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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Business

Price: Free

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PDF Reader Pro-Adobe PDF Files

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Download PDF Reader Pro-Adobe PDF Files For Chromebook

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2014-09-24
  • Current Version: 2.8.21
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 58.71 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.13 or later.
  • Developer: PDF Technologies, Inc.

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  • Resolved Problem

    By goddard1328
    Always loved tthe app but ran into a problem with the activation code. The good folks at Adobe stayed on it and resoled my issue and its working like a charm.
  • the worst

    By larryisnotmyrealname
    If I could give it 0 stars I would. The formatting is very difficult to deal with and unintuitive. The ads I could understand for the lite version but it tried to get me to pay for the full version every other time I opened it and periodically crashed every 10 or so minutes losing all of my notes. Made writing a very long research paper just absolutely excruciating. 0/5 stars save yourself and use literally any other app
  • Nonstop popups while i'm doing work, random inconsistencies

    By TheEternalPanda
    I have this to try to do work because it was less expensive than Adobe's. But in the course of editing one PDF i've gotten 3 inane popups about subscribing to some email, rating them 5 stars, and another window that tried to open Mail when I clicked away from it. One document right now, it categorically refuses to put text boxs or inserted images in the proper orientation -- it always puts them at a 90deg angle to the page so they're vertical with no way to rotate. "rotate" only rotates the entire page, and if you rotate the page first, then it STILL inserts texts and images in the wrong orientation. lol This is junk It's pretty clunky compared to Adobe, I'm likely to go back. Example: not super straightforward on adding signatures and overlay pictures, and when you drag text around it's an empty box like back in Windows 3.1 -- you don't see the text again until you release it. Every function seems to open a new app that asks you to save it separately? Meh...
  • Unable To Save My Work

    By jfitz9881
    Made the purchase and did a lot of work but the once I saved the PDF and opened it back up all the work was lost. Come on people!
  • Adobe is just awful to work with.

    By MadBusinessOwner
    Not friendly to use, editing portion of the software makes you feel like the design is from the 1990's. Adobe is a dinosaur program that just needs to be put down. But since it makes the company a fortune in month revenue for people and companies who are forced to use it, this software will never change and never be upgraded.
  • Great feature set, good pricing model, and does not try to collect personal data

    By Reviewerxx
    (1) PDF Reader Pro's customer support is fantastic, because they are responsive to your questions, and really try to help solve your issues. If they can't help, then they will escalate to engineering or put in a feature request. It's really hard to get that kind of responsive support for a product with so many users. (2) Compared to PDF Expert: PDF Reader Pro is hands down less resource intensive in term of RAM usage, and it's much more reasonably priced. PDF Expert's UI is a bit more sleek looking, but it's not worth paying almost twice as much, being pushed into a subscription plan, and have more of your RAM sucked up. (3) Compared to Apple Preview: PDF Reader Pro obviously has more features, but it's also more RELIABLE than Preview. There are multiple instances where Preview doesn't save annotations correctly, but PDF Reader Pro always work dependably as expected. This app is STABLE. I don't think it has ever crash once me, and I throw a lot of thick documents at it. (4) Compared to UPDF: PDF Reader Pro runs completely locally, and you don't have to sign into an online platform where your activities can be tracked. UPDF's UI is very sleek and it runs very efficient, but its privacy policy does not inspire confidence, especially once you realize that you must be constantly logged in to use the product. (5) Killer features of PDF Reader Pro that I like: (1) Really good OCR. I've compared with other OCR options, including from Adobe Acrobat, and PDF Reader Pro is very competitive (2) Fantastic file compression capability. You can cut your file size down in half or even a quarter and not lose image quality (3) Add searchable text layer to your pdf. Most people don't realize it, but annotations like stickies and text boxes are not indexed, and they are not searchable by Spotlight. You need a PDF editor like Reader Pro that can edit the text layer of the pdf file, rather than write comments to the metadata layer. (6) Some downsides to note: (1) The UI / UX is not pixel perfect, and sometimes the workflow seems suboptimal, BUT it gets the job done (2) This is not the fastest PDF reader on the market. I never feel like the app slows me down or bottleneck my workflow, but I know there are apps that load pdf files much quicker. This app is more of a stable workhorse and less of a speed demon. OVERALLY, PDF Reader Pro is awesome value, with tons of useful features, and they're always improving so I'm sure some of the issues I pointed out will be addressed.
  • Misleading feature list

    By EdAnson
    I got this app primarily because it advertised OCR capability. When I tried to use the feature, I learned that OCR is a $80 in-app purchase. That makes this app no more useful to me than he free ones that came with my Mac.
  • The one thing

    By dipinion
    The one thing missing is the ability to print. If it's there I can't find it. I thought about purchasing this but nope. Not if I can't print. My business requires original signatures which means that you have to print the doc.
  • Need a Free Trial Option

    By RainierBeach
    How can we know if we want to spend $80 unless we have some kind of trial option? At least give us a 1 day free trial, this free version is garbage.
  • No different than using Preview

    By user091234
    Need a subscription to sign a PDF. Can use Preview for all the features this P.O.S. Uninstalled as it's just another bloated software providing nothing beyond what's provided with the OS.