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  • Pro licensing is unclear

    By flounderlicious
    Wasn’t totally clear that the 5 seat license claimed by the PRO level licensing is through Apple’s account licensing so be aware that you have to have all of your devices tied to the same appleid in order to use them. Additionally, when the automatic download of apps put the app on my iPad (after I installed it first on my iPhone), it did not recognize the license even if I tried to restore purchases. This might be a bug or quirk with the app getting auto installed on the iPad before I purchased the license. Deleting the app from the iPad and installing it again seems to have fixed the issue in case others run into the same thing. FYI on this nuance for the developer and appreciate they responded to my initial review after a few days so I’ve revised my original post.
  • Waste of $19.99

    By a thick boy
    We bought this app on recommendation from a company we rented a doonbuggy from for a ride in the desert. We were told it worked on satellite so even if we lost cell reception the app would still guide our way. We followed the map for 1hr into the Sonoran desert when we lost the signal. At this point we were without Satellite GPS, we had no cell service and were completely lost in the middle of the desert in 104 degree heat. Our only option was to retrace our path and find our way back to the main road as we had not passed a single person on our entire journey. To say this app was more than a waste of $20 is an understatement!! The stress we experienced on this excursion is beyond ridiculous.
  • Too much money!

    By Bart -Verified-
    I have been using lead nav for years and loved it. Now they want $250 for off line maps! Nope.
  • Bait & Switch

    By Sandfan85
    I paid the $20 to be able to upload my own GPX maps and now they’ve taken that ability away and want $250 per year to be able to do what I originally paid for. Not cool. I will be seeking a refund.
  • Wouldn’t Race without this app

    By PhockerFabs
    I’m a co driver for KOH, BITD, and SCORE and this is the only GPS system I use. Easy to use and mark hazards and VCP’s. If you are racing this is a must use. Plus every time I’ve had a question it get answer pretty quick via Instagram. Thank you keep up the great work!
  • Garbage

    By hotshtsr20
    $20 is the introductory drug dealer price. $70-250 per year subscription needed if you want to use it as something better than the free Apple Maps app that comes with your phone. Speaking of Apple Maps: at least that’s accurate. In Maps, the location is accurate to the point I can tell what room I’m in... In LeadNav, apparently I’m in a field 5.4 miles away. I want my money back.
  • Awesome!!

    By i loveee pizza
    I’ve used this app for well over a year for many things. Yes mapping things out can take some time, but for me that’s not an issue. Off road courses, and rescue plans and options, the fact i can coordinate with other units using this app and be able to see them as well is great. Being able to leave notes on destination or warming/ caution markers is awesome. All around love the app as well as my team loves to use it as well. I work rescue from a busy metro city all the way out to the middle of no where and this app had never left me not knowing where I’m going.
  • Features Request

    By Tech_QTR
    The app is great. Two features are needed: - iCloud Sync - Apple CarPlay Support Thanks. Keep it up :)
  • Was working great!

    By Hondamx51
    The app was working great, but now I cannot open my tracks! The app shuts down!
  • Priced to deletion.

    By Mckloogz
    I used this app for a few years and really enjoyed utilizing my own uploaded maps, until my subscription expired. Now to use map overlays I need to spend $250, no thanks.