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TinyFaces is an AI Baby Generator app that predicts how a baby's face might look by analyzing the features of two parent faces.inyFaces is an AI Baby Generator app that Ever wondered how your future baby might look? Curious about the cute combination of you and your partner’s genes? Or ever thought about what would happen if two celebrities had a baby? With the AI Baby Generator app, your questions are just a tap away from being answered! This app must be used for entertainment purposes only. The goal of making the app is having a fun with your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband. Please do not take this app seriously! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:



  • Terrible app

    By bad app:/
    all the kids are brown. No matter what the race is of the parents. Doesn’t do a good job at all.:/
  • It’s ok BUT….

    By neely ver0$$
    It’s ok but I don’t like how it takes so long to load but I would say it’s pretty accurate and that’s a plus but has some weird baby’s
  • Picture

    By hshsbff
    Every picture I try to upload even professionally taking ones won’t upload!!
  • Hate

    By ;&;!$:)?:72728.$4!&;8
    Does not even work evry time you try to do something 😡😡😡😡
  • Waste of money app is a scam

    By John Reeds
    App is bull crap and customer service is even worse when you want to cancel they try to drag the conversation long to get you paying for another week.. trust me I’d rather to be scammed by a Nigerian prince than these guys. Pictures are a joke there’s no AI here it’s some fake crap generator.
  • Terrible

    By Anika845
  • waste of money

    By JocelynRivera_
    didn’t look like us at all. only provides one at a time. not a good one. save your money.
  • Can’t use it, paywall

    By AllYourMacsAreBelongToUs
    App makes a lot of claims, but can’t test any of the features because everything is behind a paywall and they don’t offer a free trial. Not about to spend $ for access to something which I’m not even sure is capable of meeting my expectations.
  • Waste of Time!

    By LittleMasky
    I literally could not even try out the app before they wanted $80 a year or $7 a week to use it! Disgustingly greedy. What a waste of time and money, if you buy it. $7 to use it maybe two times. Gross.
  • Can’t recognize faces.

    By Jootieee
    Dumb and frustrating experience