety of quality content and quickly find top posts recommended to them. Share anecdotes and fan art, inspiring creativity. Get official information about exciting game events, staying up to date with the game. Find practical tools, such as highly informative guides to enhance your gaming experience. Come and join HoYoLAB to discover more interesting content~ We focus on product innovation and user experience. Our knowledgeable technical team is dedicated to designing and developing safe and reliable software to provide quality service experience. Our software is compatible with mainstream smartphones.



  • great app! here’s an overall:

    By hdhjjdjhrhhhr
    i love the idea of having a separate app where all game plays can communicate easily. most communities ive been in, in the past, haven’t done this, and ive found myself confused more than once. hoyolab gives me the ability to communicate, argue, and connect with any mihoyo consumer/player with the click of a button. there are different types of categories for each post, therefore showing said post to a community who likes them. extremely useful feature. there are sub categories that are used to simplify the process, and ideally, help determine what shows up onto your homepage along with tags. tags are pretty basic, every app as them (places like twitter, instagram, etc.) and the system is extremely similar. now, don’t make the mistake of using # before desired tag, because… well, you’re not supposed to do that. of course, i did that in the beginning… speaking of mistakes, let’s speak of bugs—the reason im giving this app 4 stars instead of 5. bugs aren’t all that common, but they do occur. form what ive experienced, sometimes it accidentally posts your comment/posts multiple times, which is extremely inconvenient. images added to posts occasionally take forever to upload (again, not frequent, but enough to be noticeable), and so on. continuing, there are many useful posts out there, whether it’s treasure chest locations for hsr or silk flower locations in liyue, it has it all. builds for pulled characters are also included, and are extremely helpful. with the new release of hsr, it’s exciting to see the community grow. i, for one, have never experienced a whole fandom building and be included in the process, and yet, here i am. im excited for future development of hoyolab and any other mihoyo-produced apps generally, and hopefully, our communities will continue to strive.
  • Annoying updates

    By forestgrapes
    App updates too frequently. Very annoying.
  • This app is terrible!

    By Matrixfox
    Absolutely no reason to download this app. You can access everything from your web browser… As for the widgets, you could build them into the main genshin impact game, but nooooooo you have the code them in this stupid app.
  • Ways to make it better:

    By FMA Fan7
    - Give us full screen for IPadOS - Please have the companion feature with the other Widget sizes (currently it only works with the largest size) - Have it so that we can use the redemption codes on the app

    By sunilusm
    Idk why you have to make a app to combine all the info of your game but still make the players open another website to to the redeem code. Do you know how long it takes me just to login to my fb account to redeem the code? Every page on FB that link your link on their post, and I never get to login to the link because when I hit the FB option, NOTHING SHOW UP! And then I have to use safiri to open your freaking link and wait more to login to FB. What is the point? Why can’t I just do it on the app that I already login and connect with the game? Work smarter
  • ar60 player

    more rewards plssssss
  • More toxic than twitter

    By shmee shmawww
    Wish i could delete this app but I use the daily check in. Literally got a post with a thumbnail of someone cutt*ng themselves under the check in tab in recommended posts. I just want my funny free stuff man Site is also filled with p3dos and creeps and literal self harm being showed to me when I only clicked on daily check in was the last straw.
  • Strict rules for posting, they will permanently ban you for any mistakes

    By Lambiri
    I really loved this app and community, up until I was permanently muted for theorizing about a future patch in Genshin Impact. I had gotten warnings twice for copyright infringement for using popular meme templates to make Genshin inspired memes (apparently you have to credit the person who originally made the template which is impossible) You only get two warnings and then you are banned for life, which is extremely disappointing. I still use the app even tho I’ve been muted permanently to check in, and have asked a few times in the past year that I’ve been muted if there is any way to appeal the decision, and never received a response. There is no clear way to speak with Mods, and the rules are not applied consistently as I constantly see people share the memes I made I was given a warning for or people using similar templates. As a social media app they should have a better explanation of rules and appeal system for warnings and being muted, with mods you can actually speak too. My suggestion is if you download this app, don’t post anything because you never know what might be against their extremely unclear and unstated rules.
  • 跟上国服啊!

    By 虽死可能就此奠基人
  • 国服国际服区别

    By smmscn