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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Food & Drink

Price: Free

Rating: 4.33333 stars based on 33 reviews

Eat Together: Meal Planner

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  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2022-08-28
  • Current Version: 1.2.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 51.38 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.4 or later.
  • Developer: One Unified Home

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We do the meal planning for families with picky eaters. You don’t have to think about what’s for dinner, we do it for you! We hand pick the drool worthy healthy recipes. Then organize them into a customizable healthy meal plans and put together the grocery list for you. Saving you hours every week so you and your family have more time to do what you want! The daily meal prep reminders make sure you don’t forget to pull something out of the freezer or chop the veggies BEFORE everyone gets hangry! The daily reminder is the first thing you see when you open the app each day, so you don’t forget! Here is how our family meal plans save you time and money: -Four weeks of brand new meal planning done for you every month! -A variety of 20 to 25 FAST and drool worthy dinner recipes every month! -One entire month of new meal planning is ready one week before the new month starts! -100% CUSTOMIZABLE meal plans so you can move recipes around or swap recipes based off your family's schedule & tastes! -Automatic grocery list based off the dates YOU are shopping for! -Picky eater notes on every recipe show you how EASY it is to make a slight adjustment to serving dinner so you can happily feed everyone ONE meal! -Healthy eater notes provide fast & minor tweaks to pack even more nutrients into our already healthy recipes! -Prep reminders help make sure you have everything you need to get dinner on the table in a quarter of your normal routine! Our picky eater meal plans are the best recipes for families who may have one or a few members who are looking to load up on nutrition but also have picky eaters! Each dinner recipe has simple directions on how to serve the same dinner to both the healthy eater and the picky eater! Families who use our meal plans have saved hundreds of dollars every month and now get to use that money on what they care about! Eating dinners on a budget doesn't have to be the same boring thing every week. We do the creative thinking for dinner so you don’t have to! Every month our meal plans have a wide variety of flavors but still keep you below budget and saving money! Our healthy dinner meal plans for picky eater families are 100% customizable! We do the planning, but you are able to move dinners around or swap out recipes based on your families schedule or current preferences. The grocery list feature is one of a kind! You get to decide which days you want to grocery shop for! So if you shop weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly it still works for you! You select the dates you want to shop for and your grocery list will be automatically updated. Stop wasting time worrying about what's for dinner and let our family meal plans take care of you, your healthy eaters, and picky eaters! All with the same dinner! We will do all the work for you! Eat Together Meal Plans requires a subscription to access the meal plans and comes with two auto-renewing paid subscription options through an In-App Purchase. • 1 month ($9.99) or 1 year ($59.99) • Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew (at the duration selected) unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Terms of use can be found here: Privacy Policy can be found here:



  • Love the service not the app

    By destineej34
    This meal planning service is excellent and it’s worth it to deal with some of the bugs. The reason I’m rating it 3 stars is so hopefully the creators will see this and fix the issues. The main issue I’m having is that, when I want to swap out a meal, the app closes if I select any category except the “all” category. So if I want to look for a pork recipe and select the “pork” category the app will just close. This makes it difficult when I know I have pork to use up. Please fix this!!!
  • Great app

    By Julia 724
    Love this app and how organized it is and even tells you what ingredients you need for grocery shopping at the store game changer! Great meal ideas instead of the same old thing that I feel like I am always making!
  • Great Concept, but Needs Some Tweaks

    By Beezer727
    I really love the idea behind this app, and I am excited to see how it improves, but it definitely needs some improvements… - The grocery list feature would be so helpful, but I do not like how it lists the items multiple times if the same ingredient is needed for multiple recipes. Would be so much better and easier to tally up ingredients needed, if it combined the amounts across recipes. For example, if I need one onion for one recipe and half of an onion for another, my list would have one and half onions needed. - Grocery list does not allow you to delete items you already have, so list is long and jumbled, when it doesn’t need to be. - Grocery list does not save any changes you made to it, so if I took the time to cross off ingredients I already had, and then go back to it the next day, the app has reset and those items are no longer crossed off. - Some recipes are very basic, which has its advantages, but also lacks flavor and variety. Also, a lot of the recipes lean towards the healthy side, which is great, but I would like the option to choose some comfort foods or flavor filled options regardless of my diet, ya know 🤣 Overall, a really exciting concept, but I will be waiting for an improved option to n the future. For now, the app “Paprika” is working for me.
  • Looks like something I’d use

