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【About Us】 The Baisuocheng Tenant-Tenant APP is a more intelligent leasing service platform for tenants, solves the traditional form of leasing concepts, and opens the development of the era of intelligent leasing. 【Function Service】 The "Intelligent Platform" presents users with an intelligent leasing experience through the Hundred Locks Tenant APP. "Check-in Reminder" After check-in, the tenant can receive a check-in SMS reminder, and the tenant APP will also synchronize the reminder. "Online Order" tenants can pay rent and deposit fees online in the APP Bill Reminder. The "Smart Entry" smart apartment is equipped with a smart door lock, and tenants can check the password through the APP. "Temporary Visitor" tenants can set temporary visitors through the APP, and the system records them in real time. "Smart Hydropower" tenants can check the utility bills through the APP, and at the same time provide prepaid services to pay for water and electricity. 【Contact Us】 Official public number: Baisuo into rent Service hotline: 400-993-8899 * Follow the official public account of "Baisuo Rent" through WeChat to provide you with online customer service services!