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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

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Rating: 4.56058 stars based on 14783 reviews

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Build using ChatGPT APIS of Open AI the most advanced GPT technology. Uses ChatGPT AIPS instead of GPT / GPT3 APIS. Powered by the official API of OpenAI . Chatbot AI Chat is a revolutionary AI-based Chat AI App Assistant Unlimited Writing. is an AI ChatBOT Assistant that uses the latest and most powerful AI technologies. Experience the power of AI from your Phone. PocketAI is in an amazing and fun way to get answers for any Question. Ask our smart ChatBot anything and it's always ready to help with any specific topic. AI Assistant: Essay / Song / Paragraph / Poem / Writer... Ask Anything, No Sign Up Needed for these Genius Tools Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: we are listening drop us a line at [email protected] This App uses the latest official and Public APIS from OpenAI & GPT GPT-3 Technologies. Note: This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with OpenAI. OpenAI, its name, trademark, and other aspects of the app are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.



  • Absolute Trash

    By natordog
    Leftist biased garbage that can write a glowing, gushing comment about Joe Biden, but “can’t speak politically” about Donald Trump. Regardless of your political beliefs you should be concerned that they’re trying to brainwash you.
  • I’m impressed

    By DAN13L83
    First time I use Chapt GPT and asked for to make me an Apple shortcut to navigate me to work. It gave an exact detail on how to make it. Took a few seconds to answer. I only tried the free trial. Don’t know if I will subscribe.
  • Rarely works

    By Darrell110
    Most of the time, it simply does not work and tells you to try again later. Yet, works fine. UPDATE: they reached out to me and basically want me to beta-test their app for them. Pass. I have better things to do with my time than help them troubleshoot.
  • Eh

    By VLogsWithLouis
    Idk this feels like a 2010 app nothing like just using openai
  • Good.

    By 12123464 for fortnite
    I would probably give it 4 or 5 stars but the begging for premium is way to high. I get you gotta make money but I don’t want to use this app right now with how much it’s interrupting
  • It’s recently crashing

    By jlfigueroa
    Something is wrong recently with the app. It asks me to reopen the app and states that it's busy and they are experiencing some “down time”. To update to latest version which I have done or to wait 25 minutes. What is going on? This is too frequent for a subscription.
  • Pretty cool

    By SlappyWhite10
    I love AI I’m not afraid at all. Bring it on.
  • It’s a very good informational app. However, sometimes it doesn’t work for like 20 minutes.

    By MsBunn1e
    It’s a very good informational app. The information is mostly accurate and sometimes very detailed. However, the app doesn’t always work and you have to wait 20 minutes to use it. So if you’re pressed for time and you need information right away, this app isn’t always reliable.
  • Subscription

    By nimio reyes
    I canceled my 3 day trail yesterday and this morning I was charged $50.
  • Genius but not designed well yet

    By bmannnnx
    Although this can be used in all types of creative and beneficial ways, it has constant issues telling you to try to update it and says that you need to give it 20 minutes. Despite this, I have high faith in both this and GPT4