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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2009-12-23
  • Current Version: 5.4.11
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 51.61 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.31257
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Quit porn and stay free with Covenant Eyes. Our device-wide accountability helps you harness the power of relationships to stop watching porn and protect a freedom and integrity that lasts. WHY ACCOUNTABILITY HELPS YOU QUIT PORN Covenant Eyes helps you stop watching porn by monitoring your devices and sending a report of your device activity to a trusted friend or ally. This report keeps you accountable to your ally and kick-starts accountability conversations. Yes, conversations about how you’re using your devices and why, but also about your life in general—highs and lows, hobbies and family. Understanding the science of recovery and using a porn blocker are vital parts to finding freedom (which is why we provide our users plenty of educational resources and optional porn blocking). But it’s accountability and real connection with a trusted friend that has allowed us to help over a million people on their journey to overcome porn. HOW OUR ACCOUNTABILITY WORKS Using advanced artificial intelligence, our Screen Accountability software monitors your devices, periodically captures screenshots of your screen activity, and then sends a report of concerning activity, circumvention attempts, and other activity to a trusted ally that you’ve designated. All screenshots are stored securely and blurred on your device. We never send or store un-blurred screenshots. Your privacy is critical to us. THE BEST iOS MONITORING ON THE MARKET No monitoring service provides as much coverage on iOS devices as Covenant Eyes. Our browser app utilizes Screen Accountability to analyze all of your web activity. Our VPN-like technology monitors domains accessed through all other apps, anywhere on the device. All of this activity is shared with a trusted ally, allowing you to use your iOS device safely. PARENTS LOVE COVENANT EYES ACCOUNTABILITY TOO We aren’t a parental control software, but our service gives you insight into how your kids use their devices and helps facilitate conversations with them about the choices they make online. Research shows that families that use Covenant Eyes are successful at passing on their values from one generation to the next. FEATURES • Artificial intelligence porn detection • An emailed report of screen activity • Encrypted data transferring • Optional porn blocking • Optional YouTube Restricted Mode enforcement • Device-wide Google and Bing SafeSearch enforcement • Customizable domain block and allow lists • Unlimited devices, with up to 10 users per account • Free ebooks and email challenges for those who struggle, spouses, allies, pastors, and parents • Online, email, chat, and phone support for technical questions (1.989.720.8000)



  • Honestly y do they have to see everything I do

    By Safe_Supply
    can everything
  • A blessing

    By Dexkay
    This doesn’t make me righteous imply the grace of Jesus strengthening me day by day can. This company and tool at a blessing though. With God, all things are possible!
  • Flawed, But Necessary

    By Jcomeau94
    First off, Covenant Eyes (CE) as a whole is a wonderful organization attempting to aid millions of men and women like me who struggle with looking at things online we shouldn’t. I appreciate them and their mission. That being said, this app is adequate but flawed. Flawed in a practical sense as it’s not as robust as Safari in terms of features and performance. It’s fine, I don’t have any major issues with the browser currently. When iOS 14 was released the VPN caused major issues that the company was addressing, but still had major battery drain and often lost connection to the internet. That issue is over now, but users should be aware that it happened and as good as CE is for recovery, the app can be prone to issues like that. For the most part, CE customer service is good about keeping users up to date. That being said, would love to see a dark mode, multi window support for iPad, and as blocker. The second flaw is on a theoretical level. This app will not keep you from looking at inappropriate material online. Sure, it will put road blocks, but unless you work on the heart of the matter (in this case, the literal heart) you won’t recover. There will always be a way around ANY filter or any device. This app and using restrictions on iOS are what I call “road bumps” to help prevent giving into the temptation. These road bumps are still important and, I believe, necessary to recovery. But make sure you get a good accountability partner, counseling/therapy, and group accountability to recover. Okay that’s my word vomit, hope this helps inform your decision.
  • Great Accountability App

    By logginloggsterie
    Great accountability app! I like how the partner system is set up, and how you get daily reports on your activity! I’m praying to God that myself and everyone using this experiences great victory in their struggle and that it brings them closer to Christ! I’m going to share with my friends and get them involved as well!
  • Would give 0 stars if I could

    By Jn3190
    Not only does it rate Franciscan friars as highly mature but Maxim as a-ok, but if you are poor, they will do stuff such as deactivate your account and treat you rudely. The Screen Time on Apple settings is much better.
  • Slows down everything

    By Lavmdmv
    I have it on my iPhone and it was working okay. The VPN slowed down everything as far as network stuff goes. About a month or 2 ago it began blocking and slowing down everything. I have disabled safari to use the covenant browser but the browser never loads. The VPN now blocks my internet whether cellular or WiFi, like I’d be listening to music and when I turn on the VPN the music will literally buffer and stop. Browser is trash and now I can’t look up things or go to sites from my phone period. I haven’t been using the app and my admin is non existent and when I tried to call to cancel since I’m not even using their stuff I can the admin has to call. Like really? About to just freeze my card, good luck c eyes.
  • Not Today Satan!

    By Amkalday
    Covenant Eyes is like an invisible shield for all your families devices. You won’t even know it’s there but you can rest assured that no one is wrestling with porn addiction in your household because the temptation simply isn’t accessible. You can even turn on extra controls for the places that have porn that most people wouldn’t think of. 10/10 service.
  • Very bad user interface that lacks basic features

    By RemusLupin444
    The app of course has a good mission, but the user interface is terrible. There are constant annoying glitches that make the app very difficult to use. If there were zero stars, I would rate this 0.
  • Don’t Prompt for Reviews

    By bobby; drop tables --
    If you prompt me for a review, I’ll always give one star. Sorry Charlie.
  • It works as it should

    By timber-ghost
    The reason I am giving this one star is because I am court ordered to have this on my device. I view it as an infringement on my privacy and and unconstitutional. Otherwise it works great.