    By Thalkon roiy denn
    This looks like something I would use, but there’s a few things that I’m missing to make me absolutely love this app. Currently, I don’t see a way to customize my profile to mark how many servings I’d prefer to be making. First issue I have. I have two adults 1 teen and 2 toddlers. That’s a technical five people but we only ever end up eating around 4 portions (5 if I want leftovers for my husband to take to work). For all of these recipes I haven’t seen a single portion count. How do I know this will make enough for my family? Second issue I have. These don’t look like complete meals. Are sides included with the recipes? It doesn’t look like it. I’m trying to make balanced meals for my family, and while these seem to be family friendly and fun, I still want a full balanced meal. When I meal plan without an app I can get the main dish figured out no problem, it’s the sides I struggle with. That’s what I’m looking for. Something to help me pair sides with the main meal. Third issue I have. I don’t see a place to pick dates that I don’t want meals on. There are some days I work during when my family eats dinner, so I don’t need a meal that day. Can I just ignore it on my shopping list? Sure, but that’s going to change my grocery day, cause it’s in the middle of the week. Can I make that day leftovers or eating out? Sure but why can’t I just delete the day? Fourth issue I have. While I know a lot of meal planners lack this, it’s still something I’d love to have. Can I add recipes to the app? I have family favorites that don’t get made often because I get stressed out and forget to plan them into my meal plans. Is there a way I can mark for a recipe outside of this app? Or even better, ADD the recipe??? I honestly don’t even care if other people use some of the recipes, because they’re good and I can’t find them anywhere else. Fifth issue I have. Allergies. I can’t pull out recipes that have allergins in them. Sure I can search through all the recipies and do the work of figuring out the substitutes, but isn’t that why I’m paying for an app? To help with reducing the stress for some of that? It’d be nice is there was a tagging system or something that would allow me to remove allergins from the recipies that popped up. I’m sure I have more items I’d love to see improved on this app, but these are my biggest complaints so far. I’ll be testing it out for the first month, and determine if I want to proceed with paying a monthly fee (seriously, no free trial?) I might end up going back to an old meal planner that I had good luck with, but it’d be awesome to see this one flourish.
  • Best app for meal planning!

    By MI7003
    Love how it makes grocery shopping so much easier!
  • Must have for a busy Mom

    By Crown town REL
    You never knew you needed it and then it’s here!! (Queue the angels singing) The app has the grocery list, the recipes, the tips and tricks for picky eaters! Crockpot recipes, one pan recipes, simple recipes and all of them are DELICIOUS! You won’t regret it! Also follow along on their Instagram and connect with one of the sweetest down to earth mamas out there sharing the good the bad and the amazing times of motherhood!
  • Amazing app!!!!!

    Seriously amazing! I love supporting authentic and genuine people.
  • Very Few Recipes

    By Kate(x
    There is only a handful of recipes so you are eating the same thing over and over. I wish there was a lot more recipes for $10/month. There’s free apps that have 100s of recipes while this one only has ~60 recipes. I like the layout and design of the app, however I also feel like each week doesn’t use a lot of common ingredients either so that really racks up the grocery bill which sort of defeats the purpose of the app.
  • So easy to use!

    By DDCoop228
    I have been using this app for about a month and I LOVE it! It is so easy to use and is all organized right on my phone. It has gotten me out of a cooking (or not-cooking) rut. The recipes have been delicious and I love how I can easily customized it to my own schedule and family preferences. The recipes have been delicious and I can’t wait for next months meals! Meal planning is no longer a dreaded chore.
  • Time Saver & YUMMY

    By granny and loving it
    I love this app. 💕it took me 5 min to choose my meals(I did this while I ate breakfast) It took me 1 min to pull up my grocery list and check off the things I already had. This app even makes your grocery list with everything in categories so I finished my shopping in less than 30 min.It’s 4:00pm on a Friday and I’m ready for a relaxing weekend and the week. I REALLY do LOVE this app 😁💕