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TalkingParents is the best co-parenting communication app for families no matter the situation. Parents who are divorced, separated, or were never legally married use the TalkingParents app to communicate regarding their children. Whether your co-parenting relationship is peaceful or high conflict, our co-parenting tools make joint custody easier to navigate, while keeping all communications unalterable. TalkingParents is the most all-inclusive co-parenting solution on the market today. We are the only shared parenting app that offers messaging, recorded phone and video calls, a shared calendar, and payments in one complete service. SECURE MESSAGING: co-parents can send timestamped, unalterable messages to each other, allowing them to see when each message was sent or viewed. ACCOUNTABLE CALLING: co-parents can make recorded video or phone calls, all without disclosing their phone numbers to each other. SHARED CALENDAR: co-parents can manage custody schedules and coordinate appointments, staying in sync and avoiding conflict. ACCOUNTABLE PAYMENTS: co-parents can keep track of all shared parenting expenses, easily making payment requests and securely sending or receiving money. TalkingParents offers the most accessible, straightforward, and user-friendly Records system to co-parents. With TalkingParents, co-parents do not have to contact support or dig for information about obtaining a certified copy of their records for court, as they do with many other co-parenting services. UNALTERABLE RECORDS is a standalone feature that allows co-parents to request Electronically Certified PDF Records right from within the app or they can request Printed Records from the website. Our Records simplify legal proceedings for attorneys as well, making the evidence gathering process easy and streamlined. TalkingParents offers a Free, Standard, and Premium Plan, allowing parents of all financial standings to use our co-parenting service. Co-parents looking for affordable, cutting-edge shared parenting tools have come to the right place, as we have already helped over half a million families find support and peace-of-mind. Join the TalkingParents community today so we can help you focus on what matters most—raising your children. Terms of Use:



  • Over price and they charge you for everything.

    By Bad app/rip off 1386
    They charge you 2 minutes of your phone time even if the other party doesn’t answer. Even when the app failed to make a call or double calls it charges you twice the amount.
  • Demand

    By Mami2018!!!
    Minutes should be unlimited for premium plan
  • Video chat unstable

    By Mr_Hyde_
    Video makes the app crash
  • Awful application with constant crashing

    By LatteLover9
    This app takes forever to load. It constantly takes over 30 minutes to send one message. If I sign out it literally takes an hour to sign back in. You are better off deleting the app, re-downloading it, and writing a one star review so they fix this glitch of the forever turning “thinking” wheel the app does as you open it your phone will power off the screen and you’re still not signed in! I feel bad for anyone who has a scheduled time call because it take ten mins to even connect. It def makes you have to take a deep breathe because you were stressed out trying to get on! Wish it just worked because overall its a great accountability concept! Thank you
  • App crashes

    By Concerned nona
    Everytime my coparent & I try to make calls on this app it crashes. Literally just exits out on itself to my Home Screen. Same with my coparent, we can only text.
  • Review

    By JoeyBBlanco
    Very much like this app
  • Taking advantage

    By Poor man 36
    This app is ridiculous. Charging 25 a month and then limiting minutes I can talk to my kids another 25 for 100 minutes How is this acceptable by courts, I’m poor but I live my kids more than anything and the only time I see them is on this stupid app I am discussed by this crap
  • The Best App

    By Wisdom 90
    I absolutely love Talking Parents
  • Lame

    By Bad Ginger Kid (BGK!)
    Ordered by judges. Too much money as you can get your kids cell phones as much as it costs you and your costic past partner both what it costs to have to pay for video calls which are FREE on other platforms (zoom?). You have to reset your password too much. Who causes fraud on a forced divorce communication site? Plus what features other than texting, emailing, and video calls (which should free!) do they offer? What a racket!
  • Pretty decent app BUT..

    By drosej13
    I love that this app makes things unalterable. It helps hold both parties accountable, especially when one party is hostile/makes threats. BUT I think it’s kind of bogus that I pay $27.05 every month, receive 120 minutes, and they don’t roll over into the next month. YOU’RE TAKING AWAY MINUTES THAT I HAVE SPENT MONEY ON. Is this not stealing? It also signs me out sometimes and I only notice because I click on the app and have to sign back in which sometimes has me missing notifications.