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Breethe: Sleep & Meditation

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Rather than making meditation and wellness more items on your to-do list, Breethe makes it easily fit into your everyday life — and we try to do it with a sense of humor. We want to be the best ‘peace’ of your day ;). WHAT YOU’LL GET: Our ever-growing library (over 1700 tracks!) of down-to-earth and effective content includes: ¥ ‍An A to Z of Ways to Zzz: Breethe gives you the most ways to tune out, wind down, and drop off, including meditations, hypnotherapy (we are the only ones who have this!), tapping, sleep stories, bedtime visualizations, music, and sounds. ¥ ‍Self-Care on Your Schedule: The app is organized to easily fit into your busy day with intuitive sections including Start Your Day, Take a Break, and Go to Sleep. We’re there for you with tons of easy and short (under 5 minutes!) tracks, whether you’re having an afternoon slump or a bout of late night worries. ¥ ‍Real Help for Your Life: The “My Life Kit” was designed to get to know you through a series of easy, naturally progressing questions and create a toolkit personalized for your specific needs. ¥ Insanely Relatable & Specific Meditations: Examples of our meditation include “My Boss is a Jerk”, “My Family Drives Me Nuts”, and “Tax Season—Adulting Is Hard.” ¥ Music for Every Mood: DJ your day or ease into sleep with playlists you create. ¥ ‍From Zero to Zen: Our 7-Day, 30-Day, and 90-Day learn to meditate programs introduce you to daily meditations that are easy-to-follow and soothing — most new meditators quickly find themselves hooked on the habit. ¥. World Renowned Experts, Here for You. Talks, series, and masterclasses from qualified professionals (including NY Times bestselling authors) to create the most effective and supportive experience. BREETHE IN THE NEWS: "Life-changing and so simple even my 7–year-old daughter uses it! ...Highly Recommend. " — INSTYLE MAGAZINE "Super-easy guided meditations that even the most spirituality-averse person can get into." — PEOPLE MAGAZINE "For those busiest amongst us, this is a great app for you." — HARPER’S BAZAAR "There are plenty of meditation apps out there, but this is one of our favorites." — GOOP "Without a doubt the best and most comprehensive meditation app available in the App Store." — APPPICKER.COM " A well thought-out app, fun but serious, playful and helpful.. and very appealing." — MINDFUL.ORG Selected Best New App by Apple in 95 countries. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: ¥ Mindfulness program for kids and teens ¥ Great practical tools such as setting morning alarms, saving favorites, creating reminders, and adjusting background music volume levels ¥ Available on your phone, tablet or computer. Your progress is synced across all devices ¥ Use the Free version as long as you want or unlock all content with a Premium Membership! ¥ Adds Mindful Minutes to your Apple Health app thanks to an integration with the Apple Health kit Monthly membership autorenews for USD $12.99 per month Yearly plan membership autorenews for USD $89.99 per year Lifetime membership . one time payment of USD $179.99. Prices in USD may vary due to exchange rates. NEED HELP ? Contact us at [email protected]. For more info, consult Copyright © 2015 OMG. I Can Meditate! Inc.



  • This app has it ALL!

    By abgirt
    I’ve been using Breethe for about 3 months, I’ve made it a habit! The content is top notch. There is so much on here Tapping, mindful movement, meditation and I love the daily inspiration. I have learned so much about myself. I’ve tried so many of these types of apps, this one is simply the best!!! Thank you for helping me Breethe! 🥰
  • Sleep stories, need more

    By dcdeans
    What happened to sleep stories. The lack of new stories is disappointing. The new stories used to be uploaded for frequently. Now it seems new stories come once a month if that.
  • Committed

    By The_human_experiment1993
    Hey there. Currently 450+ hours committed to this app over the years now. It’s been a great ROI for my quality of life In all aspects. such a simple practice with a large return.
  • The Best App For the mind

    By Peace auto
    This app has transformed the way the world calms down. Addictive medicines do not address the abundant overload that marks the social media world. We are bombarded by messages, alert, and news 24/7. Our brains were not designed for the world we live in. Psychiatrists and doctors are finding the need to use Eastern medicine and meditation to calm the inner soul. This App meets this new reality. Don Mersel.
  • helps with peace

    By sla29
    This app has changed everything for me. If any of the makers of this app read this, I just want to thank you. This is purely a beautiful experience in an app. This is truly amazing, sincerely.
  • Very Misleading App

    By Carotherskbg
    Started free trial like I have done with countless other apps. I wasn’t impressed so I went to my Apple account to cancel but this particular app was not listed to cancel my free trial. Fast forward when I a payment was made because I was now a “subscriber”. I checked my Apple account again and this app was still not listed. I reached out and come to find out they are quite sneaky bypassing your Apple account and claiming you signed up through a direct website. I have never had an issue with any other app and highly disappointed. To cancel your subscription, they sneakily hook you into, you have to go through the app which directs you to a website to cancel.
  • Ahhhhhhj

    By Kandyrdh
    This app is amazing! It has absolutely anything you want to work on or out or learn to do. I’ve just scratched the surface! Mindful meditation. Overcoming stress and anxiety, something we ALL need help with! Seriously you need this app! I want to add that their customer service (looking at you Michal) is terrific! Thank you for your prompt replies!
  • No breathwork in Breathe, lol

    By Neotint
    You would think an app called Breathe would have listings of breathwork. Search engines think so too. But Breathe doesn’t have breathwork listings. It’s like calling your app Calculator but the app only has poems about math.
  • Amazing!

    By Smiley0221
    I have never reviewed an app because I never found one worth the time, but this app is a game changer. I have tried several wellness and meditation apps in the past, but none compare to this one. There is so much to explore and so many options that it doesn’t matter what I’m struggling with I can find something to help. I highly recommend this app, I am still finding new aspects of it each time I use it.
  • Sleep Great Sleep!!!

    By Etsy Shipping Problems
    It’s incredible! Last night I used the site for the first time and slept better than I’ve slept in almost six years. Can’t wait to try it again tonight.