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Application Category: Games

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Rating: 4.67504 stars based on 82223 reviews

Empires & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG

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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-01
  • Current Version: 56.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 251.44 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Developer: Zynga Inc.

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Epic heroes, monsters and action await in this beautiful, tactical match 3 game! Featured by Apple! "A challenging game of strategy and puzzles" "We're impressed by this epic match-three adventure" Players are saying: "Awesome game. This will keep me busy for months!" "Really fun, great production values!" Empires & Puzzles is a completely new take on puzzle games, combining match-3 battles and building a mighty stronghold - topped with thrilling PVP duels and RPG elements. Join the battle now! • Match - Send your troops charging by making amazing combos! • Build - Rebuild an immense war fortress! • Collect – Summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops! • Raid - Fight in PvP battles against players from around the world! • Upgrade – Level up your heroes, buildings and special powers! • Team Up - Fight mighty Titans with your Alliance! • Amazing Graphics – Experience detailed monsters, heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world! Follow us: http://fb.me/EmpiresAndPuzzles



  • It could be better if…..

    By AgentCobra88
    When playing match 3 I’ve noticed that I can’t move tiles as quickly as I do in other match 3 games. It’s as if the moves are purposefully slow, so your heroes get defeated, before you get a chance to move. I understand having a game that is challenging, but there’s a huge difference between challenging and just frustratingly knowing you won’t advance.
  • Empire and Puzzles

    By Jerel31
    I really enjoy playing the game a lot
  • Good game but…

    By Rhyano911
    I’ve played for several years and it’s okay, the numbers creep is rough, the difference between a season one and a season five hero fully leveled is vast. So expect that even if you a full team of season one legendary heroes you will lose to a team of newer heroes. It’s a business, they’re trying to make money, I get that. If you can get everything to be a top player without spending money there’d be no incentive to. That being said, you can spend hundreds and never pull a legendary and I don’t like that you can go through and get coins from an event where the only way to get them is to purchase it and you’ll still only pull season one rares, that’s bad business. For example if you get enough of the three kingdoms coins to do a ten summon then you pull four of the same season one rares(I’m looking at you Dawa) and you’ve spent thirty dollars for trash you’re going to feed to a character you already have. This wouldn’t be so bad if you were dealing with NFT but the characters aren’t tradeable. Their answer to this was the soul exchange where the “best” hero costs twenty legendary heroes for you all of the legendary heroes are the same value but theirs have levels, ten, fifteen and twenty. It’s a bit unreasonable and though I hesitate to say it because I hate the term, unfair. It doesn’t have to be fair though, we choose to play. Anyway, fun game but know you’re not “investing” in getting better, you’re buying and hoping to and hope isn’t a good strategy.
  • 3* DEF NOT 5* game!

