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// Condé Nast Traveler: “Say goodbye to jet lag” // Travel + Leisure: “Game-changer for frequent fliers” // The Wall Street Journal: "Indispensable app for business travelers" // CNBC: "Innovative new travel app that saves time and money" // Winner of National Sleep Foundation’s 2019 SleepTech® Award Generic jet lag advice is, well… generic. It won’t reduce your jet lag and can actually make it worse. Each traveler and trip is different and requires a personalized approach that takes your sleep pattern, chronotype, itinerary, and a range of personal preferences into account. Timeshifter® is developed by world-renowned scientists based on the latest sleep and circadian neuroscience. With Timeshifter, you can create your own personalized jet lag plans and arrive at your best. Timeshifter not only provides advice to alleviate the disruptive symptoms of jet lag such as insomnia and sleepiness, but also addresses the underlying circadian disruption by quickly resynchronizing the circadian clock to the new time zone. – The first jet lag plan is free. After your free plan, purchase individual jet lag plans as-you-go or subscribe for unlimited plans. Timeshifter is a paid service. – All the features you need: // Practicality Filter™ adjusts advice to the "real world" // Quick Turnaround® advice for short business trips // You can start adapting even before your departure // Notifications offer advice - even without opening the app – Timeshifter is a highly empowering experience, and it requires no special equipment. Just bring a sleep mask and your favorite sunglasses. Join the community of Timeshifters around the world who demand a better travel experience. Whether you’re traveling for business, going on vacation, or competing in a sports event abroad, the Timeshifter jet lag app can help optimize your performance, enjoyment, and health when traveling. Terms of use: www.timeshifter.com/terms/terms-of-use Privacy policy: www.timeshifter.com/terms/privacy-policy



  • Seamless time zone transitions!

    By cdanvers01
    Traveled 1/2 way around the world crossing multiple time zones and I lost ZERO days to jet lag. Highly recommend to any long haul traveler regardless if you’re seasoned or on your first journey. I wish major airlines partnered with Timeshifter and made this service as part of an elite status offering.
  • A nice guide, small annoyances

    By HisGirlFriday19
    Use this for international flights to help guide me (especially when traveling east to west). I use the app in all directions, but I usually get jet lag when traveling eastward. It’s generally good, but there are some recommendations that are not workable. Like avoiding like 1 hour before a flight up to departure time? How is this possible? Stand in line to board with an eye mask? I’m not sure it’s worth the cost. I think $15 per year is a more reasonable price point. I’ll probably continue using it for the year, but probably won’t renew. It is still the best calculator for avoiding jet lag, when compared with free options. I’d recommend trying it once to see your marginal benefit.
  • Works great

    By Az3160
    Essential if traveling a distance and over different time zones. Perfect for internet travel. Especially the reminders! Lifesaver!
  • Second time

    By 22Atl
    This was my second time to use Timeshifter for a trip to Europe from the east coast. I followed most of it and yes it works! I had practically no jet lag both ways. Definitely using it again because I hate jet lag.
  • Best

    By Dr. ALS
    I felt better the first day of our Hawaii trip than I could’ve ever imagined!
  • London Calling

    By luvNe1
    First use of the app and it seemed to work quite well for a five hour shift in time zones. Will try it a few more times these next few months and report back. Initially worked well - worth giving it a try.

    By laurentaylorp123
    This app worked perfect for our trip from Los Angeles to Europe. We followed the steps as best we could leading into the flight and during the flight. When we landed in Spain, we were fully adjusted to the time and had no issues our entire trip. We didn't follow it going home and now are suffering but it's not as bad since we're at home. We didn't want to waste any time in Europe being tired. HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone traveling far and wants to utilize their time there not being jet lagged.
  • Really worked — I was a bit shocked

    By Cosmosis8
    My jet lag has been so bad historically that I have felt it wasn’t l worth it to travel unless I had over two weeks because half of it would be lost to jet lag. So I tried Timeshifter on my first travel since the pandemic — two weeks in Ireland flying from central PA. In the three days leading up to departure, I followed the program exactly, including caffeine and melatonin, light exposure and sleep times, even though parts of it made no sense to me. I actually emailed Jacob thinking there might be a glitch in the program, and he explained that the scientific basis is not intuitive. Directions were very clear and It was generally easy to follow, though getting light in darkened plane cabin can be challenging. I would have been thrilled if following the program had reduced my jet lag by a couple days, but I can honestly say it was insignificant, barely noticeable. I was enjoying myself completely from the first day there, and adapted to the new time right away. Leading up to the trip back home, I followed the advice, but not quite as closely. Jet lag entirely manageable. I am functioning normally. No issues.
  • Worked Great

    By One happy Starkid
    Used this four our trip to Italy and back and experienced very little jet lag on the way there and essentially none on the way back. Easy to use, easy to follow, and it works! Absolutely worth the $10 (after your first free trip) to get to enjoy that extra time rather than being so tired. I was skeptical, having experienced pretty bad jet lag in the past, but now I’m a convert!
  • I’m surprised, I bare had any jetlag

    By jimmy_j4mjam
    My sister recommended this app as I was traveling to UK, Sweden, Finland then back to Los Angeles and Charleston, SC. All in 2 weeks. Was a jet setter, I know lol. This app works well with your schedule whether it be sleeping, caffeine intake, light exposure, etc. Super easy to follow. I would recommend this to anyone traveling across the world or even their country.