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  • Release Date: 2019-01-31
  • Current Version: 9.64.0
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  • No dark mode

    By billybillbillybillbillbilly
    The app is pretty well laid out, but the lack of a dark mode makes me limit my usage at night.
  • ¿español?

    By K_11_19_20
    entiendo que inglés es popular en los EEUU pero en el sitio de los New York Times hay el opción para el periódico en español ¿pero la app no lo tiene? ¿y no de internacional o en china? me gusta la app pero la necesita cambiar i understand that english is popular in the US but on the New York Times website there’s the option for the news in spanish but the app doesn’t have it? and why no international or chinese? i like the app but it needs to change.
  • The Greatest paper in The United States of America.

    By TyPopp11
    All the news, all the time.
  • Can’t believe I’m saying this but…

    By Tomba99
    The Wall Street Journal app is an absolute pleasure, format-wise, compared to the NYT app, especially when trying to read “Today’s Paper.” I much prefer the overall content of the Times but the NYT page readjusts itself, while reading, when an ad appears. Ugh! The WSJ page loads the articles simply and with no hiccups. Ahh.
  • NYT Just Ruined The App

    By GandyDiggity
    So, I am TRYING to READ recipes in the cooking section that I PAY for, I click on an article and it launches a loud advertisement while I am in bed. I don’t want to listen to this crap and I don’t want to wake up the household. I have the sound off on my phone and it still launches this barrage of crap. So, WTH am I paying for NYT and paying separate fee for the Food section?!!!! What a waste of money!!!!!
  • Shady practices. Tons of ads. Slanted journalism.

    By forst056
    NYT hooks you with promotional offers and then charges you $28/mo for a subscription. Then they pack the app with so many ads that you can only read about two lines of an article for every scroll. Worse than that, the ads load in randomly, which not only slows the app down and causes it to freeze up, but also causes the view to shift and makes you lose your place mid-read. Imagine if Netflix charged you $28/mo and made you watch ads for 45 min of every hour worth of streaming and after each ad it jumped to a random part of the show and then randomly froze mid-stream. Yeah, well that’s NYT for you. Then there’s the unsubscribe flow, which *surprise* doesn’t exist! There is no way to unsubscribe or even change your subscription within the app. The app bounces you to the website which bounces you around even more and eventually leads you to a Contact Us page. This is about as dark as dark patterns go with UX and should legitimately be illegal. CAN-SPAM laws prohibit this for marketing emails…not sure why it’s still allowed for apps. And then there’s the journalism itself. If you read NYT, you’re obviously on the left. That’s fine and dandy except when the journalism uses clickbait headlines, stigmatized verbiage, and false equivalents all designed to mislead and create sensationalized “news” that’s more suited to checkout line zines and AM shout radio pundits. Not to mention the character assassination of the week that epitomizes the worst of cancel culture. It’s a shame that there are some phenomenal journalists and editorialists in there that have to surround themselves with utter dreck. Journalism is the bedrock of society, but reading NYT nowadays makes me feel like the foundations are crumbling.
  • Used to be a good app

    By bad app 999999999
    The latest version has not worked for 6 days. It is not possible to open anything except the front page. NYTimes says they have known of the problem “for some time” and “developers are working on it” but don’t know when it will be fixed. Hardly seems urgent.
  • Terrible

    By c0nk
    I can’t update app so I will cancel. No news not good & not reliable app anymore. They will lose many customers.
  • Need dark mode for ADA accessibility

    By Trev4Prez
    This is not a review of the NYTimes in general. NYTimes is excellent and provides quality journalism, and generally a good app experience. However, I am a low vision reader and require dark mode in order to fully enjoy apps. Like with many types of blindness, the white background with black text on a screen can be really challenging or even painful to read, especially when the rest of the iOS operating system is in dark mode. It is incredibly surprising that NYTimes on iOS still does not have a dark/night mode feature (which is not the same as night shift), since dark mode for iOS was introduced over 2 years ago. Please, for all of your low vision & blind readers, please incorporate a native dark mode setting that integrates with the iOS dark mode feature.
  • Crashes ever few minutes. Awful.

    By Bridgelaf
    This is the worst app I have every tried to use. It crashes every few minutes. It crashed while I was trying to report it crashing! I had to reopen it about 10 times to read one story.