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  • Category: News
  • Release Date: 2010-09-28
  • Current Version: 9.1.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 93.85 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Developer: The McClatchy Company

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Connect to the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper app wherever you are. Receive the latest local and breaking news from Lexington, Frankfort, Winchester and Georgetown in Eastern Kentucky. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports on the local topics you care about, including local weather, traffic, crime, sports and national news. Features of the app include: • Breaking news alerts and real-time updates. • The local news and sports topics you care about from around the Eastern Kentucky area. • View stunning photos and videos of news coverage and events. • The Lexington Herald-Leader opinions, editorials and columns you love. • Ability to share stories on Facebook, Twitter or by email. • An app-native eEdition of the printed newspaper, including 60 additional pages in the ExtraExtra section. Read our Privacy policy here: https://www.kentucky.com/customer-service/privacy-policy/text-only/ Read our Terms of Service here: https://www.kentucky.com/customer-service/terms-of-service/text-only/ For California Residents: To learn more about managing your sharing preferences and Do Not Sell My Info rights visit https://www.kentucky.com/customer-service/privacy-policy/text-only/#notice_california



  • This app is terrible!

    By Subscriber 2301
    I have to delete and reload this app onto my iPad almost every single day in order to read the most recent newspaper. Otherwise I am stuck with the previous day’s paper. Even then, the tools don’t work after the first page. Why can’t the Herald Leader improve this expensive service? Other purchased subscriptions don’t have these issues on my iPad, so I strongly suspect it is the app, not the new iPad. And, as others have noted, customer service is basically nonexistent. UPDATE: After writing the above review I received an email instructing me to empty the cache in the app. I did that but there was no improvement. Almost EVERY SINGLE DAY I have to delete the app from my Ipad, reload it and then use it for the day. Given the cost of the digital paper, which just rose, this is ridiculous! Then, today, I had to scroll through 2 pages of every page in the Sunday Extra section. What kind of quality control is utilized? Just deplorable! Yes, I can read the paper via the email link but the font quality and clarity is very poor; yet another quality control issue that could be solved. We subscribe to larger papers that don’t have these issues, so we know the technology exists to provide the readers with a decent experience. Apparently the HL values profits over investing in its products.
  • Major App flaws

    By Fouled-Up
    This app has a very frustrating issue. In order to open, it’s necessary to delete and reinstall every single time. Then you have to click on the topics you’re interested in reading. There is not a single click to check all the boxes so you have to click through all the boxes each time. I have contacted support and was told to delete the cache, but that didn’t resolve the issue. This has been going on for several months. Either it cannot be fixed or no one cares.
  • Loaded once, won’t load and crashes now.

    By WolfSinger
    I paid for a year subscription but can only access it on the PC. The app will not work on my ipad unless I delete and reinsall it every single time. I contacted customer service several days ago and have not gotten a reply back. Not only that, I can’t access my account information on the web. I can log in, but my account won’t load. What a waste of money this subscription was. I’m afraid I won’t be able to cancel my subcription without calling, because I can’t get to in on the ipad OR the PC! Don’t bother.
  • Worst website and customer service ever

    By HORRIBLE 666
    The APP does not work; purchased subscription have my email and password and APP does not recognize my login. Freezes all the time. Called customer service 5 times and their phone system dropped me 4 times. FInally spoke to a person who was of no help. Asked for supervisor, even worse. HORRIBLE and strongly recommend you do not use. I requested partial refund and was refused. They beat me for a year's subscription for an e -edition that can't be accessed from the App; don't let them beat you. THE WORST
  • Not cool, LHL

    By AmyHasHope
    Suddenly I can’t read a SINGLE article without a subscription. I’m not quite ready to do that, however, as I JUST moved here. Now I know I will NEVER be ready to subscribe, due to the paper's own actions.
  • Crappy update.

    By jytfvbjiitdxcbjj
    There are many problems with the new update. The worst is that graphics, like comics, can be nearly unreadable. If you tap on it, it seems to be clearer, but then you try to expand it and it just goes back to being pixelated. Sometimes it gets clearer, but that is unpredictable. Another bad development is that it is nearly impossible to pull up the bar at the bottom to ‘show all pages’. It used to be easy to do that, but now pretty much nothing works. Sometimes you can shrink the pages to get ‘see all articles’, but if I want to go from the back to somewhere the front, it is almost impossible to do quickly. Didn’t they have beta testers for this? I would have flunked it. Update: I was contacted by the developer and told to remove the app and reinstall it. I did and nothing changed. Apparently they practice the art of insanity… tell people to do the same thing over again and then expect a different result.
  • New Version Update - week of September 12, 2022

    By Amy L. Gamblin
    I don’t know what the Herald Leader did, but I had to upgrade the version on my iPad this week. When I did, it made everything smaller to where I have to zoom in to read anything which doesn’t allow me to advance the pages unless I zoom back out.
  • Full screen view on iPad missing

    By Fffvfgcc
    9/8/2022 update is not an enhancement on iPads. I am unable to view the paper full screen. This is very disappointing.
  • Undo the update

    By dmurph63
    After this latest update, the app is terrible. The paper “page” is much smaller and is blurry when enlarged. The bar at the bottom to skip to other pages is missing. What the heck. It worked fine before- leave it alone!
  • Why Change?

    By grsmith61
    Prior edition worked perfect on my iPad. Newest version 9-9-2022 update is not full screen on my iPad, why? If it fixable I sure can’t find it!