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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Music

Price: Free

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  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2020-08-27
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 75.09 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.14.4 or later.
  • Developer: algoriddim GmbH

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Welcome to Neural Mix™ Pro, the AI-powered music player & editor for producers, DJs, and musicians. Created by Algoriddim, winner of multiple Apple Design Awards, Neural Mix™ Pro provides an intuitive interface to isolate beats, instruments, and vocals of any song. You can create beat-precise loops, change tempo, and transpose the key of a song, all while removing vocals, percussive, or harmonic parts in real-time. The advanced offline export allows you to automatically extract acappellas and instrumentals for use in your favorite DJ or music production software. Whether you’re a professional, a practicing musician, or a music enthusiast Neural Mix™ Pro allows you to deconstruct songs into their original components providing a unique tool for your creative workflow. ************************************************************************* “Neural Mix Pro is absolutely a game changer!” ―DJ Jazzy Jeff, legendary DJ, producer, and winner of multiple GRAMMY awards “Neural Mix Pro allows me to isolate beat loops, acappellas, and instrumentals almost instantly. Its clean interface helps streamline my production process and allows me to focus on what I do best. This is a revelation for musicians and producers.” ―Bernard “Harv” Harvey, composer, songwriter, and music producer on Justin Bieber’s 2020 album “Changes”, as well as the global number one hit "Under the Mistletoe" "Neural Mix is incredible! It does so many things I wished for in my early years of DJing and now it's a reality.” ―Pete Rock, widely recognized as one of the most influential Hip Hop producers of all time “Neural Mix Pro allows me to extract the instrumental and acappella of any track. It’s intuitive and delivers great results which I can export for my remixes, mashups, and re-edits. It’s a killer application for the workflow of DJs and producers!” ―Steffen Harning of Milk & Sugar, DJ and producer of several hit records that became milestones of house music history, including “Let The Sun Shine”, and "Hey (Nah Neh Nah)” ************************************************************************* MUSIC SOURCE SEPARATION • Extract beats, instruments, and vocals of any song • View multi-track waveforms side by side AI MUSIC PLAYER • Isolate beats, instruments, and vocals in real-time • Mute vocal or instrumental components individually • High-quality time-stretching: change the tempo of a song without affecting its pitch (up to +-75%) • Pitch-shifting: transpose a song into a different key (up to +-1 octave) • Automatic BPM and key detection • Frequency colored waveforms • Beat-quantized looping OFFLINE EXPORT • Output options: Instrumental, Acappella, Drums, Bass, Harmonic, Custom Mix, and more • Choose optional target BPM and target key for exported files • Multi-track export • WAV and AAC output file formats LOOP EDITOR • Extract beat-matched vocal, percussive or harmonic loops individually • Trim precisely to an audio region or sample • Set auto-quantized or manual loop in & out points • Export loops into different file formats using adjustable target BPM and key MUSIC BROWSER • Music and Finder integration • Multi-track playlist & folder export of instrumentals and acappellas • Powerful track sorting and search options BUILT FOR MAC • Core ML for advanced machine learning • Multi-core analysis and export • Support for Touch Bar • Multi-touch trackpad control • Accessibility through VoiceOver Neural Mix™ Pro is compatible with any Mac running macOS 10.14.4 or later.



  • This software is KILLER!!!

    By David C. Anderson
    This AMAZING app separates the Vocals, harmonic interest (chords), bass, and drums. If you have a song where the mix isn't quite right this software can turn stuff donw AFTER the fact. Also, cutting 99% of the vocal is truly the part where I almost wet myself, I digress, get this!
  • Awsome!!!

    By Wite-Boi
    Great tool! Great for sampling! It's just awsome!!
  • Does Not Export WAVs correctly

    By The Real IVX
    $49.99 and does not export wav files correctly. I say this because I can include the music in a file but when I select a capella or custom, the wave file resembles nothing like what is in the player. I will get a refund.
  • Needs to step up

    By (w
    This app is okay, but it's been a year since the last update, and things have definitely changed for stem isolation. I used this for vocal removal, and it did okay on some songs, but in order to keep down artifacts, you had to leave a little bit of the vocal track in the mix. I switched to using a Demucs 3 tool which was muc better about a year ago. Now using Demuc Verion 4, which makes this app completely useless. I would prefer to do my removal loclally, but the quality is just not there.
  • Been Looking for Something Like This for So Long

    By kvtfight
    Gone are the days of using Audacity to isolate vocals ending up with less than stellar tunnel sounding vox. Neural Mix Pro is str8 up the answer to my prayers for years wishing there was a well packaged and polished software that allowed you to do exactly what NMP does. My only complaint is that the vocals could be a bit more isolated. You still get a bit of that Audacity sounding vocal isolation sound. I'm a DJ, not a producer - so I'm not aware of if there are better softwares to isolate vox but this one takes the cake for me.
  • amazing App

    By itsjustepicb
    Amazing app! Would love a song preview on broswser.
  • Full Paid Version of Neural Mix Suddenly Gone

    By KWebster716
    I have really enjoyed Neural Mix since I first started using it. I opened it up today and it is asking me to pay for it all over again. I am really confused and disappointed as I love the program but feel cheated that it is asking me to pay again to use features I've already purchase.
  • like a dream

    By DJ 85fresh
    My prayers have been answers

    By ELopez 1012
    Thanks for a excellent program. Enjoy!!
  • Good, could be better

    By chrismessina713
    This is a GOOD app! Please help IMPROVE this app!! I love the main feature of removing vocals, percussion or bass frequencies. It's quite accurate with vocals. Pretty easy to import and export. It's looping, playback, tempo change are lacking attention and are in my opinion outdated. The Amazing Slow Downer and even your average DAW software does this better. It would be nice to: -adjust the exactly location of the looper with a mouse click, drag and drop. -adjust the tempo to speeds beyond 25% -Save a song I'm working on -Actually access Apple music, not just purchased songs -Why can't I adjust the loop to 10 measures or any number aside from 2,4,8,16,32,64?? -I'd like to be able to start and stop the music at points sother than the beginning of the song and where I'm currently located in the track. The ability to add markers for differents parts of the song would be ideal. Thank you!