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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Productivity

Price: Free

Rating: 4.74395 stars based on 91399 reviews

Al Chat - AI Chatbot Assistant

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  • Great work

    By Kitmviv
    Awesome app ! User friendly and reliable Omega telecommunications llc Porchette Food distribution llc
  • The best for old people

    By Zaryab/firemonkey
    My mom is having trouble with google assistant and Siri so I downloaded this I told her to use it and she got use to it
  • Looks very good

    By NicknameKSU
    Good assistant. I love how it works with my mail and my messages.
  • Good Al

    By candy6848
    Very helpful with all my homework needs even when I wanna express words and can’t find them always at my call love this app
  • Ehh

    By Dad's dad
    I tried the free version for a day and I found that the writing that it did was very unexciting. I was doing better myself before I used it. The only thing that seems to do is writing because it refused to use other apps to open doors or two draw pictures.I think it was a great idea, but the developers are not near as good as some of the other programs
  • Bad price

    By 𝓘𝓪𝓷
    I'm giving a 1 star to this app because it only lets me type 5 times and I cannot afford 50.00 dollars for just a premium deal can you do a week we can spend less cash on premium please and thank you.
  • horrible

    By this app is very VERY SUPER
  • I don’t wanna pay I’m want free apps

    By Amelia rates games
    It is a really good app, but I don’t want to pay for apps because they’re too expensive so I would really like it to be free
  • Just like spam

    By Ahmad walikhan789
    I purchased this but after 3days usage asks for more money not enjoying
  • Excellent for quick research

    By Barbarian8
    It is seemingly the only AI chatbot where users can access and provide answers within the messages interface. It's the only AI interface I've found that doesn't require you to switch apps, minimize, or return to the current message thread you're communicating in. It's absurd that the big names in AI, such as Copilot/Bing, Google's Gemini, etc, haven't been able to integrate an AI chat service within messages that doesn't require opening a different app altogether. It does a fantastic job researching and answering questions, allowing for one-button pasting into the chat window.