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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2021-06-08
  • Current Version: 2.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 58.93 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.15 or later.

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1Password is the world’s most loved password manager, trusted by millions of individuals and over 80,000 businesses to keep their secrets safe. == A browser-first experience == You can now use 1Password in Safari without installing the desktop app! 1Password for Safari is a completely independent extension that provides full access to 1Password’s capabilities: ◆ Create and store strong, unique passwords for all your accounts ◆ Fill usernames & passwords, credit cards, and addresses on websites and online forms in seconds ◆ Protect your private notes, sensitive documents, credit cards, medical records, software licenses, and more If you choose to install the desktop app as well, 1Password for Safari integrates securely with it so you can use Touch ID on supported Macs to unlock in an instant. Best of all, when you unlock one, you unlock the other too! == Secure by design == The information you store in 1Password is encrypted, and only you hold the keys to decrypt it. We can’t see your data, so we can’t use it, share it, or sell it. Learn more about our security model at 1Password.com/security. == Built for families and teams == 1Password for Safari supports accounts for you, your family, and your business. ◆ Add all your accounts and choose which vaults you want to see ◆ Easily move items between accounts ◆ Use shared vaults to safely share secrets with your loved ones or team members == Get automatic security alerts with Watchtower == Watchtower monitors your account for vulnerabilities so you can stay one step ahead of any problems. ◆ Get notified if your login credentials have been exposed in a data breach ◆ Highlight weak or reused passwords so you can change them ◆ Identify sites that support multi-factor authentication to help you add another layer of security ==Get started for free == Try 1Password free for 14 days, then find the plan that’s right for you or your business. Use 1Password on as many devices as you need, with apps for every platform, unlimited password and item storage, and friendly 24/7 email support. == The Nitty Gritty Fine Print == ◆ 1Password can be used in read-only mode without an active 1Password membership. ◆ Privacy policy: https://1password.com/legal/privacy/ ◆ Terms of Use: https://1password.com/legal/terms-of-service/



  • v8 is pretty terrible

    By Kguy18
    Ever since the transition to v8 the safari extension is practically unusable. You cannot get it to auto-populate username/passwords within the field, you cannot get it to reliably generate a password and then save it to the new login, it will not reliably auto-fill even when clicking from the menubar. I am confused how this ever made it through QA testing. Also, why does it open the full 1password window when I create a new login? v7 it did it all in the browser, v8 is making using 1password such a chore. If it was free I would have little to complain about, but I am a *formerly happy* paying customer. It is very frustrating, not sure what other options there are to improve this? I hate to say it but v7 worked 95% of the time, v8 works about 5% of the time. Are ya'll working on fixing this?
  • Fails to install in Safari

    By AdHater111
    The latest extension for Safari does not install.I've tried restarting Safari and restarting 1Password8 multiple times. Im using Safari 15.5 on OS/X 12.4, 1Password8 is installed on the system and the extensions works in Chrome, but will not install for Safari.
  • Saves me the headache of remembering passwords

    By Capnqueeg
    I have used 1pasword for over two years. l am so glad that I have a secure place to keep the over 300 different passwords I use. I use it for my personal passwords and for my business. Thank you a secure passsword app.
  • Doesn't make sense

    By Incubus1062
    I got excited about 1Password8 and installed the extension. Got it working, but then it just stopped. Why do I have to install an extension that rarely works when pressing command \ works great. Also, why do I have give full permissions to all my website data? 1Password program doesn't seem to need that. You likely don't need this extension and all the issues it brings. Rebel, Review and Delete. update: Not an Agilbits problem, but the web version of the app store has this at a 4.0 rating while the app store mac application has it 2.7/5. Clickbait?
  • Went from Good to Horrible

    By PhilipEmanuel
    It was reliable for years but then I upgraded to version 8. A disaster. Unpredicatble behavior. Sometimes I have to click the icon and then dismiss the popup and then click the icon a 2nd time. Sometimes I have to wait 30 seconds for it to sync with the server. Sometimes it doesn't recognize a web site I use every day. Sometimes I have to relaunch Safari. I have exchanged dozens of emails with customer support, sent them screen recordings and diagniostics files. The best they can do is suggest I use Brave browser instead! Collosal disappointment.
  • Safari extension doesn't work

    By Blackl10n
    I click on button and nothing works.
  • Please add biometric unlock

    By WadeSellers
    Love the extension but please add biometric to the Safari extension. You have it included for Chrome and I love to use my fingerprint on the Mac to unlock 1Password in Chrome. Just need that option on the Safari side too. Punching in the Master password so often is annoying on the Safari side. Thanks so much for your consideration in this request.
  • What happened???

    By AlitaRa1n
    I already install 1Passwod why I need install 1Password Safari??? I want auto fill my password in Safari but I don't want install another app. I just want 1Password handle this.
  • Unusable

    By MGoLou
    Every time I open Safari, the 1password icon doesn't show. I start 1password for Safari and it says I haven't enabled it in preferences...yet there's no option to enable it in preferences. It doesn't appear in my list of extensions.
  • What happened?

    By jennings.aske
    1Password was one of my favorite apps EVER! Now, I loathe the app. Everything is overthought or impacted by terrible QA . . . from autofill in browsers which does not work reliably, to the fact I can click the "Open 1Password" button in the Safari extension and nothing happens. It's maddening. I think AgileBits jumped the shark with their desire to be an "enterprise" software company. I'm definitely done and will not renew my subscription.