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Why Guardians? Exploring new places, walking home alone, meeting someone you don’t know - these are some things that can be unsafe, especially for women. In 2021, we all have phones, and now they can be our line of defense. By choosing trusted people as your Guardians, and allowing them to see where you are, you can have peace of mind, and protection in case anything goes wrong. Features: - Invite your friends & family to be your Guardians. Choose the people you trust to see your location when needed. - Share your GPS location privately. Only your Guardians will be able to see where you are and check on your safety. - Notify your Guardians immediately when you are feeling unsafe, using the Emergency Sharing feature - Setup forever sharing. You can choose to share your location permanently to certain trusted people. - Battery life, network strength and phone status can also be shared. This can be vital information for your Guardians and your safety.



  • Locations Are Off

    By jweaver1982
    WAY OFF!! More than a couple times I have received an alert from my wife to watch her while she is by herself yet the location Guardians shows as to where she is at isn’t even remotely accurate! We both have location services enabled at all times. We both keep bluetooth and wifi enabled at all times. Without an accurate location this app is useless! I guess I we will just stick with trusted Apple’s Find My app as it’s way more accurate 🤦‍♂️.
  • مصر

    By Zead maher
    ممتاز جدا جدا
  • شكراً لكم على هذا البرنامج المميز

    By ابوسجى الربيعي
    جدا مفيد للعمل الجماعي في الدلائل
  • اربيل العراق

    By زينب حسن شلال
    رائع جدا جدا
  • Not showing the status of my phone

    By 🥴🤤🤤🤤
    Hello developer I got this app today and it was good but their is one problem the status of the network and the cell phone one does not show it keeps saying unavailable do I need to add someone?
  • 👿

    By BeksNuel
    Mine keep restarting and taking me back to the get started page after registration or signing up with truecaller
  • USA

    By aziizxman
  • Putting digit twice

    By Arvi Cucal
    How can I be able to put number when it’s putting twice the 1st 4 digits?? I’m rating 1 star cause of that!
  • Least accurate

    By dantesmi
    For last few weeks no location update or wrong location both iOS iPhone 12 and 11
  • There is no sound alert

    By Hamdi.S
    For both my friend on Android and me on iOS.