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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Food & Drink

Price: Free

Rating: 4.67143 stars based on 140 reviews

Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes

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  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2014-12-09
  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 62.71 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Developer: Cooper Bold Interactive

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Finally — an app that shows you all the tasty drinks you can make from the stuff you've got. Cocktail Party is sexy, simple, and chock-full of balanced, delicious cocktails anyone can make at home. Check off ingredients you have, and Cocktail Party will show you all the drinks you can make right now. It’s that easy - no shopping trip required! Cocktail Party is jam-packed with the best recipes – everything from hundred-year-old classics to modern masterpieces from up-and-coming new mixologists. Have brandy but not cognac? Rye, but no bourbon? Cocktail Party is smart enough to use appropriate substitutions from the ingredients you already have. Cocktail Party works wherever you are. Choose from imperial or metric measurements, and search for ingredients by their regional names. We’re constantly adding new drinks and ingredients from all over the world. What you won’t find in Cocktail Party: * No sour mix! * No obnoxiously specific B®and-name™ re©ipes * Did we mention no ads? No pushy popups, either. * No in-app purchases - you buy it once, you get updates and new drinks forever.



  • Decent, but needs work

    By TQ-SF
    Good resource for basic cocktails, but could use more recipes (or a way for users to submit suggestions/additions) and to add or update ingredients. For instance there’s no standard Fernet Branca as an ingredient, just the less commonly used branca menta, which seems odd.
  • App is not full screen

    By foochacho
    The Cocktail Party app loads differently on different phones. My wife’s phone has this app too, and it loads in full screen mode, however my phone loads it in the smaller legacy iPhone format. i’ve looked in the settings and cannot find anything to load this differently. Also, my wife and I never changed any settings from the initial time we loaded this app. Wife and I both have the exact same phones, iPhone 13 Pro’s. I opened a support ticket with the vendor through the app about two weeks ago, and the company hasn’t responded. If I could get this working correctly, I will raise this review to a higher star but in the meantime, I’m using this app and in a restricted format.
  • Amazing

    By Schlomdawg
    Amazing app, great recipes
  • Good but Needs some improvement s

    By Bejbik
    Would love the ability to add my own notes, comments, changes to the recipe, maybe adding how we liked it or when we tried it with different changes because the recipes listed taste ok but I prefer to make changes based on flavor but it’s hard to remember what changes I made
  • Great app, some ideas

    By M_Henderson
    In even two days this app has enabled me to try many new combinations and expand my library of drinks. In all ways it’s the app I didn’t know I needed until I saw it recommended. Some ideas: I appreciate that there is a favorites list, but could there also be a “Want to make” list? Also possibly a search-by-ingredient function, beyond the already-similar ingredient library and “drinks I can make” section. Basically an ad hoc ingredient library, which basically displays a one-time “drinks I can make” and “drinks with 1/2+ more ingredients” without modifying the ingredient library.
  • I love this Google search replacement!

    By Tiny Danziger
    This is my favorite app of all time. Not just cocktails or cooking. Literally everything. It’s completely opened up a world of cocktails to explore. Google can only answer questions I know to ask. Here I can pick a bottle I have under appreciated and just browse ways to use it. I love that it tells me what I can make with what I have on hand, and what I’m just missing one ingredient for. My wife loves sour drinks and I love classic cocktails. I love that I can get a set of options for each based on what I’ve got around. The near-miss functionality that allows it to show me drinks I have substitutions for, is awesome. (I don’t have blanco tequila, just aged. Should I miss out on the Conquistador for that? No!) This is everything an app should be. Required reading for aspiring app developers in any category. I feel greedy asking for anything more but: • I’d love for more options for ranking. I want to remember the drinks I made that I didn’t love or were just ok. • I’d love tags so I could remember which friends loved which drinks as well. • Add “my notes” section where I could note things like that I prefer this one with orange curaçao and that one with triple sec. • And, a big one, garnishes. That’s a big part of a drink and I offer have to turn back to google for that one. So this app is nearly already perfect, but it could be even perfecter. Keep up the good work.
  • Go to cocktail recipes

    By TJC
    This is my go to cocktail recipe maker. One request would be to make a “want to try”category like the Favorites category.
  • What we have been looking for! 🥃

    This app is awesome! You tell the app what you have at your bar (home or other) then pick a cocktail! It will tell you what you need to create it! Also they give you a small history lesson about that cocktail and it’s origin! Very cool and very classy! Easy to use. What a bargain too! Cheers! Highly recommend by A Couple of Drinks with the Clarks!
  • Unable to save favorite recipes

    By lesnaja231093
    Can’t save recipes that I liked , kinda strange. What I am supposed to do if I liked a recipe and want to make it again later? Screenshots again? No, thanks
  • The Best

    By Colin in Ohio
    There are lots of cocktail apps, and I’ve tried them all (well, a lot of them anyway). This is the best one. Cocktail Party has a clean UI, interesting write-ups about the cocktails, and the best recipes hands-down. The developers also update the app with new drinks frequently. As of the time of this review it’s almost Christmas, and they just added like 10 new wintery drinks using fun and festive ingredients. But my FAVORITE part is that the app recommends ingredients to add to your liquor cabinet ranked by how many new drinks they’ll allow you to make. E.g. if you add orange juice to your current library, you could make 11 new drinks. So handy!