    By LukiLara
    To the dolts and developers this game is at most a 3* game. For those of you that have rated this deplorable game 5* I want to know What and Where there is ANYTHING in the game that is EXCELLENT. That’s what 5*’s means. EXCELLENT this game is NOT! For those just starting or looking at starting this game. When you start the game you get to watch four “champions” loose to a fire breathing dragon. One champion gets eaten the other three get fried. Then you get to choose one of those LOSERS to be your starting champion, which BTW is a Rare champion. They’ve already shown you that they are losers so what good could any one of them possibly be? After choosing one you get to summon another champion right away with a Mystery Shard. So now you have two losers as this one is just an Uncommon champion. Continue and they walk you through two battles, tell you a little about their designations the artifacts (armor and weapons) then you’re on your own for a while. As you make levels and travel along it will tell you about some new feature(s) you have WORKED your way up to. WORKED (Yes worked!) - This game is WORK! You can not just log in get your free daily login item then complete the 7 Dailies and end up getting anywhere. I did that for a couple weeks as RL interfered with gaming. The game forces you to GRIND it to get anywhere! I mean do mean GRIND. You can complete some section of their Campaign hundreds of times and it doesn’t give you and Auto finish to the battle, even using the same champions that you just beat it with. (Or at least in my 68 days of playing it hasn’t yet.) And YES you 5* rating Dolts there are games that once you complete a phase if you choose to do that again and again add nauseam you will get to do it quickly without having to wait the 30 seconds or however long it takes for that battle to end. Champion storage is HORRIBLE (developers that’s a ZERO star rating btw). They start you out with 30 slots for storage. It took me forever to notice it but there are two Champion Vaults of 10 slots making the total 50. FYI developers and 5* dolts (at my last count) there are over 200 legendary champions and over 250 epic champions as well as over 200 rare ones. I didn’t bother with the uncommon or commons. Starting out being able to store only 30 + the 20 in vaults is a joke. Starting with storage of 200 would be more like it as there so many champions. YES you can Purchase more slots and I have purchased some. I’m up to being able to hold 60 (+ the 20 makes 80 total) but in order to hold 10 more it tells me it’s going to cost 280,000 silver coins this time. That cost keeps going up too BTW. Remember those silvers are assets that you and I are going need to level up the “artifacts” IE gear. There are Missions and challenges that you can do that seem to give good rewards. One such that I’ve been trying to complete is that I need to get a piece of gear or “artifact’ to 16*. To do that it takes Silver coins. I collected a little over a million silvers then set the thing to Auto Enhance (it will at least Auto that for us!) a piece of gear to that 16*. The piece of gear made it to 14* with 1 Million Silvers! The game is taking 17,700 slivers for each attempt attempt now SO dropping 280 thousand to gain 10 slots isn’t worth it, or maybe getting the piece of gear to 16*s isn’t worth it. I really don’t know at this point. Speaking of cost of the cost of stuff. I’m constantly getting inundated with windows to purchase this or that package for X amount of $. YES Real dollars not in game currency … charge my account for X$ and I could have some of their useless in game crap. NONE of those offers are worth anything close to what is asked for them. IE: I’ve been playing a game over a year now that offers us/you their monthly $10 package for just One Dollar. Granted it’s only a twice a year sale (maybe 3 times) BUT I gladly give them that dollar (0.99) for that. When I compare that $10 (9.99) package to the $30 (29.99) Monthly pack in RAID I realize The RAID package is just WAY over priced. Imagine a $10 monthly purchase that guarantees you a Legendary champion with 700 of the red gem things plus 200,000 silver coins. The RAID monthly pack at $30 has 5 Ancient Shards, 1 Sacred Shard, 3 Void Shards, 1000 energy and 800 red gem things in it. IE: That pack guarantees you 8 Rare champions and one Epic champion some energy and 800 gem things. YES there is a CHANCE of summoning something better but it’s NOT guaranteed. For $30 we should be guaranteed a Legendary especially since there are over 200 of them! In my 60+ days of playing I’ve managed to get to level 30 and I have four epic champions. One of them, Shaman, I get after logging in 7 days and I get another after 30 days and again on the 60th day. The other came after I’d saved 10 of their Ancient shards to summon 10 at once. I wasn’t getting anything but rare champions doing single summons so I saved them up. That CHANCE paid off. On a positive note you do get something free every day you log in. As noted above on the 30th and 60th day’s I’ve gotten an Epic champion. Also the game can be played for free as I’ve done but do not expect to advance quickly or gain much or win in the arena.
  • Waste of time & money

    By Tr!xx
    Unless you are willing to pay BIG money to buy new heros all the time, don’t bother. This game used to be fun when everyone had an equal chance to pull decent heros, but no more. You have to constantly pay, otherwise your heros will be obsolete and all the work you put in to building them up won’t matter. It’s a MONEY GRABBING waste of time!
  • Rating

    By Lone_est99
    Great game
  • Great game

    By Mmcneer
    Cbs be kinda slow at times but also fast past to! Honestly it’s a really fun game that keeps you playing!!
  • Enjoying Myself

    By NaNaLove78
    I’m enjoying myself growing my team and working together with my alliance
  • New Heroes and ways to spend keep ramping up

    By Turnonwords
    With the recent change to add new aethers, this separates the whales from the rest. I probably spend more than $100 a month, sometimes more-not sure if I qualify as a big spender. But, I and the rest of my top tier team are planning to quit with the roll out of this new change. Ruining the game and making it even more pay to win, separating the spenders from the rest. A lot of top teams have already quite, SG is ruining the game! Expand the map, give more area for farms and mines and slightly better loot to keep people happy and spending. The cash grabs has the opposite effect. I have been playing for several years and do really enjoy the strategy of the game and the dynamics especially of war and raid battles. I go through phases of spending more and this really is necessary to stay competitive. The developer keeps commenting that this can be played free to play, but that’s disingenuous- if you play for free you can expect to get far fewer chances of draws for heroes and the odds are already low. So fewer chances means fewer heroes. The most competitive teams and players are definitely spending more money and you don’t stand a chance against them unless you are also spending and getting many recent heroes that are as strong. For that reason, the dynamic of needing to spend so much makes the playing field really uneven and makes me enjoy it less and go through phases of quitting or thinking of quitting. And, I’ve seen some really good players leaving a lot lately. Buffs to older heroes have been good but more are needed and at a faster rate to really keep this fun for more people.
  • Five minutes to load game!

    By Mistfall
    On my wifi connection, the game takes five minutes to download ever time I try to open it. When I just want to spend 5 or 10 minutes playing a casual game, that’s way too long to have to wait for the game to load.