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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Lifestyle

Price: Free

Rating: 2.65352 stars based on 355 reviews

EME Hive - Dating, Go Live

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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2014-07-06
  • Current Version: 6.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 132.75 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Developer: East Meet East

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East Meet East has been rebranded to EME Hive! With over 1 million users, EME Hive is a lit dating and live streaming app for meeting new people and joining like-minded communities around you. Whether you are looking for serious dating, seeking a relationship, flirting with other singles, or video chatting with our mixed community, we’ve got you covered! How do we have so many successful matches? 1. Unique Filters - Whether you are looking to connect with Asians - Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese - or with Hispanics, African-Americans, Mixed individuals, or Caucasians, our proprietary filter options will help you find that perfect cupid match. 2. With a single tap you can: - Chat, flirt, and start dating with new singles nearby - Discover who liked you - Match with people just like you, thanks to our score algorithm - Receive 1-to-1 match recommendations - Watch a live stream, or go live yourself Make your profile shine with your best pictures and showcase your unique personality by including a little something about yourself to increase your match potential. Smile at someone. If someone smiles back, it’s a match! Download the app to get matched with a compatible cupid, go on a date, and get into the meaningful relationship you have been looking for! Not ready to start dating again or taking a break? Join our live stream communities to connect with people in your cultural heritage, form your Asian squad, showcase your talent, or seek out new friends from all around the world. It’s fun, positive, and free! EME Hive is a new way to experience social interactions. Say no to FOMO and live in the moment today! * Go Live - Cook? Sing? Dance? Flirt? Showcase your hidden talents. Gain fans and admirers, receive gifts, make friends, and form your squad. * Watch Livestream - Daily events with an active community. Watch and be entertained with talented broadcasters such as Truth Or Dare or the Bachelor Show. Your new addiction has arrived. * Video Chat & Live Chat - Go live together with others in a group video chat with up to 4 people in a live chat room. Cure boredom while you stay at home. Speak up about social issues. Talk about the latest gear. Watch a movie together. Virtual date with your cupid match. Put your voice out there and be a thought leader today. * VLOG - Share your life, be inspired with fresh ideas, or practice a new language from different Asian and minority cultures such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, or Spanish, and become a better human being. Formerly known as EastMeetEast, EME Hive is a unique mixed space for dating, live chat, and community building. Go live to video chat, meet new people around you, discover your Hive, and bond together. Try the EME Hive app today, and live in the moment. Go live, make friendships, date, or seek out a meaningful relationship and bring positive social energy in your own creative way. Your feedback helps us improve EME Hive, please contact us at [email protected] View our Privacy Policy: http://www.emehive.co/help/privacy View our Terms of Service: http://www.emehive.co/help/tos



  • The worst app

    By noobulator5000
    Have not matched with a single person in a year of using it. Horrible app for men. The women glaze over and never reply.
  • Great app needs more people

    By GameHEADtime
    Add sound effects and advertising so the community grows and keep making it perfect.
  • Scam service

    By Honest review 23
    Almost all the girls on here are Vietnamese male dudes who pretend to be girls and ask for nudes to blackmail you into giving them money. This app needs a verification system but they don’t have the ability to do it. Worst app ever.
  • Scam!!

    By Deuce-Four
    This app is created with a bunch of fake profiles. Once in a while someone drops in to chat with you for a few minutes to keep you interested but they’re fake. Don’t bother wasting your money.
  • Fake profiles again

    By a-locinaz
    Yet another “dating” site with nothing but fake profiles. Don’t waste your time and for sure DO NOT PAY for this.
  • Horrible

    By loquat3345
    I would not recommend this site. It’s very unclear and not user friendly. I can’t view anyone in my area. Don’t waste your time.
  • Waste of time

    By GaryRH19
    Cool app. No place to actually sign up. Only gives you log in options, but nothing to make a new account.
  • The system goes something wrong

    By Naim demiraj
    The system goes something wrong
  • I like it…. Could be better….

    By Notcha Biz
    Really???… well y’all asked 4!it …. So I’ll give it to ya!…. App is very very very very glitchy at times…. And paid service is way over priced compared to similar competitor’s apps…. Or even free apps…. In my opinion EME is looking for a “corporate come up” off of the fees ( after they get OPM “other people’s money”) THEN they’ll improve the app’s code or functionality…. Maybe?… big gamble for us poor little subscribers/members…. But if you just want to have light hearted fun… the apps okay….Predominantly Asian members and about approx. 20% ~ 50% of the members are kinda “click-ish”… meaning they’ll only want to chill with Asians only…. ie you’ll come into their stream… and they’ll ignore you… while constantly speaking to others…. Some will even block you from entering their future streams solely based on race…. BUT the ones that are 😎 “cool”…. ARE VERY COOL!!…. So just know that the unspoken hierarchy is #1 Female…As….Cau…His….Others then lastly Blks so if you’re sensitive to these type of issues… seek entertainment elsewhere… but if not…. There’s definitely a space for you here…!…. Also… members are kinda all 20ish-30ish age-wise and tend to “think 30+ is old” mentality….🤣🤣🤣🤣 Final note: be careful EME is fun… and can be addicting 🤣🤣 Almost one year now on EME… this app is INCREDIBLY GLITCHY!!!…. Always crashing… and it’s quite expensive to socialize on EME buying diamonds just to co stream with other Streamers and to get messaging…. I finally got a paid subscription…. I regretted it the next day!! $135 for 6 months of nothing!??… I will say … there are some cool and funny people on here though…. Now that I’ve made the online friendships… I’m kinda hooked…. But will also say 80% - 90% are Asian… and 30% -40% only really want to date and socialize with Asians only🤔…. Other races are “tolerated”… but not necessarily welcome… “real talk”…. I usually never do reviews…. But in this case… I feel like the truth needs 2 B told…🤷🏾🤔🤣 1 year later and updating my review: STILL FK’ING glitchy!!!!!…. P¡sses me OFF!!… Cuts off in the middle of streams… co streams… broadcast… comments are always getting lost forever into nowhere…. And you’ll have to copy comments to clipboard before U send or you may end up re-typing the same comments over and over up to 4 times… just to send comment to the room…. All night… most people just give up… but me?… I’m always having a “cut and paste war”😂…. Well BCuz… my comments matter🤷🏾😂😂😂… now that I’ve been here on EME a while… I’ve asked around and all the old G’s on the app say EME has always been glitchy…. So I guess don’t expect ANYTHING 2 change about THaT anytime soon🤷🏾😳… accept it or reject it…🤷🏾…. Still having fun though…. Although recently I’ve been exploring other apps…. And to be able to stream… flirt and chat without all the glitches is almost like pure heaven compared to the clunky… slow app known as EME 😂😂😂 18 months later:… EME is still a poorly coded app that always has QOS ( quality of service) issues… lots of the users money spent to stream is lost, BCuz the app is always conveniently crashing after you’ve already spent the diamonds.
  • Not a dating app here

    By linksol
    I have been on this app for 6 months now and they didn’t match me with anyone. All the people here don’t even want to date or start a relationship. They are nothing but scammers and fakers who put up photos for fun and to trick t people. I got messages from people who wants me to give them money or do crypto to scam me out of money. Nothing but bad people here so don’t use this app you will get scam. This app should be shut down to end all trouble for everyone who is here. The people who made this app are idiots to make this nasty app.