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Natural Cycles: Birth Control

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The #1 Birth Control & Ovulation Temperature Tracker App in the US & UK now integrates with Apple Watch. ○ We will never sell your personal data. We use advanced data protection including encryption and pseudonymization to protect your data like it’s our own. ○ The only birth control app cleared by the FDA and CE marked as a medical device. ○ Adaptive tracker technology that uses your unique cycle and basal temperature to track ovulation so you know exactly when you're fertile, and what days you can and cannot get pregnant. ○ Daily insights into your fertility and personal ovulatory pattern to help with your birth control or natural family planning needs. ○ Scientifically proven to be effective: 93% effective with typical use, and 98% effective with perfect use. ○ The NC° Plan Pregnancy mode is great for couples who are tracking ovulation and trying to conceive. ○ Measure your temperature using your Apple Watch, Oura Ring, or NC° Bluetooth thermometer. Natural Cycles is not just a period or basal body temperature tracker. Most other fertility tracking apps assume your cycle is 28 days long. This means the fertile window they give you is not tailored to you. Our algorithm significantly reduces the risk of you being assigned an incorrect fertile day as it uses your personal data. This reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy, or can help you plan pregnancy and conceive with greater precision. BIRTH CONTROL, FERTILITY & OVULATION TRACKING PRICING PLANS ○ Yearly Plan (Recommended): $119.99/year. ○ Monthly Plan: $14.99/month. ○ A subscription is needed to use the сycle tracker, and while a free demo is available, we recommend a minimum of 2-3 cycles for Natural Cycles to be most effective. ○ We charge a subscription in order to protect you and your data. Free apps need to make money, so many of them do so by sharing or selling their users’ data to third parties for advertising. We will never sell your data because our users' privacy is paramount to us. PRECAUTIONS ○ Natural Cycles fertility tracker does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Use a condom to protect against STIs. ○ No method of birth control is 100% effective, even when using the birth control app perfectly you can still get pregnant. ○ Natural Cycles is for women over the age of 18. ○ Natural Cycles is only available as a method of birth control in the US and in Europe. ○ To use Natural Cycles, you need to understand English or one of the supported languages. Natural Cycles is not just a period and ovulation tracker app, but your fertility partner that can meet your needs, at any cycle or life stage. Still not sure? Download the app and test out our Demo Mode. The app supports syncing with Apple Health. *E. Berglund Scherwitzl et al. “Perfect-use and typical-use Pearl Index of a contraceptive mobile app”, Contraception, Volume 96, Issue 6, 420 - 425.



  • Bummed out

    By emmasveal
    I liked the thought of natural cycles when I went off of hormonal birth control last year due to depression. Over the course of the year my periods were so irregular, natural cycles couldn’t predict anything (which is fair my body was being weird), so I stopped tracking with it. I started gaining weight, growing facial hair, and has crazy acne and was quickly diagnosed with PCOS. I’ve been so overwhelmed with the diagnosis and nervous for what that means for family planning. I haven’t opened the app in months when I saw a charge pending for the $100 subscription in my account, I quickly cancelled my subscription (which I thought I had already as it hadn’t shown up on my apple subscriptions when I looked at it last month) and contacted customer support. They were not very helpful or very kind via email, I’m out the $100 and since I had already cancelled my subscription I don’t get anything for that money. I’m mostly upset at how rude they were in the email, I was hoping for some grace. UPDATE: I wrote a strongly worded email back (not something I do often and I feel a bit bad about) and have received a full refund - make sure to advocate for yourselves, this is obviously a reoccurring issue for many people.
  • Great app, bad auto image reader

    By a.selfcare.enthusiast
    I’ve been using this app for over a year now. I love the simplicity and ease of use. My one frustration is the LH beta image capture. I’ll have the stick centered, in good lighting, and focused. Then when I see what the auto image capture cropped, the stick is often crooked, blurred, or out of the screen. This is the case even when I take a photo and upload it from my photo album. I’d love to see this improved — either an app self crop option or tested on multiple brands of sticks. I use pregmate.
  • Not worth it

    By BCLAN333
    It’s important to take your temperature as soon as waking up, however, you Can’t see the thermometer screen in the dark. Also Received an error message on the thermometer several times. So many beeps it wakes my husband up! Thermometer takes a long time to read. The app also sends a lot of useless notifications. Was hoping for more for a $120/yr subscription:(
  • I love NC

    By Batman5228
    I purchased on oura ring to make tracking my cycle through NC easier and I’ve been able to track my cycles and ovulation periods to the day. I have never used hormonal birth control so I’m thankful that NC found the bridge so I don’t have to worry about the negative side effects of hormonal birth control!
  • Best cycle app

    By 22Ray77
    This is the best cycle tracking app. I use it as birth control and it is so accurate. Seriously this is the way to go. It works!!
  • Crappy thermometer

    By Vudfjfhmd
    The thermometer is so janky for what they charge. It should have a dim back light on the screen the entire time. when you’re using this thing in bed, you can’t read the screen at all because usually your bedroom is dark. Then the worst part is it takes a while for it to take your temperature, and then it also makes a long loud beep when you’re done! So if you want to wake up your partner in the bed with you -here ya go! Also it takes a while for it to connect sith the app, and the app is not very user friendly. Too many alerts and pop ups. I’m shocked another brand hasn’t utilized this concept in a more convenient way yet. This app should be $10, and they pretend like their thermometer is worth $50- hilarious.
  • Too expensive for what it does

    By hsuen ns
    Honestly, the iPhone health app pretty much does the exact same thing and every other app also does the exact same thing. If you put your temperature into anywhere, you can track your ovulation, this one just charges you $15 a month to do it. I bought an Apple Watch Series 8 just so I could try this app out then after three months of using it is pretty much just like every other app. It’s also wrong when it says you can’t get pregnant when ur not ovulating…because you can.
  • Suggestion for future updates

    By xLalax.
    I recently started using this app as partner for my best friend, who has been using it for a while. She is pregnant (yay!) and has allowed me to follow along through this app. As a partner, a calendar would make a great addition so the pregnant party can add their appointments and opt for the partner to see them. They could include icons to differentiate between regular checkups versus ultrasound or pictures, baby shower, everything! Also, the calendar could track how far along they will be on any given week. Just an idea! This app is great so far and I truly love the partner option.
  • 💯

    By HeyItsJoy
    Honestly loving using NC with Oura. Feels empowering and fun 😉
  • Do not use!!

    By Kaelah F
    This is really a ridiculously overpriced app and product, the thermometer never connected to Bluetooth so I always had to enter my temps manually, also fertility awareness does not work when you try to predict ovulation. I am using a different thermometer and tracking app instead and it is far more accurate and user friendly. I think refunds should be possible since the thermometer is basically junk