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Learn to eat well everyday with Doctor’s Kitchen! A brand new app created by Dr Rupy Aujla, a wellness focused medical doctor who creates delicious recipes using the latest research in nutritional medicine. No more Googling “what to eat for …”. Our research team have done all the hard work for you. We review 1000s of nutrition articles to determine which ingredients and dietary patterns you should be eating that align with your health goals. Whether it’s eating to support your skin health, sustaining and improving brain health or generally eat better, The Doctor’s Kitchen has got you covered. We are on a mission to make everyone happier and healthier through food. Join the tens of thousands of people that have committed to Doctor’s Kitchen recipes and improved their energy levels, sleep, weight and wellbeing one meal at a time. We take a different approach to nutrition and health. Instead of just counting calories or macronutrients like a lot of other apps, we focus on the overall quality of the recipe we create by paying attention to the unique combination of ingredients, the portions of vegetables in each meal as well as inflammation balance as determined by the science. We built our own nutrition calculator to provide more reliable nutrition information. Our database is constantly updated and tested. And to ensure it's useful to you, we are displaying micronutrient values visually so you can quickly grasp the vitamin and mineral contribution of a meal. DOWNLOAD and start your 14-day free trial today. Explore our delicious food for better health. Cancel anytime. FEATURES • Evidence based Health Goals Eating for your health has never been easier or more delicious. Simply choose your health goals and explore the library of incredible recipes to cook that have been formulated using the latest nutritional medicine evidence base. We review thousands of studies to distil the ingredients and patterns of eating that align with your health goals and are seamlessly integrated into the recipes you see. • Step by Step images With over 400 recipes, each with step-by-step images, you can effortlessly cook our research backed meals. It’s as easy as healthy eating gets. • New Recipes We are adding 15 new recipes every month to keep it fresh and vibrant, plus creating seasonal collections of meals to keep it aligned to our principles of eating high nutrient quality ingredients that are accessible and affordable. • Build collections Our library of recipes is extensive. With collections you can build libraries of your favourite meals such as breakfasts, smoothies or even your go to snacks! • Adjustable serving sizes Cooking for more people? No more trying to calculate the proportions of ingredients for large or smaller meals. Simply change the serving sizes in-app for the correct ingredient amounts. • Share Ingredients Share to your notes, friends or text message app the ingredients you need for your recipes in a few clicks. • New Health goals Every month we review the science to ensure everything we suggest is up to date AND we are adding new health goals. Have a suggestion for us? Email [email protected] • Search using Ingredients Have an ingredient you want to use up? Simply use our search function to find recipes that use the ingredient for you to use. • Filter recipes effortlessly Whatever your allergens, dislikes or dietaries you can browse our library of recipes tailored for you, as well as still out the full library at the click of a button on the screen. Terms and Conditions: