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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Productivity

Price: Free

Rating: 4.39228 stars based on 17016 reviews

Line2 - Second Phone Number

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  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2009-09-01
  • Current Version: 12.15.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 46.74 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
  • Developer: Line2, Inc.

How To Download Line2 - Second Phone Number On Chromebook

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  • Double Billing Nightmare AVOID

    By Asmaroun
    This answer doesn’t make sense - how can you not see transactions from a third party?? So anyone who pays via Apple doesn’t get credit for paying?? How does this make sense? So you cancel everyone’s line if they pay via Apple because you can’t see the transaction? Where does the money go then???? It disappears into thin air? Absolutely Horrible. Avoid this app at all costs unless you want to argue with them about their mistake. If I could give ZERO stars I would. I have used this app as my second line number for over ten years and was happy. However last week I got a notice that my account was past due. That’s odd I thought, I’ve been paying monthly via my apple subscription for 10 years. So I called customer service and found out that since 2018 they have been billing me annually on a card that is now closed - hence the problem when they tried to run my annual subscription this week. No problem I thought, they will see that I have been double billed and do the right (aka LEGAL) thing and refund me for all the double bills which totals nearly $600 now. Nope. They just tell me they can’t do anything and that because the agreement they sent me over 5 years ago had some fine print in it that I was supposed to cancel my subscription on Apple they did their due diligence and I’m out of luck. I balked and was told that a supervisor may call me in 24-72 hours. Let’s see if they actually do.
  • Mainly because it’s 15.99 a month

    By PfctGreenEyes
    I wonder how it is that they charge 15.99 for a virtual line when a cell phone plan can be gotten for 20.00 a month….
  • They charged me even though I cancelled.

    By applereviewer9999
    The one year subscription had free three day trial and I cancelled on the first day but this company still charged me $164.99.
  • Line2 is a great service with a terrible app

    By Ray de Groat
    I have been using Line2 since 2015 and having a permanent and changing phone number where I can be reached anywhere in the world while traveling has been a game changer. all you need is a connection to the Internet to make or receive phone calls using a regular phone number on a Mac iPad or iPhone. I don’t even bother giving out my physical “real“ SIM number which is temporary and will change if I decide switch cell provider or travel outside the US. instead I give out my permanent Line2 Number and use the SIM card only to for cellular data to access the Internet if I’m away from Wi-Fi.This way my phone number doesn’t change when I travel to a different country, use a different Sim card or when I don’t need a Sim card at all because I’m near Wi-Fi. however, while the Line2 service has been fantastic I cannot say the same about the app. The Line2 company should consider opening up its world class service for use with other SIP capable technology companies such as CounterPath.

    By jaydengary
    long waits on the phone for tech support and billing assistance. constantly getting kicked out of the app
  • Why do they need a picture of my credit card?!

    By Matt96311
    I paid through the App Store. However, the account doesn’t work until you send a picture of your credit card to them via email. I called the support line and waited 23 minutes. Then I learned that he’s working from home and the people who need a picture of my credit card can’t be reached by phone. No manager is present to speak to. What a waste of $15.99 and I have no idea why Apple is allowing this! Is this a scam? Who emails pictures of their credit card (front and back) in 2023?!
  • 10 DLC has ruined line 2.

    By Bman12345654321
    I run a busy physician office where we often send patients text messages about their appointments. Ever since Line 2 signed up our office for the 10 DLC Registration it has been absolutely horrible. They will routinely shut off our text messages for up up to 48 hours with no warning. It can take an hour to reach their customer service agents. once they agree to reestablish it, it’s a minimum of a few hours to a few days for them to get us back online. The worst part, our client/patients have no idea that the system is down because they send a text message and they get confirmation as if it went through. We cannot see the text messages they sent, cannot retrieve them later, they just disappear. This is absolutely horrific if you run a time-critical office, a professional office, or you want to keep your clients. People will think that you didn’t respond and you will have no way to contact them or figure out who tried to reach you during the downtime. Line 2 has no idea how many text messages it takes to set off the spam filter, and they don’t have direct control over it so they have to contact a third-party company, which takes additional time. If it happens on the weekend, forget it. Nothing will happen till Monday.
  • Would love some more features

    By Anne379
    It would be great if we could emoji text i.e. thumbs up, etc. Would love to be able to unsend or edit a text as well
  • Refund my 15$

    By michelledea
    I paid for the monthly fee and you closed my account . Refund me now
  • Billing issue

    By Raw Gee
    I was stopped from sending sms and receiving calls after i had renewed my subscription for another one month till November 1st 2023 . telling me I should upload my credit card details for verification ,when I have never used a credit card with this app for the past 2 months I joined, only strictly iTunes gift card, Please unblock my account for use as I have emailed and made report on this issue as it has cost me my business transactions or refund me my $16 let me look for another app. Thank you and waiting.