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BimmerLink for BMW and MINI

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BimmerLink is the direct link to your BMW or MINI. Using one of the supported OBD adapters you can read trouble codes or display sensor values in realtime, check the current state of the DPF in your car or register a new battery after replacement. BimmerLink even allows you to remotely control the exhaust flap or mute the Active Sound Design in your car. READ AND CLEAR TROUBLE CODES Diagnose your car as would otherwise be possible only by your Service Partner. In contrast to generic OBD apps that read emission related errors only, BimmerLink allows you to read and clear trouble codes from ALL control units in your car. DISPLAY REALTIME SENSOR VALUES BimmerLink provides a big selection of values like oil temperature or boost pressure. Keep an eye on all the important parameters of your car with a personalized dashboard. EXHAUST FLAP REMOTE CONTROL* Take control over the exhaust flap in your car and decide yourself, whether it should be closed or open. ACTIVE SOUND DESIGN** If you do not like the artificial engine sound generated in your car, just mute the Active Sound Design with BimmerLink. SOUND TUNING*** The “Sound Tuning” option allows you to disable the “exhaust burble“ in cars equipped with the S55 engine (M2 Competition, M3, M4). DPF REGENERATION**** BimmerLink allows you to check the current state of the diesel particulate filter in your car. Find out when the last regeneration took place or how much ash has accumulated in the filter and start a regeneration with the touch of a button. BATTERY REGISTRATION If you want to replace the battery in your car, this has to be registered in the engine control unit and BimmerLink allows you to do this yourself now. PARKING BRAKE SERVICE MODE BimmerLink allows you to activate the service mode for the electromechanical parking brake. SERVICE RESET Reset the service display in your car after carrying out maintenance work like a brake pad replacement or an engine oil change. REQUIRED ACCESSORIES To use the app one of the supported Bluetooth or WiFi OBD adapters or cables is required. For more information please visit SUPPORTED CARS - 1 Series (2004+) - 2 Series, M2 (2013+) - 2 Series Active Tourer (2014+) - 2 Series Gran Tourer (2015+) - 3 Series, M3 (2005+) - 4 Series, M4 (2013+) - 5 Series, M5 (2003+) - 6 Series, M6 (2003+) - 7 Series (2008+) - 8 Series (2018+) - X1 (2009+) - X2 (2018+) - X3, X3 M (2010+) - X4, X4 M (2014+) - X5, X5 M (2006+) - X6, X6 M (2008+) - X7 (2019+) - Z4 (2009+) - i3 (2013+) - i8 (2013+) - MINI (2006+) - Toyota Supra (2019+) * Only for cars that are equipped with an exhaust flap by factory. ** Only for cars that are equipped with the Active Sound Design by factory. *** Only for cars with S55 engine (M2 Competition, M3, M4). **** Only for cars with a diesel engine.



  • Exhaust Flap-Be Warned

    By Maynard423
    I bought this to enable the exhaust flap to be open at all times. It does open via the app on demand, but you have to leave the OBD module on at all times and be connected to the app. Loose connection? Valve defaults to AUTO mode. I wasted $35 and still have to modify the valve. Other than that, the app doesn’t offer much outside of battery registration. To cost over $100 with a OBD module, it’s a total waste of money.
  • Buggy

    By Dhajdndnd
    $35 and it takes many attempts to connect to obd adapter. The app also does not stay active in the background as long as it should.
  • Pita

    By gnargnardinks
    I can never get the app to link. Maybe one out of 50 attempts it links other than that it keeps saying it can’t connect to it and I check my Bluetooth and my device is disconnected. It’s like the app disconnects it so then it can’t connect to it it’s retarded.
  • OBDLinkCX won’t connect

    Won’t connect to ODBLinkCX
  • Love it!

    By pontiac superchief 1957
    App is extremely helpful in diagnosing whole car. Would buy again.
  • Good for the price

    By Greatwhite3737
    In my early usage, I can say it has its usefulness. However I did not see an option to monitor independent wheel speed sensors for diag. If i’m just missing that option then 5 stars for its usefulness
  • No support unless Mail App is configured

    By ptr727
    I attempted to contact support from inside the app, failed because the app is hardcoded to use the iOS Mail app. I don’t use the iOS Mail app, I use Outlook and GMail apps for email. I contacted support over email, I was informed that I must use the built in support request method, they will not provide support over email. I was told to either configure the mail app, or to request a refund.
  • Needs free trial does not work with Veepeak BLE ob2 Bluetooth adapter like it claims

    By bootsncats24444
    App refuses to connect. I have it set to Veepeak in the settings and the app refuses to connect to it. It connects fine with the car scanner app. Waste for 35 dollars
  • New battery

    By workinghard4u
    It was time for a new battery in my 2014 328 iX-Drive. You have to register a new battery with the car and Bimmer Link makes battery registration a simple and easy operation. Thank you Bimmer Link!
  • Options

    By Opa Online
    Should have capability to modify the dashboard displays Like shorten or change the name of the display. Info about which displays work for certain vehicles would be nice. The DEF level does not work with this app, but works with the OBD Link app. So the data is there. It does have some pretty cool information.