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Operating System: Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux

Application Category: Games

Price: Free

Rating: 3.14216 stars based on 204 reviews

NETFLIX Exploding Kittens

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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2022-05-31
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 465.32 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 15.0 or later.
  • Developer: Netflix, Inc.

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Available exclusively for Netflix members. Bring the catnip. Draw as many cards as you can, and do your best to dodge — or defuse — fatal felines. Or else, boom goes the dynamite! In this multiplayer, kitty-powered game of chance, players draw cards — until someone draws an exploding kitten and blows up. Then that player is out unless they have a defuse card. Defuse cards allow players to neutralize furry foes with laser pointers, belly rubs, catnip sandwiches or other diversions. All of the other cards in the deck can be used strategically to move, mitigate or avoid. Featuring original art by The Oatmeal.



  • Why I don’t like this game

    By gdbduehxf
    I do not like this because I can not sign in to my account no matter what I do. It just keeps on glitching.
  • Fun game. Terrible decision.

    By AndrewWilson5454
    I’m having a blast playing this game online with strangers. Until someone decides to just put their phone down. There is NO TIMEOUT so someone can just gridlock the game until everyone leaves. I can’t believe this wasn’t addressed in development.
  • Good

    By mjmcclane
  • Stuck

    By Kayleeliuliuliu
    The game is fun but can you make a 30 second timer for everyone’s turn? Some people take forever and if they don’t draw a card then everyone has to wait for them indefinitely!
  • Good idea, bad execution

    By 🧌👹🤡🦹‍♂️👺
    I was playing against the bots and noticed every time they stole a card, it would be my defuse. Also it is extremely hard to put an exploding kitten anywhere other than the top. One more thing is I was trying to nope someone’s action and it made me draw a card from the pile.
  • Not free

    By let me have a nammmmeee
    On my dad’s phone it was free but on my phone it was not free I don’t know why because my dad got it for FREE and I DID NOT GET FOR FREE but the game is very good on my dad’s phone
  • places cards for you

    By MissAmericanPanda🐼
    sometimes it just randomly places a card. even if im trying to draw, it just places an attack card. it's ANNOYING and it causes me to lose bc i wasted a card bc the games GLITCHY
  • Game is extremely buggy, almost unplayable

    By emjayess32578268945
    So many bugs in the game it makes it unplayable. I'd say one in four games it gets stuck on a user who DC'd—there's supposed to be a time limit on each turn but for some reason that doesn't happen and it just freezes on one user and never goes to the next player (always seems to happen when I have a great hand too). On top of that, sometimes it auto draws a card or even auto plays one of your cards without giving you a chance to play something else (even when you had other playable cards). These are fundamental bugs that completely ruin the game, though would be a great game if they were fixed.
  • Time limit

    By ECelesteR
    There needs to be a time limit where the app puts in a bit if you take too long. I’ve played too many times and it just get stuck
  • Great game, except

    By NonYuBidNez
    A great game, except there needs to be a way to vote someone out of the game. To many times when playing with strangers, the sore losers will stall out the game and force everyone else to quit. It’s cheap and needs to be dealt with. Or at least a report system to let others know they aren’t good sports and won’t let you or someone else take the win.