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Spark Mail + AI: Email Inbox

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Spark +AI mail provides the ultimate email experience for individuals and teams. Manage and organize your personal and business emails more effectively! Ignite your productivity with fewer distractions, focus on what’s important and get better control of your emails. Connect multiple accounts into one inbox and write emails faster and better using AI email assistant. Spark +AI is the future of email communication! ONE INBOX FOR ALL EMAILS Our mail app provides an intuitive interface for accessing and managing emails from one inbox. Get all your emails: Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, IMAP, GMX, iCloud in one place without switching between multiple accounts. Prioritize important emails and improve your working efficiency. Stay in control of your mailbox and do more in less time. WRITE EMAILS FASTER, BETTER! Give the context you need and generate responses in seconds with a quick AI email reply option. Let Spark +AI writing assistant improve the quality of your email content by proofreading, fixing grammar and rephrasing them. Compose the perfect email in an instant! SMART. FOCUSED. EMAIL Focus on what’s important, boost your productivity and organize your email workflow. Get personal and high-priority business emails to the top of your inbox, while newsletters and notifications will be grouped below. Streamline your inbox priorities! EMAIL FOR MODERN TEAMS We built Spark +AI email with teamwork in mind. Invite teammates to handle an inbox together, discuss emails privately or use the Spark AI assistant to compose professional email responses. Work and be more productive! ▶ MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS IN ONE PLACE - Get multiple accounts in one inbox - Connect Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, iMAP, GMX and iCloud ▶ AI EMAIL ASSISTANT - Let Spark +AI write emails for you - Generate response in seconds with quick AI reply options - Proofread, adjust the tone, rephrase, expand or shorten the text ▶ FOCUS ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT - Get personal and high-priority emails to the top of your inbox - Newsletters and notifications are grouped below ▶ STAY IN CONTROL WITH GATEKEEPER - Pre-screen new senders and decide who is allowed to email you - Easily block unwanted senders ▶ PRIORITIZE EMAILS AND SENDERS - Mark senders or emails as important. They will be featured at the top of your inbox - Group emails together in a single row ▶ MASTER YOUR INBOX - Clean emails and mark tasks as DONE - Mute threads you're not interested in - Schedule emails to be sent later - Send files larger than 25 MB through Spark Cloud - Find messages easily using Spark’s natural language search - Quick replies with just a tap - Love, like or acknowledge mails ▶ SECURE AND PRIVATE EMAIL - Send encrypted emails - Encrypt data with secure Google cloud infrastructure - Spark + AI is fully GDPR compliant ▶ COLLABORATE WITH SPARK TEAMS - CREATE A TEAM to unlock advanced team functionality - SHARED INBOXES - assign emails, track progress and set deadlines - CREATE EMAILS together in a real-time editor - DISCUSS EMAILS privately in chat - CREATE SECURE LINKS to specific emails or conversations - EMAIL TEMPLATES you can use Get Spark + AI PREMIUM for the full experience! • Individual subscription for $59.99/year or $7.99 a month. ▶THE FUTURE OF EMAIL Download Spark +AI and manage your email communication more efficiently! Terms of Service: Privacy Policy Help at [email protected]



  • Spark

    By Jrb0225
    Spark just reduces the amount of time I spend interacting with my email accounts. It’s not that it does one thing so much better but it provides improvements over a variety of areas.
  • Never force a user to take your tutorial

    By joshuarhall
    Being forced to press “done” or “mark important” when I just want to read an email is infuriating. Don’t get in the way of my work.
  • Oh boy

    By dontbother1013
    So I am a Mac “power user” (over 20 years on multiple Apple devices). I have been looking for a replacement app for Googles gmail app (I trust Alphabet about as far as I can throw their corporate headquarters!!!) So here ya go…the desk top version of Spark is about as easy to use and easy on the eyes as one can possibly get…LOVE IT!!! It is clean, attractive and easy to use/understand. The mobile app??? Yeah not so much! The appearance is nice but figuring out how to use it is like trying to teach your kitchen table partical physics. Seriously! I have 20+ years using Mac’s and over 10 years on iPhone and figuring out this (while good looking UI) is less easy the solving a rubicon cube blindfolded on a rollar coaster…what “inbox am I actually viewing? (And NO the displayed inbox isn’t always what you’re looking at…where are my recently received messages? Um, who knows. When I mark a specific message as a certain designation where does it go? When I delete “folders (either in the desk top version or desktop version of gmail) why do they still show up in the mobile app? The desktop version of Spark is ABSOLUTELY SUBLIME! The iOS version…Garbage
  • Good app but..

    By 04198user
    I really wanted to like this app, I think the layout and interface are easy to use and work well. Except that my notification badges are constantly wrong, showing notifications when I don’t have emails or showing the wrong amounts, to changing every few minutes and never being accurate. Frustrating
  • Unprofessional UX design

    By Neotint
    The app has an unprofessional sloppy UX that will do things to your email without explaining how or letting you undo them. Like archiving all your mail in some unknown way the UX DOESNT WARN YOU ABOUT. And it won't let you undo it. And their support can't undo either. These are major UX and technical bugs that you don't want for a simple job of managing your email. Spark has fancy features that you don’t often use but it fails at the core features of basic email management and care for your email. WARNING: Do not use or pay for this junky app.
  • App is terrific but premium features are not

    By Caits creator
    The baseline version of this app is a solid 5 stars but since upgrading to premium version I feel like it’s not really great. Despite being subscribed for months, the blocking feature does not block, and frequently when I click the block feature, I get a message that it’s a premium feature. TLDR: app does not seem to recognize a subscription to premium features
  • Good mail client in the beginning, now getting bad

    By PSE Customer
    I switched to Spark after my previous mail client that we paid for to own switched their business model to ever increasing subscription costs for the new features. Now Spark is doing the same thing by making all new features require a subscription. Worse they trick you all the time by obtrusively asking you all the time if you want to do something cool, like block a sender trying to scam you, only to tell you you’ll need a subscription. I guess it’s time to find a newer email client…
  • Spark excellence

    By finely45
    I have used spark for a long time. I have tried other email apps and have always returned to spark. Keep up with the good work it’s great!
  • Poor update

    By MiBookworm
    I’ve used this mail app and really appreciated the design of it til now. Suddenly Spark is ‘organizing’ my emails for me. I want to see the emails I get, not have Spark decide which emails I should see and which emails it deems can just go in the trash. I’m not a fan of the update. I feel like a ton of emails suddenly disappeared from my inbox.
  • Deleted Drafts (reappear) bug

    By Lost in Tactics
    Dec 1st 2023: The drafts that are shown within an email thread, they have red delete button next to them. They do not delete, upon pressing red delete button, they delete, then they just repopulate moments after. I have the email thread pinned, not sure if this is causing the problem. Very annoying bug. I deleted them from the main draft folder, but some how they are still embedded, within my email thread. One star removed until fixed.