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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Games

Price: Free

Rating: 4.06818 stars based on 44 reviews

Skies of Chaos

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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-11-01
  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 465.99 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 15.0 or later.
  • Developer: Netflix, Inc.

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Available exclusively for Netflix members. Jump into the cockpit and face off against an evil empire in this colorful, arcade-style shoot 'em up. You're the resistance's last hope! General Ramshackle and his Lieutenants of Doom want to crush the last resistance rebels and bring a new order to a broken world. You play Captain Campbell, a literal dogfighter. With key rebels missing or captured, it falls to ace pilot Campbell to turn the tide and keep the hope of freedom alive. Will you take down the evil empire? Or will General Ramshackle claim global domination? Features: • Dive into multiple gorgeous, hand-crafted pixel worlds • Unlock and upgrade dozens of playable pilots • Navigate tons of explosive boss battles • Collect endless loot to unlock and upgrade ships, weapons and more • Equip thousands of weapon combinations • Unlock and deploy a range of special abilities and power-ups - From Broxcorp.



  • Unfinished

    By CasinoOwl
    It’s a pretty fun game, but it’s lacking. It feels like they just stopped working on it at a point. I also have a quibble with the upgrades. Usually in games like this it’s clear what different items will do for you, and which one is the actual upgrade. Not so with this one.
  • Some levels have bugs where you can’t achieve stars

    By BuyIndependentLabels
    On Hard for levels 13, 33, 35, 36, 47, balerion, and haku are the only ones with no way to win. All but one of the above are 75% enemies to get a star. I have played so much i have the highest maxed out plane, pilots, and bombs. I count how many objects are seen in a round and lay it to waste- worms, missiles, and any enemies. I have maybe 2 objects escaped as the rounds are memorized… well above 75%. In round 13 i scored 13,000,000 points and still have not enough for 75%. On level 47 chase i have verified i am getting all the coins. I even sweep to the edges to die looking for some “random coin” that might be off the screen- it doesn’t exist. I used the damage magnet item to help look for it. No joy. Balerion I got all the coins and none of the awards paid out. Haku literally has no win as you can’t possibly get all the coins even if you play perfectly (big long wall where coins would not be reachable. Please fix these levels!
  • It’s ok

    By Bird 9873
    Fun little plane game. Could use some better explanations for what items are. But what really gets me is why do we need so much “representation” in games like this. For instance… the gorilla is in a wheelchair? Nothing against people in wheelchairs but it is a little much. Where is the giraffe pilot with asthma? Or the rhino with Crohn’s disease? Can’t exclude anybody so get to work!
  • Deleted all my progress randomly

    By Astromaster
    Honestly fun game until it randomly deleted all my progress, not sure why or what happened 🤷🏻‍♂️ Unfortunately not worth downloading it in that state.
  • Super fun. Please fix the glitches

    By snoop natey nate
    Fun game. I’ve been playing with my daughter. There are several levels that are glitchy. Some are impossible to clear. It’s not clear if the indestructible things count in the tally of destruction percentage. I played for a month. My collect daily gift thing just rolled over and died. It’s like they didn’t expect anyone to play for more than a month
  • Chaos is From The Bugs

    By Innuendo81
    Having finished all 50 levels and achieved 125 stars to get the final (useless) upgrades, it’s clear I loved the game. Similar to sky force, you have to clear the levels to move forward but need to complete goals to gain needed stars. There are glitches and bugs that really inhibit the gameplay and skies of chaos succumbs to several weird genre tropes that are so outdated and not fun. First, levels that demand you kill a certain high percentage of enemies, but it’s unclear what is coded as an enemy or invincible enemies count towards the percentage. Second, Upgrades and side arms don’t have a preview and it’s unclear how they’ll be enhanced once upgraded. Third, so-called “alternative” levels that either drain your health or feature maze structures without enemies we’re not fun. Overall, the game was good for a few days. The glitches or poor design choices kept it from perfection. I hope they can improve soon.
  • Difficult to play because it frequents stops accepting all input

    By Mystakill
    I like the cartoony style & the precise, but I’m finding it impossible to play because it randomly stops accepting touch input. I have to force-quit the app and restart it to fix the input issue.
  • constant crash

    By saki2mi
    cannot complete a single level, keeps on freezing.
  • Dragonfly

    By Basi BaikK
    Drgaonfly got problem . It always after few seconds. Please check
  • Love Death & Robots

    By Dezonly1ofthem
    Other than the funtaztic time i am haveing with your Teams cool action packed Shmup... You folks seriously need your own ep or your own show with those amazing cutscenes, sound efx & music. How do we get this started so y'all can be in season four?