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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-12-08
  • Current Version: 2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 2.56 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10 or later.

How To Download TransData: Internet Data Speed On Chromebook

If you're looking to Download TransData on your Chromebook laptop Then read the following guideline.

If you have the above questions, then your PC should have TransData App. ■ TransData is the perfect solution to control and supervise your network usage. ≈ Features: ≈ ◉ Shows network data transfer rate in Kbps/Mbps with up/down speed on your menu bar. ◉ Display the total data used by Mac from the start of the session. ◉ Monitor and reset Internet data usage. ◉ Displays connected WiFi network in the menu. ◉ A Beautiful widget or graph that shows upload & download internet speed per second. ◉ Display refresh rate can be set in preferences. ◉ Internet data can be displayed in two formats either KB/s(Bytes) or kb/s(bits). ◉ Dark/Light mode for all macOS versions. TransData works with MacBook Air(M1), MacBook Pro(M1), iMac, MacBook, MacPro, Mac Mini. ≈ Basics: ≈ ◎ Up/Down Speed: Upload/Download internet transfer rate per second (Kbps/Mbps) ◎ Up/Down Data: Total Upload & Download internet date used over a period of time. ◎ Micro View: Floating widget on the desktop with Up/Down internet data transfer rate. ◎ Macro View: Graph which shows internet data transfer rate in detail. ≈ Menubar Preferences: ≈ ◎ Total Internet data used: Display total of data sent and received. ◎ Upload speed: Display only upload internet speed. ◎ Download Speed: Display only download internet speed. ◎ Up & Down Speed: Show both upload and download speed. ◎ Active Speed: Shows upload or download, whichever is highest. We'd love to answer your questions or just hear what you think about TransData. Find us online at Privacy Policy:



  • It's not opening

    By Dxeralam
    Just scam. It's not opening in my macbook pro.
  • year 2020 and it is still very buggy

    By GabakUSA
    i have to force quit it very often to make it work everytime it stops working if you use your iphone to get online sometimes it works sometimes it does not
  • it's simple and effective

    By PayattentionSmR
    it does one small job very well. i wanted to know if network had slowed down and this gives me that insight.
  • Informative

    By richard.m005
    Its a great tool to watch how much data you're using.
  • Very Usable and Useful!

    By C.J.L.✐
    Love the desktop floating Transdata's Speed Meter. Thank You!
  • Useful App

    By NXJ5967
    It does what I want which is to see how much data I am using for certain tasks.
  • DownDate?

    By linda7276
    When I ran TransData version 2.4, under OS Sierra v10.12.6 in my MacPro model 6,1, it indicated zero (0) Kbps .. so I reinstaled version 2.3(170818) and the software runs as expected. It bugs me that the Apple Apps Store keeps informing me every day that I have an update, when I would like to tell it that I can’t because TransDSata’s latest version is not functioning properly..
  • Misleading description

    By Please send refund.
    The first line of the description: “How much total data has been used over the specific interface like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, FireWire, Bluetooth PAN, Thunderbolt, etc?’ You’d assume that ther would be a way to do that, right? WRONG. There is no way to monitor the transfer data rate over Thunderbolt or FireWire. None that I can find. No help maunual or online FAQ. Not a dang thing. It does monitor network processes, BUT so does the Activity Monitor app in the utility folder. The ONLY reason I bought this app was for the first line of the description: to monitor the data transfer rates of and total data used over Thunderbolt and FireWire. And this app absolutely fails at that. Do yourself a favor. Use Activity Monitor for network traffic monitoring and find some other app to track active data transfer rates of Thunderbolt and FireWire devices.